Vanilla Coconut Cashews and Almonds

Our household is a bit nutty consumes a lot of nuts: cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans.

In fact, I just ate a handful of almonds while writing this post.

I’m all about raw nuts for baking and cooking, but for snacking I like a bit of salt.

Sometimes in the afternoons around 3 p.m. I like a bit of sweet.

While procrastinating doing important online research, I saw a recipe for Vanilla Cashew Clusters on Kitchn and I could not make the recipe fast enough.

But first I had to go to the store. Isn’t that always the case? Motivation strikes and you’re missing an ingredient.

But when temptation strikes there’s ALWAYS a pint of ice cream in the freezer. Why is that?

I made my version of the recipe with almonds and cashews because…why not?

Plus, in the midst of mixing up the ingredients I remembered I had some coconut flakes in the cupboard, so I added those in too.

You should know this about me by now…I always try to use up things I have on hand when it makes sense.

I was wondering if the recipe would turn out. Coconut can be tricky to work with and I was worried about over-baking.

I hadn’t even sampled the nuts yet when Handy Husband walked into the kitchen. He was telling me something important. I don’t remember what it was because I was distracted watching him grab a handful of almonds and cashews, munch, tell me the important thing, grab a handful of nuts, munch, etc.

Finally, I said, “So…do you like those?”

“Mmm. Gahshflkjsdh. Mmm.”

I translated that to mean he really enjoyed them. I’m just happy he left me a few!

Whether you make the original recipe or adapt it to fit the ingredients in your cupboard – just make it.


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