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  • Paige

    Hi! I found your site searching for a Halloween countdown calendar. I really love your printable lunch box notes! I’d really like to use them to create a tear-away countdown to Halloween on my Halloween bulletin board at work but the formatting for your images isn’t coming through when I click your link to download the printable adobe document. 🙁 Instead of your nice graphics, it’s just inserting random letters. I’ve tried on a few different computers now and keep getting the same result.

  • Stella Bowman

    I have recently found small holes in the front of a few of my t-shirts. I know it is nothing I have done. I am wondering if moths have done it. The holes look like they are moth eaten. However, I cannot pin it to a particular closet or drawer. I am completely baffled by this. It is very perplexing as all the clothes aret brand new. I will try your solution and see how it looks. I have been wondering what to do. My holes look just like the ones in your t-shirt. The weird thing is
    it is always in the lower front of the t-shirt and either 2 or 3 small holes.

    • annisa

      That is strange. I’m guessing it’s probably a moth having a little feast on your clothes! The other idea could be that something on your seatbelt or jacket is rubbing on your clothes and making the holes. If you do use the Liquid Stitch, just use a gentle hand and minimal amount to start – especially since you have more than one hole and they are in a more prominent location.

    • annisa

      Are you glueing stones on a bowling ball? It’s a super slow process. One tiny section at a time, make sure they are glued and the glue has set. Also, extreme heat will make them slide off – even after the glue has cured.

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