• problem with charging stations

    The Problem With Device Charging Stations

    The problem with device charging stations is that I have to look at them in all of their chaotic glory. Then I have to hear about them if one of the kids “accidentally” unplugs someone else’s device to charge their own. *sigh* It’s not the charging stations that are the problem. I think it is how we end up using the charging stations. Either we are animals or we just don’t have a good system set up for corralling devices and cords. Hmm. It might be a little of one and a lot of the other, actually. I’m on a quest to figure out a better way to charge our…

  • Built-In Computer Desks One Year Later
    colonial farmhouse,  DIY

    Built-In Computer Desks One Year Later

    When we constructed built-in computer desks for our kids we didn’t do it with a pandemic and remote school in mind. Our pessimistic nature really let us down on that front. We just needed a place for our kids to realize their lofty career aspirations of becoming YouTube stars that play Roblox and Fortnite. See how supportive we are? Not supportive enough to give them cushy chairs to make them comfortable dabbling with this dream though. We truly didn’t anticipate the office and those built-in computer desks becoming the hardest working space in our house besides the kitchen. The kitchen is always the hardest working space, right? But then the…

  • colonial farmhouse barn spring on the happy list

    Spring Break 2021

    Dear Spring Break 2021,  You sure look and feel a lot like every other week in this year. Maybe a little warmer though. Aside from that, the only thing distinguishing you from all the other weeks this year is that the kids don’t have school.  I’m very good at celebrating the small moments in life, so I will gladly take a week of no homework and turn it into a celebration!  Sincerely, The person who thankfully likes hanging out at home because that’s where this Spring Break 2021 party will be occurring.  All joking aside, we don’t have any travel plans for Spring Break, but I am taking the week off the blog to hang…

  • egg painting
    happy list

    Happy List: #207

    Hello and Good Friday greetings to you! I hope you are looking forward to the weekend. This week on the ol’ blog I provided an update on how the mini makeover we gave our kitchen last year is holding up. I fully believe in the power of mini makeovers. It is time and money well spent to enjoy the home you live in right now. If a little bit of paint and stain will do that for you, then go for it! As much as I’d like our home improvement journey to be as quick as an episode on HGTV, that’s not our real life. So, thank you for following…

  • black metal roof carriage house
    gardening and landscape

    2021 Outdoor Projects on our To Do List

    This winter I spent an obscene amount of time curled up in a cozy chair drafting an epic list of 2021 Outdoor Projects. While some people find satisfaction in checking completed items off a to-do list, I find satisfaction in having a legitimate reason to never start that list in the first place. Three feet of snow covering the ground as far as the eye can see seems like an excellent excuse to procrastinate.   Alas, the snow finally melted and I’m now 99.367% certain it is safe to leave my cozy chair and start working on these outdoor projects. While it might be safe to start outside work, one of the…

  • farmhouse black kitchen mini makeover
    colonial farmhouse,  DIY

    Colonial Farmhouse Kitchen Mini Makeover One Year Later

    Do you know what I enjoy more than a room makeover reveal? Learning how that makeover is holding up over time. Instead of the pretty spaces, give me all of the hard-working, well-loved spaces that shine. Last January we did a Colonial Farmhouse Kitchen Mini Makeover that mainly involved staining the cabinets and changing the backsplash grout color in our kitchen.  To get the full impact of this kitchen mini makeover I need to take you on a quick trip down memory lane.  The below photo is how the Colonial Farmhouse Kitchen looked when we purchased the place in June 2019. I know I say this every time I show a before picture, but that…

  • marbled faux easter egg
    happy list

    Happy List: #206

    Hello and welcome to the Happy List! I hope the first week of spring has put a bounce in your step, the happy in your go lucky, and the cherry on top of your sundae. I’m feeling pretty good about it. This week on the blog I shared the before pictures of our upstairs bathroom. It will be better when we are done with it, but don’t expect a full makeover or anything. We don’t have plans to do anything with the blue shower right now besides hide it behind a curtain. I also shared my favorite new centerpiece filled with flowers! I hope you liked it too. If you…

  • flower basket centerpiece

    Flower Basket Centerpiece

    A flower basket centerpiece is the one thing you didn’t know you needed in your life. I’m telling you, under the definition for joy it should say flower basket centerpiece because a basket overflowing with flowers radiates happiness.  Now, I know a few of you have an inner rebel that likes to come out and play ever so often. If you want to throw a little bit of rebellion in with your decorating projects then do what I did.  Find a basket that you’ve put in the trunk of your car to take to the donation center. Break your cardinal rule and bring that item slated for donation back into your house. Squash the…

  • colonial farmhouse upstairs bathroom before
    colonial farmhouse

    Colonial Farmhouse Upstairs Bathroom Before

    Our Colonial Farmhouse upstairs bathroom has remain untouched since the day we moved in. In many ways, this upstairs bathroom has likely remained untouched for at least half a century.  It is a bathroom time capsule! We all know in every time capsule there is something tucked inside that makes you say, “Why was that put in there?” All the things in this time capsule make me say that.  After almost two years of living in the Colonial Farmhouse, I’m finally ready to give this upstairs bathroom a small update.  Here’s a taste of how the upstairs bathroom looks in all its “before” glory. Hmm…was taste the wrong word to use for a sentence about…

  • burlap pot of gold
    happy list

    Happy List: #205

    Hello and welcome to this week’s Happy List! March sure is flying by, isn’t it?  Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? We always do something small to mark the day, but we do miss being able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in person with our friends in Ireland. When we moved to Ireland (we were there two years), my kids were dismayed to realize that Lucky Charms cereal was not an Irish thing. One of the grocery stores I shopped at did import it from time to time. It was stocked in the sweets aisle and a box cost between $8 and $10! I didn’t buy it.  This week on the blog was…