• cb2 brass bird scissors

    In Praise of Pretty Scissors

    I use our kitchen scissors (shears, if I’m being fancy) a dozen times a day and they aren’t the prettiest scissors on the planet. They aren’t the worst either. Our kitchen scissors are used so frequently for all manner of tasks that more often than not they will be left out on the counter. Putting them away has become a point of friction in our kitchen, so I have been thinking about designating a wall hook specifically for the kitchen scissors. But that means those scissors need to be pleasing to look at if I’m going to intentionally display them instead of intentionally being lazy and leaving them out. Can…

  • christmas mantel with copper accents

    Christmas Mantel with Copper Accents

    Another day and a new Christmas mantel to show you! One old house perk is having multiple fireplaces to decorate for the holidays. Today’s Christmas mantel with copper accents is in our primary bedroom. It feels so indulgent having a bedroom with a fireplace, even a non-working fireplace like this one. It especially feels indulgent having this bedroom fireplace knowing that I’m not reliant on it to heat this part of the house. Although, I do think about the 100 plus years where someone had to shlep firewood up and down the stairs to fuel this fireplace. Can you imagine all the dirt that would track in? I’m sure putting…

  • kids christmas tree
    happy list

    Happy List: #236

    Hello! Welcome to the first Happy List of December. December! Holy jingle bells time is moving quickly. This week on the blog I shared one of my mantels all decorated up for the holidays with kraft paper snowflakes. I also shared a bunch of ideas on handmade or semi-handmade gifts you could make for friends and family. If you don’t follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook stories, please join us there! That’s where all the spontaneous projects in between the blog posts happen. If we do something you like, it also really helps us out when you share our blog or social media posts. That’s even better than clicking…

  • santa belt magnets

    12 Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

    I hear supply chains are constricted, so here are 12 handmade holiday gift ideas to consider making for your friends and family this year. The best part is some of these gift ideas are DIY cheats meaning not totally handmade from scratch. They just have a handmade, personal touch. That totally counts! Ready? Let the inspiration flow: Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Game Boards Board games are often popular gifts. How about making a handmade checkers board or chessboard? You could keep it a little easier and make a Tic Tac Toe board too. If you’re interested in vintage wood checkers to go with your game board, you can find them on…

  • brown kraft paper snowflake mantel

    Kraft Paper Snowflake Mantel for the Holidays

    I hope you’re sitting in a warm, cozy place while you check out my Kraft Paper Snowflake Mantel! I had a jolly good time making all 33 snowflakes on this Kraft Paper Snowflake Mantel. Yes, I counted. “Jolly good time” makes it sound like it was a party. I haven’t been to one of those in…well, we don’t need to count everything in this blog post. That would be depressing. Perhaps it is better to say I was in the mood to create something with my hands, so spending several hours making 33 kraft paper snowflakes was satisfying. Plus, I enjoy making something that looks way more complicated than it…

  • fall colors in new jersey 2020

    Thanksgiving 2021

    Does anyone else feel like 2021 has flown by? Perhaps it is because the first half was just a blur as we slogged our way through the Covid-19 pandemic. I’d say we are still slogging our way through it, but with many more tools in our toolbelt. Thanks, science! This week I’ll be taking time off the blog to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family. One of the things I’m thankful for is that you have spent time engaging with us over the blog and social media during this last year. The DIY rollercoaster is always more enjoyable when our online friends (Yes, you!) can join us for all the ups,…

  • diy brass pumpkin
    happy list

    Happy List: #235

    Hello! Welcome to the Happy List! This week on the blog I shared my new workout routine. No one asked for it, but I shared it anyway! I also shared the new way we are hanging plants on our sunporch! If you don’t follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook stories, please join us there! That’s where all the spontaneous projects in between the blog posts happen. Also, here’s your weekly reminder if you create something that makes you happy however big or small, please tag me! I really do love to see what you are making. Now, here’s the Happy List! PINECONES If you live in a place where…

  • DIY plant hanging rod
    DIY,  gardening and landscape

    DIY Plant Hanging Rod Secured to the Ceiling

    We recently built a plant hanging rod on our sunporch, so I guess I’m a plant person now? Perhaps I should have ended that sentence more declaratively. I’m a plant person now! Nope. That label still feels more uncomfortable than that time I touched poison ivy. I have some house plants. Not a lot. More than what’s on the barren surface of the moon and less than what’s in a tropical jungle. I also have some outdoor plants that I had the wild idea to try and keep alive over the winter. Three of those outdoor plants are ferns in hanging pots. They really liked hanging on my front porch…

  • sea shanty squats

    Get More Movement in Your Day With Sea Shanty Squats

    Sea Shanty Squats? Yes. You read that correctly. What does that have to do with home improvement, old houses, and DIY? Absolutely nothing. I just didn’t want my regular readers to get into a reading rut. I consider it my duty to keep you on your toes. Hence the Sea Shanty Squats. Are you saying, “What in the world? Has she lost her ever-loving mind?” Possibly? Not every day, but almost every day around 5 o’clock when I’m tasked with the chore privilege of making my family dinner that one of them will inevitably complain about, I find the time to do some Sea Shanty Squats. What is this brilliant…

  • living room window fall 2021 on the happy list
    happy list

    Happy List: #234

    Hello, hello! Welcome to the Happy List! I hope you are doing well. This week on the blog I shared my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens. If you need help with someone else, I’ve got nothing for you. Hahahahaha! I also shared a very specific tip that I hope you never have to use: how to get stuck on protective film off of plexiglass. If you don’t follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook stories, please join us there! That’s where all the stuff in between the blog posts happens. Also, here’s your weekly reminder if you create something that makes you happy however big or small,…