• Herringbone Rolling Plant Caddy
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    Herringbone Rolling Plant Caddy

    We might have leveled up our reuse and repurpose game with our latest DIY project – a Herringbone Rolling Plant Caddy. We created it from items we had in our house, which made it a zero cost project. And I love it so much. Three main items were repurposed to make this rolling plant caddy. The first item was an old board that we cut into a square. What would I do without old boards in my life? The second item was a set of wheels that we removed from this thrift store dresser. The third thing we repurposed to make this plant caddy was a set of wood blocks that…

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    Happy List: #123

    The excitement is palpable around these parts because after today there are just three more days of school. I have to wonder why the last two days are half days though. Can’t we just combine those into one day and be done with it? No one asked my opinion, but it doesn’t stop me from sharing it here. The benefits of having a blog. Let’s recap the week. On Monday I shared three ways I’m reusing items from our house in a clever way (if I do say so myself) as succulent planters. Here’s the twist to this story and why this blog is worth it to me even if…

  • House Hunting in New Jersey: An Offer That Flopped
    house hunting

    House Hunting in New Jersey: An Offer That Flopped

    Ready to hear more about our house hunting adventure in New Jersey? This is a story about an offer that flopped, but the reason the offer flopped is still hard to understand. The first home we made an offer on was a 5 bedroom, 3 bath home. The property is what really sold us on the home. It was on 3.5 acres and a creek ran through the property. It was priced at $380,000. In order to keep all the homes we were looking at straight in our minds, we gave the houses nicknames. This one was the ‘sad house’ because the home looked sad and neglected in the listing.…

  • succulent in a shot glass
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    3 Unexpected Succulent Planters

    I’m excited to show you how I’ve planted my succulents in 3 unexpected planters. I do not have a green thumb, but I seem to be able to keep succulents alive. This is probably because succulents tend to do well with a little neglect less watering than regular houseplants. Now that I’ve inspired your confidence in my abilities (ha!), let’s get to the fun stuff. Pretty much anything is fair game around my house to be used or reused in an unexpected way! Unexpected Succulent Planter #1: Shot Glass This idea could go very tacky very quickly. Believe me, I know. However, we happen to have a brass shot glass that…

  • happy list

    Happy List: #122

    Hey, hey, hey! I’ve had an interesting week. On Wednesday I went to my son’s recorder concert. I actually thought sixty recorders playing Hot Cross Buns was better than one recorder playing that song. Should I question my sanity or my hearing? Remember when I wrote about the benefits of the recorder here? I still stand by that sentiment. Then I volunteered at the elementary school’s Field Day. Here’s a Universal Rule. Any time your child’s school sends home a note that says “please have your child wear a (insert any color here) shirt to school” that will be the one color of shirt your child does not own. You will…

  • House Hunting in New Jersey We Started the Process
    house hunting

    House Hunting in New Jersey is Hard

    We started house hunting in New Jersey!!!!!!! Yes. That sentence required an overuse of exclamation points. I want you to know how excited I am. I also need to remind myself how excited I am because house hunting in New Jersey is hard. Oy! I was adamantly opposed to living in New Jersey, but now that we’ve been here for a year the state has grown on me. Prior to moving here my negative impression of New Jersey was generated from bad reality TV, the jokes New Yorkers make about New Jersey, and the Newark Airport. That probably wasn’t fair and now that we’ve had a chance to explore this state…

  • thrifted finds copper tray
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    My Latest Thrift Store Finds

    Believe it or not, I’ve been shopping – thrift store shopping! And I have some thrift store finds to share with you. There’s really no difference at all between thrift store shopping and regular store shopping for me. 99% of the time the outcome can usually be categorized as one of the following: This store was a complete waste of time. I can’t believe I left my house for this. The store contains all my hopes and dreams and I can’t afford any of it. That last 1% of the time I find something at the intersection of I can’t live without it and I’m willing to pay for it,…

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    Happy List: #121

    Hey, guys? Tomorrow is JUNE. June. Halfway through the year. How did this happen? June might be the longest month of the year for our family. My kids don’t get out of school until June 19 and they are OVER IT already. I think the teachers are over it too since there hasn’t been much homework lately. And that’s not a complaint! This week I shared some of our Memorial Day Traditions. You can see a picture I posted on Instagram from the parade we attended here. I also wrote about visiting the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York. It is definitely worth a…

  • Franklin D Roosevelt Presidential Library

    Travel: Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

    History is fun to learn about! Especially if it involves a bit of travel, so let’s get you prepped in case you are planning to travel to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library. If you’ve never been to a presidential library, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library is a good place to start because it holds a special place in history. Prior to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency (1933 – 1945), a president’s documents and items procured from his time in office were considered personal property. As such, at the end of a presidency or at the end of a president’s life, these items might be sold or dispersed. Many were…

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    Memorial Day 2019

    Happy Memorial Day to my friends in the United States. As with many things in the United States, even the origin of Memorial Day is a debated topic. This is because decorating the graves of soldiers has happened for a long, long time and nailing down a precise start date is tricky. However, many think the Memorial Day we celebrate, or Decoration Day as it was first called, was originally started to honor those soldiers who died during America’s Civil War. Memorial Day wasn’t declared a federal holiday until over 100 years later in 1971, but it continues to honor those who died while serving in the U.S. military. If…