• schlage electronic lock

    One Year With An Electronic Door Lock. How Do We Really Like It?

    It has been one year of living with an electronic door lock on our Carriage House. How do we really like it? Are you ready for me to dish the dirt? Eh. There’s not THAT much dirt. Unless you want to count the dirt that gets tracked in every time that electronic door lock grants access to someone with dirty shoes? *sigh* Modern technology only gets us so far. If I recall correctly, I approached the installation of this electronic door lock with great enthusiasm. I was ready to throw it a ticker-tape parade. Kidding! I actually approached the situation with great reluctance, which is my standard response to all…

  • removing a wood stove

    Do We Regret Removing a Wood Stove From Our Home?

    Do we regret removing a wood stove from our home? Nope! Not yet, at least. Will we regret it someday? This decision seems a little less permanent than getting a tattoo, but I do not have a crystal ball to predict whether or not we will regret this decision someday. Our house does have three fireplaces that we could put back into use should we have the strong desire to use wood heat, so the odds seem in our favor that we will not regret removing a wood stove. Plus, this isn’t our first time removing a wood stove from a home, so we’re well versed in the ins and outs…

  • stained glass windows music room on the happy list
    happy list

    Happy List: #242

    Why, hello again! Welcome to the Happy List! This week on the blog I shared pictures of our new living room rug. I’m quite smitten with it at the moment. I also shared the tale of our closet door refinishing process. The good news on that project is that I learn something new and better my skills with every project I attempt. Please consider this your invitation to join us over on Instagram or Facebook. Also, we love to see what you are making and creating. Please tag us or send us a message so we can celebrate your project wins with you! Now, here’s the Happy List! EMBOSSED VELVET This DIY…

  • tongue and groove closet doors
    colonial farmhouse,  DIY

    I Refinished Our Tongue and Groove Closet Doors and It Could Have Gone Worse

    Our bedroom has original tongue and groove closet doors. When I say original I mean roughly 200 years old. I’d narrow that date down a little, but I’ve heard it’s rude to ask a door its age. Actually, I just don’t have documentation. That’s why I’m throwing out a conservative round number for the age of the doors. However, I do know they are young at heart! Anyway, when I had the bright idea to refinish these tongue and groove closet doors I didn’t factor in the small (tiny, really) detail that I am not qualified to work on doors that old. Not. Qualified. No sirree. These doors came from…

  • new living room rug chris loves julia x loloi jules terracotta multi

    Our New Living Room Rug Gives a Warm Feel To This Part of Our Home

    Make one change and an entire space can feel different. That’s what happened when we rolled out our new living room rug. Our new living room rug gives a warm feel to this entire space. And that’s all I have to say about that. The end. Kidding! You know I can wax on about pretty much anything in a blog post! Our old living room rug, which I still like, had a brighter version of the same colors this new living room rug has. Blues, yellows, orangey reds, browns. It was bright, playful, and didn’t take itself too seriously. Our new living room rug is a bit warmer tone-wise, understated,…

  • yellow tulips in milk bottle on the happy list
    happy list

    Happy List: #241

    Hello! Welcome to the Happy List. This week on the blog I shared a bunch of shelf ideas. Getting organized helps me feel like I have a little more control over my world. Notice I said MY world, not THE world. I have no control over that. Ha! I also shared the joy that is miniature table clocks. Have you ever had or do you currently have a miniature table clock? If reading this blog three times a week isn’t quite enough, please join us over on Instagram or Facebook. Also, we love to see what you are making and creating. Please tag us or send us a message so we can…

  • miniature table clocks

    In Praise of Miniature Table Clocks

    Ah, miniature table clocks. Those take me back. When I was a teenager my piano teacher gifted me a miniature table clock. I felt so fancy and grown-up. Looking back on that gift, I have no idea why she selected it. Now I wonder if it’s because I always had trouble counting or keeping time as a pianist. It’s not that I couldn’t count. It’s that Teenage Me lacked the discipline to play the piece as the composer intended. I thought I should be able to take creative liberties with the sheet music. Go where the music led me…or something like that. Adult Me has the same problem. Actually, I…

  • back porch shelves for drink storage

    We’ve Added A Lot of Closet Shelves and So Should You

    We’ve added a lot of closet shelves to our Colonial Farmhouse in the last two and a half years. In fact, we’ve added a significant number of shelves everywhere in this old house. It has been AMAZING. Zero regrets. Does anyone ever regret adding a shelf? Now here is a fair warning. Today’s post is going to contain many shelfies. If you don’t like closet shelves or pictures of shelves or thinking about shelves, this is not the post for you. Oh, and these aren’t Pinterest-worthy shelfies either. These are closet shelves and regular shelves that make my life function better. Or give me the illusion that my life functions better.…

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    happy list

    Happy List: #240

    Hello! Welcome to the first Happy List of 2022! How is the new year treating you so far? For me, it hasn’t been bad. It has been filled with a whole mixed bag of feelings though! This week I shared two things on the blog that gave me all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings. The first is the pool ball rack art I made for my son’s room. I love creating something with my own two hands and repurposing items into home decor, so this project was a win for me. I also shared all the podcasts that keep me company while I go about my daily business. I hope…

  • 10 podcasts worth your time

    10 Podcasts Worth Your Time

    I don’t watch much tv anymore. I can’t tell you the last movie I watched. However, I do listen to podcasts. Podcasts keep me company on walks or while I’m doing DIY projects. These are not the totality of the podcasts I listen to, but these are 10 podcasts worth your time as deemed by me, the captain of this blog. P.S. These podcasts are not listed in any particular order. I don’t want to play favorites! No Stupid Questions No Stupid Questions with Angela Duckworth and Stephen Dubner is a thoughtful, funny, research-based take on questions we all have. Some episodes I’ve listened to recently tackle these questions: Does…