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    Breaking In Our Colonial Farmhouse

    I’ve heard it said that a new home doesn’t feel like home until you start making memories there. So that’s what we’re going to do! I’m taking this week off to make memories in our new home. Our first guests, friends from Oregon, are spending the week with us. We are breaking in this Colonial Farmhouse with BBQs, pool time and late nights on the deck watching the fireflies. And by “late nights” I mean I’ll go to bed at 10 p.m. and leave everyone else to carry on without me! HA! I’m not even joking. But! I’m the one who gets up early with the kids, so it all…

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    happy list

    Happy List: #128 – Instagram Edition

    Fancy meeting you here! I hope you had a fantastic week. At a minimum I hope you didn’t have a leaky roof like we did. I shared all about fixing our slate roof and the compromises we made on that situation on Monday. I also hope your kid didn’t break a window. I shared about that experience on Wednesday. If neither of those two things happened to you then I think you’ve got something to celebrate! This week’s Happy List is a clean out of my saved folder on Instagram. When I see something on Instagram that inspires me in some way, shape or form I save it for future reference.…

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    That Time My Son Broke a Window

    It was bound to happen. The only thing that surprised me was that it took almost 9 years to occur. Since we’ve moved out of our rental and got our security deposit back (because priorities!) I can now tell you about that time my son broke a window in our house. It was what happened AFTER the window broke that has me wondering who learned more from this situation: him or me? How did my son break the window? With a ball, of course. *sigh* He threw a ball in his bedroom and with either extreme accuracy or supremely bad luck he launched that ball through a window. Now, in his…

  • Insight on Repairing a Slate Roof
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    Insight on Repairing a Slate Roof

    Here’s something I learned last week. My idea of a crisis is not a roofing contractor’s idea of a crisis. Roofing Person: You have an active leak, ma’am? Me: Isn’t that the very definition of a leak? Roofing Person: Okay. We can come out and take a look in 3.5 million years from now and then get you an estimate to do the repairs 1.5 million years after that. Of course, that’s contractor time, so plus or minus another million years on all those dates and times. Me: My house could crumble to the ground by then. Roofing Person: So should I put you on the schedule? I realize when…

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    Happy List: #127

    It’s finally Friday! Woohoo! Last week I got my new driver’s license. This week I registered the kids for school. Today I’m trying a new hair stylist. I’m on a roll! I’m also terrified because a new person is going to be cutting my wild hair. We are in for another marathon weekend of trying to prep the Carriage House for our first guests coming in one week from today! EEK! Let’s hope Handy Husband can get the water reconnected to the Carriage House. Otherwise…well, let’s not go there. Positive thoughts, people! Positive thoughts! This week I shared more photos of our new home, specifically the doors. I also took…

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    I Spy Gnome Houses on a Bike Trail

    Of all the gloriously random things in the world to discuss, today I want to talk about gnome houses on a bike trail. Why? Because it’s pretty much the most amazing thing ever. Okay. Not EVER ever, but it is pretty fantastic. Hear me out. Imagine a beautiful summer day. The temperature is warm, but not too hot. It is the perfect day for going on a bike ride (or walk) on a path through a lush forest and being able to play an epic game of I Spy. And, no. You’re not too old to play I Spy. Perish the thought! Why are there gnome houses on a bike…

  • The Doors of Our Colonial Farmhouse
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    The Doors of Our Colonial Farmhouse

    My number one reason for buying our colonial farmhouse was the original, wide plank wood floors. That’s how everyone selects a house, right? My number two reason for buying our home was the original doors. According to my logic, if life opens one beautiful door and you choose to walk through it and discover another beautiful door and ANOTHER, how do you not buy that house? It was a sign from the universe I didn’t want to ignore. The doors of our colonial farmhouse are definitely the eye candy of this house. And I do love me some eye candy! And don’t even get me started on the glass knobs! This is…

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    Happy List: #126

    Hello! How was your 4th of July? I hope you had an enjoyable day. Ours was a mix of family fun and house projects. If only I could convince the kids that house projects were the same as family fun we could get so much more done. Ha! This week on the blog I shared why my big mouth made our recent move so much harder. I also shared some festive 4th of July ideas which seem utterly useless on July 5. Kidding. Those pies are definitely appropriate 365 days per year. Here’s the Happy List! CHEESECAKE DIP WITH STRAWBERRIES Michael at Inspired by Charm is one of my favorite…

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    Festive 4th of July Ideas

    I’m either really late sharing my festive 4th of July ideas or really early for next year. Since I’m writing this ‘choose your own adventure’ blog post, I’m going to select the option that says I’m really, really early. Alternatively, I could choose the option that says my purpose today is to get you in the mood for the 4th of July, which is TOMORROW. Ack! No matter the reason, know this…these are all foods or crafts that I’ve personally made and enjoyed the heck out of and I hope you will too. FRESH TRIPLE BERRY PIE You have not lived until you’ve eaten a pie in which the berries…

  • Why This Move Was So Hard moving in a car

    Why This Move Was So Hard

    This move was so hard, maybe our hardest yet, for the reason you’d least expect. (If you aren’t caught up on the new house news, read this post.) Was it because we are older than the last move? Possibly, but we are still young at heart. College was only two decades minutes ago. Was it because we moved everything but the piano ourselves? Possibly, but I’ve been working out with the 3 lb. weights, so my arms are pretty buff. Was it because we were on a tight timeframe? No. We had two weeks virtually a lifetime to take our sweet time moving in. Was it because our new house is…