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    Happy List: #190

    Hello, friends! I’m glad you are here for another edition of the Happy List! This week on the blog I shared some easy Christmas decor ideas from Christmases past! Has anyone started decorating for the holidays yet? I haven’t really, but I have started working on some Christmas-related projects, so there is a bit of Christmas haphazardly scattered here and there. I also shared how the amazing Handy Husband removed a dog door from one of our doors and made that door look brand new. I’m pretty lucky to be the recipient of his woodworking skills. Once again, here’s your weekly reminder and invitation to join me over on Facebook or Instagram. That’s where…

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    Happy List: #189

    Hello, hello! Welcome back to the Happy List.  November is flying by and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I suppose I’ll just roll with it, since that’s how I approach most everything in life. This week on the blog I shared the art we made from what I think is a Victorian era heating grate. There are some odd cutouts in our floors, which make me think we did have some sort of heating system for the main floor back in the day. I also shared that I am on the hunt for rocking chairs for our sunporch. It’s not a very aggressive hunt. Honestly, I’m hoping some chairs just…

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    Happy List: #188

    Hello, hello! How is November treating you? It sure has been an interesting week. How’s that for nailing the understatement? It’s what I do. It’s what I do. This week on the blog I shared the new old closet door we installed in our bathroom. That door was a long time coming, but I’m so glad we finally finished that project! I also shared a post about the fall colors in New Jersey this year. The leaves were spectacular and I enjoyed the heck out of them. Now, here’s the Happy List!WHITE CHOCOLATE PUMPKIN PIE CANDY This pumpkin pie candy recipe from Paper & Stitch looks pretty darn easy. No baking necessary! I can see why the pumpkin…

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    Happy List: #187

    Happy Halloween! Do you have big plans or no plans for Halloween? Somewhere in-between? I’m not sure what our plans are yet…still overthinking it! Ha!  This week on the blog I shared the centerpiece I made for Halloween from a cast iron cauldron. It’s simple, fun and perfect for a not-so-spooky Halloween. I also wrote a blog post about the new chairs in our living room. Almost every night after dinner my 10-year-old son and I sit in these new chairs to read books. Hot chocolate may be involved too. The amusing part of this story is he always puts on “chill” music to listen to, which is basically elevator music. It’s such…

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    Happy List: #186

    Hello again!  Welcome back to another edition of the Happy List. Guaranteed to be the happiest list you’ll read in the next 2 minutes!  Are you enjoying the fall colors in your part of the world? Ours in New Jersey are just about at peak, I’d say. Even the most mundane trip to the grocery store is pretty spectacular right now with the way the leaves are showing off.  This week on the blog I shared the entire story of our new Carriage House roof. That’s one project down and a zillion more to go! We’re oddly invigorated to have checked this one off the list though. I also posted a bunch of ideas…

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    Happy List: #185

    Hey, hey! After a busy week, I’m sliding into another Friday with relief and gratitude. How about you? This week on the blog I shared two new posts. The first was a centerpiece idea using flowers and a soup tureen. I still have the centerpiece out on my dining table, but I really need to water the plants in it. Oops. The second post was about the makeover I gave to a metal awning. A little spray paint made a huge difference! I hope this week’s posts gave you an idea or two for your home. That’s my goal! Now, here’s the Happy List!DECORATIVE CUTTING BOARD WALL This is a great idea for a DIY project…

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    Happy List: #184

    Hello! I hope your week has been full of unexpected delights!  This week on the blog I shared a very junky pumpkin I made from piano wire and a random assortment of other items. I had fun with that project. I also shared our finished deck. We’re so glad to finally be able to check that one off our to-do list. Next week I’ll have an update for you on our small side deck. Yes, we have two decks and I wouldn’t say that means it is double the fun, but it IS double the work! So there’s that. I’m a bundle of realistic expectations today!  Now for the main event – this week’s Happy…

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    Happy List: #183

    Hello, hello! I’m glad you are here for this week’s edition of the Happy List. How is it October already? On the blog this week I shared our fall coffee table. It won’t be the only fall coffee table around these parts. The season is still young, my friends. Then I shared a mirror makeover. Basically, I got ahead of myself with that one. The mirror is done, but it doesn’t have a permanent home. In fact, it isn’t even hanging where it was in the pictures in Wednesday’s post. That’s how it goes with the constant decor shuffle. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and Instagram, but I’d love it…

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    Happy List: #182

    Hello, hello! Welcome to another edition of the Happy List! This week on the blog I shared a fall centerpiece idea that made me very happy. Fresh flowers always make me happy, but it’s the first time I’ve used an antique nail caddy as a vase! I also wrote about the new ceiling fan in our bedroom, which sure brought out all the opinions! It also brought out questions about the electrical situation in our house. Updating the wiring is one of the big things we are saving for and hope to be able to tackle in the next year or two. However, I never know which thing around here is…

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    Happy List: #181

    Hi! How is life treating you? I hope there were some bright spots in your week! You being here today is definitely a bright spot in my week! This week I shared two blog posts: one about rim locks and the other about fixing a picture frame. I hope you were able to check them out. Thank you for following along with me here and on Facebook and/or Instagram. What I share on those platforms is mainly what comes to me on a whim, but that’s what keeps things interesting – the daily randomness of life! Here’s the Happy List. THE HAPPIEST LIGHTHOUSE I would have been sorely disappointed if the artist…