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    Happy List: #148

    Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were pleasant. Our Christmas was quiet because we live so far away from family. We celebrated the New Year with friends though and that was perfectly boisterous! I even stayed up until midnight! Go me! We also spent our holiday break working on projects around the house. There’s always something going on around here…probably far more than makes it on the blog. I haven’t done one of my Happy List posts in what feels like forever. While I consider the blog more fun than work, I do have to spend hours writing each week to make it happen. Getting back on a writing…

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    Happy List: #147

    Hello! The Christmas countdown is on! Are you ready? I’m pretty sure I’m ready. If I’m not, I’m blissfully unaware, so no one burst my bubble! This week on the blog I shared the board games that Handy Husband is currently loving. He and my son played one of them (Burgle Bros.) earlier this week on a light homework night. I also shared a bunch of home photos that are giving me all sorts of winter home inspiration. Now here is the Happy List. Wait. That didn’t sound exciting enough. Here’s the list you’ve all been waiting for. The one! The only! THE HAPPY LIST!!! SKANSEN MUSEUM At Skansen Museum…

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    Happy List: #146

    Hello, friends! It’s been a week. Today being a Friday the 13th seems appropriate!  We received a fresh blanket of snow this week and I had a child home sick for three days with walking pneumonia. Everyone else seems to be teetering on the edge of the germ abyss. And to think, it’s not even technically winter yet! This week on the blog was all about our Christmas tree. I shared our piano pedal tree topper on Monday and our piano hammer and piano wire ornaments on Wednesday. Thank you for all your kind comments about my creative repurposing of piano parts. Here’s the Happy List! PAPER CHAIN This free…

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    Happy List: #145

    Hello! I hope your December is off to a festive start! We had our first snowfall this week, so it is definitely feeling winter-y here. Due to the snow, the kids finally went back to school after an extended Thanksgiving break on Tuesday. I sure did miss them. This week on the blog I shared the Christmas wreath I made out of an antique car horn. I also shared the wreath that I added to our barn. That was fun. Oh! If you haven’t following along on Instagram or Facebook stories, I’ve been posting the progress on the build of our built-in desk. You can even see literal behind-the-scenes videos…

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    Happy List: #144

    Hello! I hope you’ve had a great week. Mine started with a flat tire, but I’m ending the week on a high note! On Monday I shared a DIY tray we made from an old accent table. It’s a small detail in our home that brings me a smile every time I look at it. I can’t explain these things. I just go with it. Wednesday was all about books. There are children’s books that adults love too and this list is an example of that! Here’s The Happy List! PARADE IN THE NETHERLANDS Of course The Netherlands has an epic annual parade with floats made out of dahlias. These…

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    Happy List #143

    Hello, hello! We live in part of the country that got a dose of very cold weather this week. I wasn’t ready. I’m still not ready. Never going to be ready for that cold weather. In other news, I shared a never before seen corner of our master bedroom on Monday. Still haven’t shared the bed wall, but I swear we do have a bed! On Wednesday I took you on a walk with me…sort of. I had to break out all the winter gear for my walks this week. Oy! Here’s the Happy List! RENT A CHRISTMAS TREE I am digging the idea of renting a live Christmas tree.…

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    Happy List: #142

    Hello, everyone! This has been a weird week schedule-wise for our family. Half days for school conferences will do that! On Monday I shared the story behind the thrifted art in our master bedroom. I also revealed our navy blue sunporch on Wednesday. It has been a fun blog week! With the sunporch painted, I have now painted almost every room on our main level. The only room left down there is the bathroom, but it is covered in wallpaper and I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle that yet. How much wallpaper removal can one person take? This week’s Happy List is less about the home and more about…

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    Happy List: #141

    Happy November! Welcome to this week’s Happy List! How was your Halloween? Did you eat hand out lots of candy to trick-or-treaters? We experienced epic rain all day yesterday, but thankfully, there was a break in the storm around 5 p.m. and we dashed out the door to trick-or-treat. We live in a rural area, so we drove a few miles to a historic town. The residents there were SO into the Halloween spirit. Most of them sat out on their gorgeous covered front porches and handed out candy to the kids. It was small town America at its finest. At the beginning of the week, I shared a picture…

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    Happy List: #140

    Happy Friday, everyone! Any early Halloween plans? If the weather is nice we are going to a Halloween Parade in Pennsylvania. You know I LOVE parades and I’ve never been to a Halloween-themed one. Well, I take that back. I was in Las Vegas on Halloween one year. It was an interesting experience, that’s for sure. Do you know what else was interesting? This week’s blog posts! (I do love a good self-promoting segue.) On Monday, I wrote about our new sconces in the dining room that are working thanks to the Magic Light Trick. On Wednesday, I shared a dresser drawer organizing hack using wood soda crates. Here’s the…

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    Happy List: #139

    Hello, hello. I was feeling kind of cheeky when I wrote this Happy List, so be forewarned. On Monday I wrote about our visit to an arcade museum. It will bring out the kid in you! And then you’ll end up feeling really old when your kid asks if you “were alive” when this game was made “back in the olden days.” Totally worth it though. On Wednesday I shared big news…that I’m keeping the ruby glass chandelier in our house.  Given how much I’ve tossed, ripped out, and painted-over since we’ve moved in that was earth shattering news. If you want to see what the chandelier looks like with…