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    Happy List: #197

    Hello! Welcome back to another edition of the Happy list! This week I shared the new rug for our bedroom. We spend a fair amount of time just hanging out in our bedroom because it is large enough for a seating area, so it feels good that this room is coming together. Slowly but surely.  I also shared a round up of my favorite leather decorating and craft ideas. I hope one of these ideas inspires you to create something fabulous for your home!  If you want to check out what projects we are working on this weekend, please follow along on Facebook or Instagram stories. I enjoy interacting with you there!  Now, here’s…

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    Happy List: #196

    Hello, friends! Welcome to this week’s Happy List.  This week on the blog I shared pictures of my newly revamped coffee table. The new-to-me base definitely kicked the table up a notch or two style-wise.  I also shared the new electronic lock we installed on our Carriage House door. So far, we are liking having a bit of technology on this old building!  Now here’s the Happy List!LINGER AWHILE I like this dining room setup. It reminds me of a restaurant. However, if this was my house, there would be no pillows because I live with the cutest savages. Perhaps built-in, wipeable, indestructible cushions instead.  See more pictures of this gorgeous home over at Lonny.  (image: photographed…

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    Happy List: #195

    Happy New Year and welcome back to the Happy List. I finished the Happy List a few days ago and then things spiraled out of control in Washington D.C. I’ve deleted and rewritten this intro more than once. Words matter and I’m not sure I have words adequate enough to address how I’m feeling. Dismayed, but not surprised is what comes to mind.  This blog is my happy place. I’m pretty fortunate that my job and my happy place are one and the same. It wasn’t that way for many years. I need this outlet to recharge so that I can do my part in other ways to fight for democracy and against…

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    Happy List: #194 Early Edition

    Welcome to an early edition of the Happy List! Since Christmas is on Friday, I thought I’d do an early edition of the Happy List this week. I’m going to take time off the blog until the first of the New Year to celebrate the holidays with Handy Husband and the kids. It’s going to be a quiet Christmas for us. How about you? Thank you for the heartfelt messages so many of you sent me about Monday’s blog post about Christmas during a pandemic. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but I feel like we are finally getting there. Without further ado, here is the Happy List!HELLO, LOVELY TRIM Look at all the…

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    Happy List: #193

    Welcome to this week’s Happy List! I thought my kids would be starting their holiday break today, but NOPE! They have a few more days to attend next week too. *sigh* I really need to start looking at the school calendar more closely. Ha!  This week I shared pictures of our newly organized under the stairs closet in the music room. Much to Handy Husband’s dismay, no closet is safe from my critical eye now.  I also shared our festive holiday tradition of having Christmas trees in the kids’ bedrooms. As a side note, Christmas lights are the best night lights!  Here’s the Happy List!LEAF ART My jaw is on the floor. Artist Kanat Nurtazin cuts…

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    Happy List: #192

    Hello, friends! Fancy meeting you here again for this week’s Happy List! Have you had snow yet? We had a dusting on Wednesday, but I don’t really count that. I am hoping for a white Christmas. This week on the blog I shared a non-Christmasy thing. I hope you don’t mind. I have another non-Christmasy thing for you next week too.  But back to this week! I wrote about the Online Game Budget Form I set up for our kids. It’s been so helpful. Guess what my kids want for Christmas? Money for online game stuff. That’s not super fun to wrap, by the way. They also want books, but that’s about it. Makes…

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    Happy List: #191

    Hi! Welcome back to the Happy List! Did you miss me while I was taking a break last week? I missed you all. I’m glad I can connect with you via Instagram and Facebook when I’m not here on the blog. This week on the blog I shared some updates to the kids’ bedrooms. I had to snap pictures while they were clean to commemorate the moment. I also shared the freaking amazing Copper Christmas Trees I made out of copper flashing. I’m doing a great job of keeping my humility in check aren’t I? Hahaha! I just love those Christmas trees and enjoyed the heck out of making them. Now here’s the main…

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    Happy List: #190

    Hello, friends! I’m glad you are here for another edition of the Happy List! This week on the blog I shared some easy Christmas decor ideas from Christmases past! Has anyone started decorating for the holidays yet? I haven’t really, but I have started working on some Christmas-related projects, so there is a bit of Christmas haphazardly scattered here and there. I also shared how the amazing Handy Husband removed a dog door from one of our doors and made that door look brand new. I’m pretty lucky to be the recipient of his woodworking skills. Once again, here’s your weekly reminder and invitation to join me over on Facebook or Instagram. That’s where…

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    Happy List: #189

    Hello, hello! Welcome back to the Happy List.  November is flying by and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I suppose I’ll just roll with it, since that’s how I approach most everything in life. This week on the blog I shared the art we made from what I think is a Victorian era heating grate. There are some odd cutouts in our floors, which make me think we did have some sort of heating system for the main floor back in the day. I also shared that I am on the hunt for rocking chairs for our sunporch. It’s not a very aggressive hunt. Honestly, I’m hoping some chairs just…

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    Happy List: #188

    Hello, hello! How is November treating you? It sure has been an interesting week. How’s that for nailing the understatement? It’s what I do. It’s what I do. This week on the blog I shared the new old closet door we installed in our bathroom. That door was a long time coming, but I’m so glad we finally finished that project! I also shared a post about the fall colors in New Jersey this year. The leaves were spectacular and I enjoyed the heck out of them. Now, here’s the Happy List!WHITE CHOCOLATE PUMPKIN PIE CANDY This pumpkin pie candy recipe from Paper & Stitch looks pretty darn easy. No baking necessary! I can see why the pumpkin…