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    Happy List: #142

    Hello, everyone! This has been a weird week schedule-wise for our family. Half days for school conferences will do that! On Monday I shared the story behind the thrifted art in our master bedroom. I also revealed our navy blue sunporch on Wednesday. It has been a fun blog week! With the sunporch painted, I have now painted almost every room on our main level. The only room left down there is the bathroom, but it is covered in wallpaper and I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle that yet. How much wallpaper removal can one person take? This week’s Happy List is less about the home and more about…

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    Happy List: #141

    Happy November! Welcome to this week’s Happy List! How was your Halloween? Did you eat hand out lots of candy to trick-or-treaters? We experienced epic rain all day yesterday, but thankfully, there was a break in the storm around 5 p.m. and we dashed out the door to trick-or-treat. We live in a rural area, so we drove a few miles to a historic town. The residents there were SO into the Halloween spirit. Most of them sat out on their gorgeous covered front porches and handed out candy to the kids. It was small town America at its finest. At the beginning of the week, I shared a picture…

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    Happy List: #140

    Happy Friday, everyone! Any early Halloween plans? If the weather is nice we are going to a Halloween Parade in Pennsylvania. You know I LOVE parades and I’ve never been to a Halloween-themed one. Well, I take that back. I was in Las Vegas on Halloween one year. It was an interesting experience, that’s for sure. Do you know what else was interesting? This week’s blog posts! (I do love a good self-promoting segue.) On Monday, I wrote about our new sconces in the dining room that are working thanks to the Magic Light Trick. On Wednesday, I shared a dresser drawer organizing hack using wood soda crates. Here’s the…

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    Happy List: #139

    Hello, hello. I was feeling kind of cheeky when I wrote this Happy List, so be forewarned. On Monday I wrote about our visit to an arcade museum. It will bring out the kid in you! And then you’ll end up feeling really old when your kid asks if you “were alive” when this game was made “back in the olden days.” Totally worth it though. On Wednesday I shared big news…that I’m keeping the ruby glass chandelier in our house.  Given how much I’ve tossed, ripped out, and painted-over since we’ve moved in that was earth shattering news. If you want to see what the chandelier looks like with…

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    Happy List: #138

    Hello! Tonight we are going on a full moon hike with a bunch of strangers. Here’s hoping this isn’t creepy it isn’t cloudy! Monday on the blog was a fun one. I shared before and after photos of our music room. I think I’m done talking about that room for awhile! I’m not sure which room I will yak your ear off about next though. Although, if you’ve been following on my Instagram stories you’ll know I am painting a new room. And I’m not painting it white! On Wednesday, I shared a story about how and why we removed the garden bed in our backyard. Don’t we have the…

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    Happy List: #137

    Well, how is October treating you so far? Are you over pumpkin spice everything yet? The feeling of fall has been elusive on the East Coast. On Wednesday the temperature was 85°F. It dropped to a high of 55°F yesterday. That was not cool. Actually, it was cool, literally speaking. Too cool. It’s back to 70-ish now, so don’t worry about me too much. This week I shared the piano harp art we created for our music room. Next week I’ll show you the before and after photos of that entire space. All I can say is, it has come a long way since June! After that, I promise I’ll…

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    Happy List: #136

    Hello, hello! This week I’d like to give a shout out to kind neighbors. One of my neighbors, who recently brought me muffins and a mum, stopped by to check on me. She noticed that our American flag was flying upside down and, apparently, that is a sign of distress. She left her car running in her driveway and her door open to make sure I was okay. In our case, it was just a sign of a flag that was long, long overdue to be replaced and had ripped out of the grommets. We violated so many rules of flag etiquette, but rest assured, we will dispose of the…

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    Happy List: #135

    Hello! We all made it to Friday! I think that deserves a pat on the back. This week on the blog I shared a mushy story. Scratch that. I shared TWO mushy stories. This one about DIY and love and this one about flea market finds and love. The two most important men in my life each had a starring role in these stories. As it should be. Here’s the Happy List! PIONEERTOWN MOTEL I’m dead from the cuteness. (image: Pioneertown Motel) This is the registration office for Pioneertown Motel in California. Back in the day Pioneertown Motel housed movie stars like Gene Autry while they were filming. If you love…

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    Happy List: #134

    Hey, hey! It’s Friday! The 13th! This week on the blog it was all about the exterior of our house. I shared the surprising way we had a whole bunch of brush removed from our property. That alone probably raised our property value. I also shared my newly painted front gate and how long it took me to paint it. It definitely wasn’t an hour. In other news, I’ve been trying to do more stories on Instagram. I even showed my face this week. Twice. Crazy stuff. If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to connect with you there too. Here’s the Happy List! SWEET POTATO SAUSAGE BREAD KNOTS It is…

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    Happy List: #133

    Hello, everyone! I hope September is treating you well! We’ve survived school thus far. There’s only been one forgotten snack, one forgotten Chromebook, one forgotten Chromebook charger, and one lost form, so I think we’ve really got this school thing nailed. Ha! This week on the blog I shared my trip to Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in Connecticut. I also shared the 1971 MLS Listing for our Colonial Farmhouse. Here’s the Happy List! UNDERWATER DANCING I was mesmerized by this synchronized swimmer’s underwater dance to Chopin. She can hold her breath for 4 minutes! View this post on Instagram “I’m trying to be one with the water,” said @claire_friesen, a…