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Happy List: #316

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome to this week’s Happy List. I’m glad you’re here.

First, fun news! My Halloween Duct Tape Decals were featured over at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, Funky Junk Interiors, and Creatively Beth. It never gets old to have your work showcased on someone else’s website.

This week on the blog I shared a flower arrangement I made using a vintage toolbox as the vase. I tend to make more flower arrangements in the fall than any other time. I’m not sure why but I’m not complaining about it.

I also revealed the new rocking chairs on our front porch. Those have been a long time coming and I’m so glad we’re finally able to enjoy them.

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Here’s the Happy List!


Here’s a pretty and easy fall DIY from The Crowned Goat to embellish a faux pumpkin with faux flowers. Click over here to read how it was done and how they used it.

This is giving me fall wedding vibes!

simple flower pumpkins with faux flowers tutorial by the crowned goat on the happy list

(image: The Crowned Goat)


One of my kids told me about a hack for making caramel corn with melted Werther’s caramel candy. That seemed like a ridiculous waste of Werther’s candy to me, so I decided to make actual caramel corn for the first time in my life.

I found this recipe that doesn’t include corn syrup from Aleka’s Get Together and it was delicious. I made a double batch and my family ate it all in less than a day. Clearly, we have no self control.

caramel popcorn recipe without corn syrup from Aleka's get together on the happy list

(image: Aleka’s Get Together)


I stared at this photo by Stephanie at Casa Watkins for a long time because there we so many happy details to take in. That wallpaper. The two-toned cabinets. All the healthy plants.

But the best part might be the reeded glass cabinets. That was a DIY…an easy DIY with a reeded glass film. Go check it out here.

diy reeded glass kitchen cabinets with glass film by casa Watkins on the happy list

(image: Casa Watkins)


Have you seen this image of North America superimposed on top of Jupiter? This was done by John Brady of Astronomy Central to illustrate just how big Jupiter is. Jupiter is the largest planet if our solar system. If this image doesn’t blow your mind, the sun is even bigger than Jupiter!

If you want to see North America superimposed on Mars and the moon, go check out this Vox article.

north america on jupiter image by john brady of astronomy central via Vox on the happy list

(image: John Brady, Astronomy Central via Vox)


How cute is this? I need to try this idea for ghost shapes on top of pie by Giggle Living. I’d probably do it on an apple pie instead of a chicken pot pie though.

You can buy ghost cookie cutters on Amazon but you know me, I’ll probably freehand my ghost shapes. It will turn out really scary looking then. Haha!

halloween pot pie with ghost shapes by giggle living on the happy list

(image: Giggle Living)


In one of our homes, we had a built-in bed in a kid’s room. I loved it. It made the best use of an awkward space.

I wouldn’t mind doing something like this in our son’s room, or, at a minimum, building drawers under his bed. He needs more storage for a tight space. More photos of this home can be found at House and Garden UK.

owen gale photo of built in bed with drawers via house and garden uk on the happy list

(image: Owen Gale via House and Garden UK)


Can you find the hidden bat in this picture? I stink at these puzzles. My son and Handy Husband can spot the hidden image almost immediately. It’s infuriating. Ha!

For a larger image and to see the answer, click here.

hidden bat picture by lenstore via yahoo on the happy list

(image: Lenstore via Yahoo)


This is so satisfying to look at.

Land artist Nikola Faller rakes leaves into amazing patterns and then photographs it. I could stare at this all day. Go see more pictures here or on Instagram.

nikola faller land artist artistic leaf raking via kotte on the happy list

(image: Nikola Faller via Kotte)


When Is That Golden Moment? by Eileen Hession

When the scale tells me I’ve not gained a pound
When my glasses or phone or keys have been found,
When the cop pulls me over but spares me the ticket
When my ice cream cone drips and I get to lick it,
When I read the obituaries and don’t know a soul,
When the car just ahead of me pays for my toll,
When my pants can fit without sucking my gut in
When I’m on the dance floor and a man asks to cut in,
When it’s time for a movie and I get to choose it,
When I cut out the coupon and remember to use it.
Everyone understands the worth
Of a big celebration: a marriage, a birth
But moments of joy, too many to mention
Brighten each day, when we just pay attention.

Thank you for reading today’s Happy List.

Be good to yourself and others this weekend.

I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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