our fall front porch with pumpkin topiary

Our Fall Front Porch

Our fall front porch feels so welcoming right now.

It’s one of those ‘walk up to the front door and grin because of how it makes you feel’ situations.

That could have something to do with the smiling trio.

Aren’t they the happiest?

Our Fall Front Porch with a trio of jack o'lantern planters for halloween

The smiling trio was created using the simplest idea – transform black duct tape into Halloween decals. Specifically, jack o’lantern faces for these planters but I also made bat decals.

You can get the instructions here.

“Trio” might be the theme of this year’s fall porch because, on the other side of the front door, I have a pumpkin topiary created with a trio of pumpkins.

Our Fall Front Porch with pumpkin topiary in a concrete planter and a black farmhouse bench

In an accidentally genius move, I positioned the pumpkin topiary in the right spot so that if you look at it straight on, it appears to have a stem.

Do you see it?

Our Fall Front Porch with pumpkin topiary in a concrete planter and a black farmhouse bench

It only took EVERYONE with an eagle eye on my Instagram stories pointing this out to me before I realized what I had accidentally done.

That’s so much better than purposefully doing something and having no one notice.

My ego is perfectly comfortable with being accidentally brilliant on occasion. Ha!

But when I step back and look at our front door in its totality, I don’t see any of that.

The first thing I notice is “business on the left, party on the right.”

That’s how I think of this year’s decor. A little serious and stately to the left of the door. A little goofy and fun to the right of the door.

And I love it all. Why be one when you can be both?

Our Fall Front Porch with pumpkin topiary in a concrete planter and a black farmhouse bench and a trio of jack o'lantern flower planters

Last, but certainly not least, we have the whole other end of our front porch where we can sit and enjoy it all on our new double rocking chairs.

If you were my neighbor, I’d invite you over to sit on the front porch with me for a while.

Porch sitting, especially with a drink in hand, is simply the best.

Our Fall Front Porch with two double rockers and fall mums

I can’t quite explain why, but of all the seasons, I think decorating a front porch for fall is the most fun.

Have you decorated your front porch or front door for fall? I’d love to hear all about it and even see pictures. Give me all the inspiration! You can do that by commenting on this blog post, emailing us here, or reaching out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Fall!

Front Porch Project Details and Sources:

Double Rockers

Milk Can Side Table (DIY directions here)

Black Bench (bench repair details here)

Blue Pillow Covers

Blue Pom Pom Throw

Blue Snowflake Throw (old)

Horseshoe Pumpkin (DIY directions here)

Thank you for spending a few minutes here with me. I hope it was one of many bright spots in your day. Here are some other blog posts you might enjoy.

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