• diy cabinet door tray

    DIY Cabinet Door Tray

    I am so happy to share a DIY Cabinet Door Tray project with you today because it’s not mine! No work was involved on my part. I just get to look at fun pictures, be inspired, and share them with you. It’s a good feeling. There’s even a twist in this project that I didn’t see coming. I love a good twist. Today’s DIY Cabinet Door Tray project comes from someone I affectionately refer to as The Junk Whisperer. Seeing what she’s created out of actual junk over the years has inspired me to take a second look at everyday objects and reimagine them in a new light. Ready to…

  • in praise of oil lamps oil lamp

    In Praise of Oil Lamps

    Until our last power outage I had lived my whole life without knowing the joy of an oil lamp. Don’t get me wrong, I love my battery-powered lights too. My cell phone flashlight? Couldn’t live without it. A little candle ambiance? I’m here for it. But the oil lamp? That’s something different. An oil lamp and a bunch of lamp oil was left in our Colonial Farmhouse when we purchased it. I don’t know why we hadn’t bothered to use it until two weeks ago when the power went out due to a bad storm. Again. Trees, overhead power lines, and high winds are a predictably bad combination. *sigh* During…

  • church in new jersey in autumn happy thanksgiving

    In Praise of a Church Pew for Home Decor

    How many of you have spent hours of your life sitting on a hard church pew? *raises both hands* I wonder at what point someone said, “Hey! You know what would make the dear preacher’s long sermons even better? A cushion for this pew.” I would have added cup holders too and I don’t mean those itty bitty ones for the communion cup. But no one asked me! I recently got stuck in the purgatory I affectionately refer to as Facebook Marketplace in search of a church pew to use as decor in my home. Who knew there were so many church pews for sale? Ironically, I didn’t want the…

  • decorating,  DIY

    3 Mirror Makeovers to Try

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of these three mirror makeovers is the fairest of them all? That’s right! I have 3 mirror makeovers to fuel your creative juices today. All my hopes and dreams would be fulfilled if you take one of my ideas and make it your own! Here are 3 mirror makeovers to get your ideas flowing: MIRROR MAKEOVER #1: DIY ROPE MIRROR If you can use hot glue, you can make a rope mirror. All you need is a round mirror, rope, and hot glue. I’m using 3/8-inch sisal rope for this project and 100-feet of it should cost less than $12. That’s WAY more rope…

  • black and blue outdoor furniture
    decorating,  gardening and landscape

    Black and Blue Outdoor Furniture

    Our deck is sporting black and blue outdoor furniture. Did that sentence make it sound like our outdoor furniture rumbled after school? While most of our outdoor furniture is second-hand and was in rough shape when I found it, it is looking decidedly better after a little spray paint session. I’ve also done some outdoor furniture switching around in an effort to only keep the things we use. There will be a quiz at the end, so pay attention. To that end, the table in this below picture from October 2020 was set out by the side of the road and now has a new home. It came with the…

  • Repurposed Light Shade Planter

    Repurposed Light Shade Planter

    I adore a good repurposed decor project and my Repurposed Light Shade Planter  is just that! What was destined for the dumpster is now being repurposed in my home. This industrial light was on the end of our Carriage House. We took it down because it wasn’t working. Also, hornets had made a lovely home inside of it. I can see the appeal. Handy Husband was going to get rid of the light. *GASP* Did he not see the potential? No. He did not. It’s a good thing I’m here to save all the junky treasures! I’m sure Handy Husband feels the exact same way. Yours truly gave the light…

  • a snarky but helpful wallpaper removal guide

    A Snarky, but Helpful Wallpaper Removal Guide

    Here’s a Snarky, but Helpful Wallpaper Removal Guide for when you are already over it and you haven’t even started. Don’t worry. This feeling is totally normal when it comes to wallpaper removal. For every beautifully wallpapered room I see online I know there is a poor schmuck that will someday have to remove that no longer beautiful wallpaper. Guess how often that poor schmuck has been me? Eight times in our current house alone. Our house really isn’t that big, but almost every vertical surface, including the stair risers, was covered in decades old wallpaper. Why did I want this house again? Removing wallpaper is like unwrapping a present…

  • flower basket centerpiece

    Flower Basket Centerpiece

    A flower basket centerpiece is the one thing you didn’t know you needed in your life. I’m telling you, under the definition for joy it should say flower basket centerpiece because a basket overflowing with flowers radiates happiness.  Now, I know a few of you have an inner rebel that likes to come out and play ever so often. If you want to throw a little bit of rebellion in with your decorating projects then do what I did.  Find a basket that you’ve put in the trunk of your car to take to the donation center. Break your cardinal rule and bring that item slated for donation back into your house. Squash the…

  • diy wood stool with brass leg tips
    decorating,  DIY

    DIY Wood Stool With Brass Leg Tips

    I have the best furniture hack to share with you today on how to DIY a wood stool with brass leg tips. This is going to be a semi-handmade DIY project. Those are one of my favorite type of projects because not everything needs to be created from scratch. Better yet, no power tools were used in this project. Shocking, I know! I started with a pair of unfinished 18-inch wood stools. This is my first time purchasing unfinished furniture and this is what arrived – a total blank slate.  The wood stools received two coats of black stain with poly. I just happened to have a can of black stain with poly mixed in, so…

  • DIY board game coasters

    Board Game Coasters

    Need a cool way to repurpose old board games? Turn them into board game coasters! We probably all have at least one board game that is missing pieces for whatever reason. I’m blaming the kids or maybe the vacuum. Either way, it’s hard to play a board game that’s missing pieces and it’s not helpful to donate a board game that is missing pieces.  It also feels really terrible to even think about throwing one away. I don’t need that type of guilt in my life!  Instead of throwing that board game away, turn the actual game board into coasters. The board game coasters you’ll be making won’t last forever since they are a paper…