• modern country laundry room in a colonial farmhouse with wainscoting stained glass horse art basket wall and inset wall shelves
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    What We Regret About Our Laundry Room Makeover

    It has been one year since we completed our laundry room makeover. One year? Already? It feels like forever since we completed that project. I suppose that means time does not fly by when you’re doing laundry every day. Shocking…said no one typing a blog post next to a giant pile of clothes to be folded. Don’t get me wrong. We love with a capital L how this space turned out. It is a combination laundry room and pantry and it flows so nicely with the rest of the house now, particularly the kitchen. It’s how the space always should have been. No matter how much you enjoy a room,…

  • wood bowl in front of a stack of wood cutting boards in a farmhouse kitchen wood bowls for decor or food
    decorating,  Food

    Wood Bowls: For Food or Decor?

    Do you use your wood bowls for food or for decor? Or both? Or are you a wood bowl free household? Tell me everything. Leave no details out. I have a collection of wood bowls that I only use for decor purposes. You might have seen them stacked above our black pantry cabinet. The collection has grown larger, as collections do, since I took this picture. I started to wonder why I don’t use these wood bowls for holding food. And I’m not talking about food as in popcorn or a bunch of apples and bananas. I mean the wet, sticky, gooey stuff like pasta, soup, bread dough, cereal, etc.…

  • green beach club patio umbrella from business and pleasure co in praise of colorful outdoor umbrellas
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    In Praise Of: Colorful Patio Umbrellas

    Spring has arrived, the temperatures are warming up, and we are so close to being able to dine alfresco. That’s why I have all things outdoor furniture on my mind, including colorful patio umbrellas. I’ve been solidly in my black and white patio umbrella phase for the last few years. If anything were to tempt me cross over into the land of color, it would be one of these colorful patio umbrellas. Check them out! Bourbana 9′ Market Umbrella | Wayfair A pop of yellow sunshine on your patio would bring a big dose of happy no matter the weather. (image: Wayfair) Having the beach in the background wouldn’t hurt…

  • Evolution of Our Living Room and New Bench Pillows

    Evolution of Our Living Room and New Bench Pillows

    I’ve discovered a perk of not moving every two or three years. If you stay put long enough, you’ll have the time and inclination (the itch, really) to redecorate your home. As it turns out, redecorating is cheaper and easier than moving. I’m not ready to say it’s more fun because I actually enjoy moving. However, redecorating is pretty darn enjoyable too. You’re going to get hung up on the fact that I enjoy moving, aren’t you? Let me explain. It’s not the physical act of moving homes that I enjoy. It’s the adventure and newness of moving that really flips my switch. And let’s not forget how liberating it…

  • led table lamp for at home dining room table

    Bright Idea: LED Table Lamp For Your Dining Table

    I had a lightbulb moment a few weeks ago as it relates to dining table lighting. One of the reasons dining at a fancy restaurant is so delightful is because of the lighting. It’s not too harsh and, often, every table has a candle or mood light of some sort. You can recreate that ambiance at home with a candle or an LED table lamp for your dining table. The lighting in our dining room is not ideal, especially in the dead of winter. But that has changed now that I placed an LED table lamp smack dab in the middle of the table. No more centerpieces. It’s all about…

  • when and where to use rechargeable light bulbs so they don't disappoint you
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    5 Places Rechargeable Light Bulbs Won’t Disappoint You

    If you’re contemplating using rechargeable light bulbs, then I know you have a lighting situation that’s dimming your spirit a little. Maybe a lot. If it was a hassle-free, inexpensive fix, and your best friend’s sister’s cousin is an electrician, then you would have already shone a light on your dark corner. Same. Or maybe you are renting and there’s no way your landlord is going to spring for more outlets and hardwired lights. Gives new meaning to the Dark Ages. Been there too. Couldn’t see a thing. Rechargeable light bulbs are not going to solve all of your life problems. Disappointing, I know. However, they have been improving in…

  • reclaimed wood try from rotten piece of old growth pine the hidden meaning behind this reclaimed wood tray
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    The Hidden Meaning Behind This Reclaimed Wood Tray

    I never thought there would be a hidden meaning behind a reclaimed wood tray. Yet, here we are. To set the stage, we live in a colonial-era home that we’ve been restoring for the last four and a half years. Old homes should come with a warning. Not the “this house is a money pit” warning. Although, it will be. Not the “this house makes disturbing noises” warning. It does. Not the “people probably died here” warning. For sure they have. They were born here too. Not the “rodents have more entrances to your home than you do” warning. It’s infuriating. The warning old houses should come with is this…

  • vintage brass display stand in praise of pretty tablet stands

    In Praise Of: Pretty Tablet Stands

    Every time it appears in a photo or video, I get compliments and questions about the brass tablet stand that holds my laptop or iPad while it charges. I agree, it is pretty amazing. My tablet stand is vintage from the 1970s, which means it’s not really a tablet stand. We were still typing on typewriters in the 1970s, not laptops and tablets. My oh my, how things have changed. My stand held a memento from my parents’ wedding. I’ve used it to display various pictures over the years, but now it functions as a beautiful and practical display stand for a laptop or iPad. I wondered if I could…

  • colonial farmhouse living room curtains traditional living room with light brown velvet curtains and a leather sofa

    Living Room Curtains (It Only Took Me 4 Years)

    I finally hung living room curtains and it only took me four years to get that job done. *pats self on the back* Why did I wait so long to hang living room curtains? I’m one of those people who don’t really mind naked windows, especially if the windows have gorgeous trim like this particular window has. I also didn’t have to worry about privacy. This window faces our backyard and there’s nothing but deer, bear, rabbits, groundhogs, and a fox in our backyard. They don’t seem to mind the view, so I haven’t prioritized window treatments. Until now. Why now? Not sure. In a way that I think will…

  • old fashioned wall sconce with 6 inch fitter my latest thrift store finds

    My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Part 7

    Welcome back to the delightful but infrequent blog series “My Latest Thrift Store Finds.” It’s not infrequent because I’m not thrift store shopping. No, no, no. Even I don’t have that much restraint. It is an infrequent series because I forget to write about my thrift store finds unless they are part of a larger story or project. This blog series is my attempt to right (or is it write?) that wrong. Here’s what has come home with me in the last few months. My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Mini Copper and Brass Colander Once in a blue moon Handy Husband will come to the thrift store with me. He…