DIY board game coasters

Board Game Coasters

Need a cool way to repurpose old board games? Turn them into board game coasters!

We probably all have at least one board game that is missing pieces for whatever reason. I’m blaming the kids or maybe the vacuum.

Either way, it’s hard to play a board game that’s missing pieces and it’s not helpful to donate a board game that is missing pieces. 

It also feels really terrible to even think about throwing one away. I don’t need that type of guilt in my life!

DIY board game coasters

Instead of throwing that board game away, turn the actual game board into coasters.

The board game coasters you’ll be making won’t last forever since they are a paper product, but they’ll be a lot more useful this way rather than sitting inside a cabinet (because the guilt!) or in the trash (more guilt!).

Think of these board game coasters as one step above the throwaway cardboard coasters you get at a bar or restaurant.

Plus, you have to admit, they look really cool!

DIY board game coasters

Making your board games coasters is super easy.

All you are going to do is cut them to size using a utility knife. If you have a paper cutter that can slice through something as thick and dense as a game board, even better. It will save you some time.

A standard coaster size is 3.5 x 3.5 inches or 4 x 4 inches. However, the most common size is 4 x 4 inches. 

Either on the back or the front of the game board (I opted for the back) draw your cut lines with a pencil. Then use your utility knife to cut along the lines.

Make sure to use a cutting board or cutting mat underneath so that you don’t damage your counter or table.

The game boards for most board games are made out of some sort of compressed cardboard that’s covered in a printed paper. Make sure you have a fresh blade on your knife, but it still might take several careful swipes to cut through the game board.

If there are any frayed edges, you can trim those up with your utility knife when you are done.

board game coasters

Depending on the size of your game board, I estimate you can make at least 8 – 12 coasters from one board game. Not too shabby!

Wouldn’t these be fun to use for game night?

You could wrap them up with a ribbon to gift to a friend or neighbor too!

One of my favorite things about these game board coasters is how they are all unique, so everyone gets a different coaster design to use.

DIY board game coasters

If you don’t have any board games you are willing to sacrifice to make board game coasters, you can always find them for super cheap at a thrift store.

I’m guessing your friends or family probably have some they’d happily give you for free just to take them off their hands so they don’t have any guilt

If you make some board game coasters or can improve on this idea, let me know. I’d love to see them.

Happy crafting!

P.S. The board game we were actually playing in these photos is Tsuro. It’s quick to set up and play. It’s one of those games that works well for kids and adults! Plus, we still have all the pieces. 

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