• corkboard ideas Farmhouse Style Boy's Room
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    Five Corkboard Ideas To Try

    I have not one not two, but five corkboard ideas for you to try today! What can I say? I’m a giver. Corkboards can give off distinct 9 to 5 office vibes (boring!), but with a little creativity, you can take a drab corkboard and make it pop! Let’s take a look at some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Corkboard Ideas: Add a Shelf. Add a shelf or ledge to turn a basic corkboard into something unique. This 2×3-ft corkboard cost $2 at the thrift store. Once the shelf or ledge piece on the bottom was added, it became a one-of-a-kind corkboard. It’s hard to tell in the…

  • cross stitch american flag on a grain sifter 4th of july wreath
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    Cross-Stitch American Flag On a Grain Sifter

    What happens when you combine cross-stitch, an American flag, and an antique grain sifter? Pure Americana magic. Or, in less flowery terms, you get a cross-stitch American flag on a grain sifter. I’ve always been intrigued by the grid pattern of grain sifters. It lends itself well to all sorts of crafty endeavors, but particularly cross-stitch. Cross-stitch in its most rudimentary sense is a series of x-shaped hand stitches. I won’t even pretend to know much more about cross-stitch beyond that completely lacking description. I do consider it to be an art form and skill that I am continually impressed by when I see what folks have created. If you…

  • wood dice diy wood-burned dice
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    How to Make Wood-Burned Dice

    I have the most satisfying project for you today. How to make wood-burned dice from wood cubes. Do we need them? Need is a relative term. Do we want them? Of course. They are so cool! Are they satisfying to make? Oh, heck yeah. And that, my friends, is the best part. It’s not so much what we create, but the act of creating that’s the reward. Let’s get started on how to make wood-burned dice. How To Make Wood-Burned Dice Step #1: Cut Cubes Cut cubes out of wood using a table saw. Our cubes are 3/4″ square, but you could adapt your size if you want larger or…

  • how to diy wood-burned easter eggs
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    DIY Your Own Wood-Burned Easter Eggs

    Here’s something you never knew you needed to make until now: Wood-Burned Easter Eggs. They are fun to make, will last forever, and you can even use them as place cards at your Easter table. I’m a wood-burning novice. Seriously, these wood-burned Easter eggs are my second wood-burning project ever. If I can try something new, so can you. All you need are wood eggs, a wood-burning kit, and your imagination. I like these 2 1/2-inch wood eggs from Amazon because they are a good natural egg size and don’t have a flat bottom. If you want your eggs to stand up on end, then you need to order eggs…

  • embroidered easter egg napkin
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    Easter Egg Embroidered Napkins

    Here’s a relatively quick and customizable Easter craft for you – Easter Egg Embroidered Napkins. This is a fun way of adding some Easter flair to otherwise plain cloth napkins. Please note that I casually threw out the words ‘relatively quick’ when describing this project. Some of you have never touched embroidery thread. Some of you are probably hand-stitching pros and could do this project with your eyes closed. (If you can actually do this with your eyes closed, will you make a video for me?) On the embroidery spectrum, I’m a little closer to “never touched embroidery thread” than I am to being a professional. With my limited skills,…

  • colonial farmhouse barn spring on the happy list

    3 Easy Ideas to Get You in the Mood For Spring

    Hello! Today I’m sharing 3 easy ideas to get you in the mood for spring. Plus, I have a housekeeping announcement. My kids have a couple of days off of school for a winter break of sorts, so I’m going to take the rest of this week off the blog to chill out with them. You can still catch me on Instagram and Facebook stories this week though. Not sure what I’ll be up to, but we’ll find out together! In the meantime, here are those 3 easy ideas to get you in the mood for spring. Easy Idea #1: Plop some grocery store potted flowers in a basket. It will take approximately 7 seconds…

  • diy wood and brass hearts
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    DIY Wood and Brass Hearts for Valentine’s Day

    I have a lovely DIY to share with you today – wood and brass hearts! They are perfect when you’re looking for a subtle touch when it comes to Valentine’s Day decor. Although, when it comes to the actual Valentine’s Day and every day, really, don’t be subtle when telling your valentine they are loved. Life is too short! Here’s how to make these wood and brass hearts.  Step 1: Unless you want to freehand it, print out a paper heart template. We used a 2-inch and a 3-inch heart. Step 2: Trace your heart shape on a piece of wood and carefully cut the heart out using a jigsaw.…

  • mountain themed pool ball rack art
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    Mountain-Themed Pool Ball Rack Art

    I found a pool ball rack at an antique shop and turned it into Mountain-Themed Pool Ball Rack Art because why not? It seemed like the inspired thing to do even if creating this Mountain-Themed Pool Ball Rack Art (Say that five times fast!) was a creative accident. I was going to turn the pool ball rack into a leather-lined tray, but in the process of laying out the leather, I realized the leather shapes looked like mountains. Hold onto your hot glue gun, folks! With that “aha” moment, this project climbed in an entirely new direction. I’m not sad about it! The creative process can be a long and…

  • brown kraft paper snowflake mantel

    Kraft Paper Snowflake Mantel for the Holidays

    I hope you’re sitting in a warm, cozy place while you check out my Kraft Paper Snowflake Mantel! I had a jolly good time making all 33 snowflakes on this Kraft Paper Snowflake Mantel. Yes, I counted. “Jolly good time” makes it sound like it was a party. I haven’t been to one of those in…well, we don’t need to count everything in this blog post. That would be depressing. Perhaps it is better to say I was in the mood to create something with my hands, so spending several hours making 33 kraft paper snowflakes was satisfying. Plus, I enjoy making something that looks way more complicated than it…

  • halloween mantel diy witch's broom

    Halloween Mantel With a DIY Witch’s Broom

    Hello you gorgeous ghouls and goblins! Let’s dish on all things Halloween mantel and DIY Witch’s Broom related. Do you have a mantel decorated for Halloween this year? I wasn’t going to do any Halloween decorating because I just wasn’t feeling it, but then Handy Husband tossed some proverbial inspiration in the wood chip pile and I dove in right after it. That sentence didn’t make any sense, did it? Let me back up my broomstick and let you hop on for a ride. A few weeks ago Handy Husband was trimming brush and tossed the coolest-looking stick in the pile to be woodchipped. Noooooo!!! I need that!!! It really…