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Let Freedom Ring

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Our family’s 4th of July tradition involves watching a parade. For my kids, it is all about the candy. And that’s okay. It’s a free country!

liberty saying

I love parades too. There is something so unifying about watching a 4th of July parade. For that hour, we aren’t Republicans or Democrats. We aren’t rich or poor. We aren’t old or young. We aren’t straight or gay. We aren’t religious or non-religious. We aren’t educated or uneducated.

We are simply Americans. 

And, isn’t that how it should be? For I am convinced that our similarities far out-weigh our differences.


Making this cute little bunting was so easy and free! My supplies were twine and card stock I already had on hand.

I used a flag shape from a sticker in my sticker stash as a template. Am I the only one with a stash of stickers?

I cut the flag shapes out using my craft knife on red, blue and light blue paper. I don’t have one of those craft cutting mats, so I use an old cutting board. Works like a charm.

I was left with a cute little line-up of flags.


I made two slits in each flag and threaded my twine through. A little tape wrapped around the end of the twine helped the process immensely. I think some cuticle cream would help too. But this is a post about patriotic bunting, not my fingernails. Moving on…

I hung my miniature flag bunting up on a bulletin board and my son immediately asked if we were having a celebration.

As a matter of fact, we are! We are celebrating our country.

He thinks we should have cake.



I wish you the very happiest 4th of July. I am so thankful for the freedoms we all share.

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