• how to make a wood heart planter heart shaped wood planter
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    How To Make Wood Heart Planters

    Hello, Valentines! Would you like to see how to make the cutest wood heart planters today? You wood? Fantastic! I’m glad we’re all speaking the same love language here. Puns. I think puns are our love language. And DIY. But mainly puns. This planter is not going to make itself, so let’s get to work! Materials Needed: 1×6 or larger piece of cedar or other wood of preference wood glue small finish nails or brad nails jigsaw or bandsaw sandpaper Wood Heart Planter Dimensions: Opening: 4.5 inches Height: 5.25 inches (total, includes base) Width: 5.25 inches Base: 2.50 x 2.50 x .25 inches To print out a PDF of this…

  • 2x4 wood hearts for valentine's day rustic wood hearts wood heart craft
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    2×4 Wood Hearts for Valentine’s Day

    Do you have a 2×4 or scraps from a 2×4 lying around? Then you can make gorgeous 2×4 wood hearts and use them to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day. The options for how you finish these 2×4 wood hearts is endless. I chose to stain mine because that goes with my home decor a little better. However, you could paint them, decoupage them, bedazzle them, or even apply a stone-like treatment to them. I also like the idea of adding a name or names to the hearts. Instead of carving initials in a live tree, how about adding them to a 2×4 heart? Or you could turn the 2×4…

  • valentine's day terracotta gnome how to make terracotta gnome for valentine's day craft
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    Valentine’s Day Terracotta Gnome

    We are going to combine three favorite things, terracotta, Valentine’s Day, and gnomes to make something amazing – a Valentine’s Day Terracotta Gnome. What’s that? Gnomes aren’t one of your favorite things? Understandable. Oh, and you’re iffy on Valentine’s Day too? Give me a second. *deep breaths* Can we all agree terracotta is amazing? Even if we don’t know if it’s one word, two words, or a hyphenated word? Alright, here’s the deal to save this craft. We’re going to combine ONE favorite thing with two questionable things. You’re going to have to trust me that love will bloom when you feast your eyes on this Valentine’s Day Terracotta Gnome.…

  • 10 handmade gifts you still have time to make this christmas
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    10 Handmade Gifts You Still Have Time To Make This Christmas

    Unless you’re reading this five minutes before gifts will be opened, I assure you, there is still time to make handmade gifts this Christmas. I’m not talking about a handmade gift that is so involved that you have to shear the sheep in order to make your own yarn so you can knit something scratchy no one wants to wear. No, no, no. Heaven forbid. How about some sentimental gift ideas or semi-handmade gift ideas instead? Those are right up my alley and yours too, I’m sure. Here are 10 handmade gifts you still have time to make this Christmas that will actually be used and enjoyed by their intended…

  • the cutest painted wood tree ornaments made from mini unfinished wood trees
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    The Cutest Painted Wood Tree Ornaments

    No matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, I have tree-t for you today: painted wood tree ornaments made from mini unfinished wood trees. These are so satisfying to paint and customize. Without a doubt, the craftspeople who made these mini wood trees on their wood lathes so you and I could turn them into ornaments are on Santa’s nice list. No coal for them! Like all of my best crafty ideas, this one is quick, easy, and completely customizable to your color scheme. Let’s get started. Supplies needed to make these painted wood tree ornaments: mini wood trees (comes in a 30-pack) paint (craft paint or house paint works)…

  • paper tree ornaments with wood star toppers fold paper tree ornaments using a wood star bead as the tree topper
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    Paper Tree Ornaments With Wood Star Topper

    I love making Christmas ornaments and today I have a fun one for you – paper tree ornaments with a wood star topper. It is amazing what you can make from a humble piece of paper. Plus, it’s pretty satisfying to create one or fifty of these. Not that I got carried away or anything. The thing that really sets these ornaments over the top is the wood star topper. Every Christmas tree needs a topper and I found the perfect wood star beads for this task. What I really like about this craft is that it is completely customizable to your Christmas decor colors. You’ll notice from the pictures…

  • how not to make a book pumpkin humorous tale of all the things that went wrong while making a book pumpkin

    From The Archive: A Crafting Fail

    This is, I hope, a humorous tale of a crafting fail regarding the time I tried to make a book page pumpkin. I wrote this story when we lived in Ireland and there are references to a backpack in this story. We did not have a car while we lived in Ireland and I often wore a backpack while running errands because that was the easiest way to get my purchases, even groceries, home. Enjoy! This is a cautionary tale should you fall down the Pinterest hole of comparison inspiration and decide you too need to join the throngs of DIYers making book page pumpkins. As I did. Please heed these…

  • denim turkey craft thanksgiving decor using upcycled denim jeans to make turkey art

    Denim Turkey Craft – Upcycle Denim Jeans

    Gobble, gobble! It’s time for a denim turkey craft using upcycled denim jeans. This is the craft you never knew you wanted. Until now. We often slide right from Halloween into Christmas in the U.S., but this denim turkey craft will give Thanksgiving its due. Let’s get started. Materials Needed For This Denim Turkey Craft old denim jeans and khaki pants cut into shapes for turkey tail feathers, beak, and wattle scrap of contrasting fabric, felt, or ribbon for the turkey body and head contrasting fabric or paper for the turkey background scissors picture frame of any size (I used a 10×14 frame) marker optional: hot glue Denim Turkey Craft…

  • easy to make wheat wreath using a gold floral hoop, dried wheat and hot glue

    Easy To Make Wheat Wreath

    Let me show you an easy-to-make wheat wreath today. What makes it easy? We’re not reinventing the wheel wreath. We’re not doing anything complicated that requires a lot of thought. We’re simply giving ourselves 15 minutes of wreath therapy. That’s a thing. A thing I just made up. But it works for me. I think it will work for you too. Grab your glue guns and get ready to set your creative spirit free for the next 15 minutes. Whatever you create, you create. Here’s what you need to make a wheat wreath: gold floral hoop (I used a 10-inch hoop) dried wheat hot glue gun and glue sticks ribbon…

  • diy halloween decals with duct tape make jack o'lantern faces with black duct tape to decorate your planters
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    DIY Halloween Decals With Duct Tape

    Oh yes, you can make your own Halloween decals with duct tape. Specifically, black duct tape. This is a super easy, smile-inducing craft that will make it look like you purchased some fancy vinyl decals online instead of using the roll of black duct tape that’s been jammed in the back of your junk drawer. Honestly, black duct tape has never looked better. The sky is the limit with this craft. I made jack o’lantern faces and bats. The jack o’lanterns were my favorite. However, you could make witch hats, cats, ghosts, or something I haven’t thought of. Let’s get started! Materials Needed To DIY Halloween Decals With Duct Tape:…