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In Praise of Watercolor Greeting Cards

I’m really into watercolor greeting cards right now.

I watched, with the sound off, most of approximately 3 Instagram videos on how to make your own watercolor greeting cards and thought, “I can do that.”

It’s a teensy bit cavalier of me. Maybe delusional.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t watching how to do brain surgery videos.

Don’t worry. I know my limits.

And I don’t like gross things.

I do like pretty things and being crafty, so I did bust out my kids’ watercolor paints and tried making my own watercolor greeting cards.

Let me tell you, I can see why people get into this. It’s very soothing.

diy watercolor greeting cards home sweet home in praise of watercolor greeting cards

Will I keep going with this watercolor greeting card make-a-palooza? Probably. Until I run out of paper and something else captures my attention.

Not everyone wants to make their own cards, but most people do appreciate the genuine talent of artists.

Here are some watercolor greeting cards I found on Etsy that I thought were pretty, fun, or otherwise inspiring.

Whimsical Bird Notecards by LNS Creations Shop

I like whimsical things and the birds on these cards certainly fly high in that regard.

whimsical bird watercolor greetings cards via LNS Creations Shop on Etsy in praise of watercolor greeting cards

(image: LNS Creations Shop via Etsy)

Watercolor Birds by Studio Tuesday

On the opposite end of the branch, we have these stately birds.

watercolor bird greeting cards via Studio Tuesday on etsy in praise of watercolor greeting cards

(image: Studio Tuesday via Etsy)

Vintage Botanical Watercolor Cards by Little Creek Card Co.

These cards remind me of a pressed flower collection, but prettier.

vintage botanical watercolor greeting cards by Little Creek Card CO on etsy in praise of watercolor greeting cards

(image: Little Creed Card Co. via Etsy)

Purple Watercolor and Gold Greeting Cards by The Ritzy Rose 

I don’t know what sort of magic creates the gold part of these watercolor cards, but I’m definitely under their spell.

purple watercolor and gold greeting cards by The Ritzy Rose on Etsy in praise of watercolor greeting cards

(image: The Ritzy Rose via Etsy)

Mountain Watercolor Cards by Carol 1 Creations

If you sent me this card, I’d put it in a frame. Isn’t it pretty?

mountain watercolor greeting card by Carol 1 Creations on Etsy in praise of watercolor greeting cards

(image: Carol 1 Creations via Etsy)

Funky Rainbow Wildlife Cards by The Best Card Company

If you were having a bad day and received one of these cards in the mail, you’d definitely smile.

funky rainbow wildlife watercolor greeting cards by The Best Card Company via Etsy in praise of watercolor greeting cards(image: The Best Card Company)

Adventurer Watercolor Cards by Joyful Card Company

Strike a pose! I especially like the camera card in this collection.

adventurer watercolor card set by Joyful Card Company via Etsy in praise of watercolor greeting cards

(image: Joyful Card Company via Etsy)

What do you think of these watercolor greeting cards? Did you think some of them should be framed as I did? Let me know. You can always comment on this blog post, email me here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Send some happy mail. You’ll make someone’s day.

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