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Our New Christmas Stockings

Way back in November I confessed our Christmas stocking situation. In short, I had a long con running that was about to come to an end.

Have you been holding your breath this entire time waiting to see what I would do?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. ūüôā

I tried and tried and tried to purchase the knit¬†stockings from Joann’s, but when you end up ONE PENNY short of free shipping, it kind of chaps your hide. Or, at least, it chaps my hide.

Instead, I purchased 4 white knit stocking from Target for $13 each. They are almost identical.

My plan was to have my super talented friend from Blue Eyed Birdie monogram or stitch our names on them with her fancy machine.

But, I just couldn’t resist trying a DIY idea first. I found thin, rectangular wood plaques at Hobby Lobby. A pack of 8 was just a few dollars. Handy Husband drilled holes in the plaques and then I stained them.

After that, I used a stencil and a gold paint pen to “print”¬†our names on each plaque. The stenciling wasn’t as exact as I would have liked, but I decided this was not the time to start being a perfectionist.

In the off chance the stain on the back of the plaques¬†decides to rub off, I backed the plaques with white felt to prevent that from happening. This should give me the option of having our names stitched on the stockings if I¬†ever¬†tire of the wood plaque look. I’m keeping my options open!

A few stitches of green embroidery thread held the plaque to the stocking and provided a little bit of color too.
stocking3I like how these turned out and I’m happy to shake that guilty feeling of my son not having his own Christmas stocking. Crisis averted. Phew.


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