• well bucket book holder

    Well Bucket Book Holder

    I never imagined I’d string these four words together: well bucket book holder. But that’s how my life works, so I just roll with it now. I pinkie swear I’m running out of “I found this left in my house/garage” stories, but that is where this well bucket book holder originated. I found a faux (and definitely not old) well bucket in our garage when we bought the Colonial Farmhouse. I actually liked it as is, but had no use for it at the time. Also, I couldn’t work that green paint into my decor scheme, so the well bucket sat in the garage for a year mocking me. A…

  • microwave station in a colonial farmhouse

    Microwave Station Adds Extra Kitchen Storage

    The other side of that weird hallway off our kitchen has been absent from all mentions on this blog and social media because it is where I created a microwave station and microwaves aren’t that interesting to me. However, extra storage in a hallway IS interesting to me. Remember that hallway? The one where we added some built-in shelves? That weird hallway used to look like this when we bought the Colonial Farmhouse. Can you tell why I wanted to buy this place? Hahahahahaha! This hallway connects the kitchen to the main floor bathroom, which seems like a normal function for a hallway. In person, the whole space just feels…

  • Vintage Game Gallery Wall

    Vintage Game Gallery Wall

    While I’d like you to think I have a grand design plan, some of my favorite spaces in our home happen by accident. The cat’s out of the bag now! Take the vintage game gallery wall in my son’s room. I didn’t set out to create a vintage game gallery wall (say that five times fast) when we moved into the Colonial Farmhouse. In fact, I thought we’d continue with the automotive theme he’s had for quite awhile. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Then one day in a fit of “we must use this or lose this,” I decided to hang a vintage Carrom board on his wall. Carrom…

  • Built In Hallway Shelves
    DIY,  colonial farmhouse,  decorating

    Built In Hallway Shelves

    Let’s talk hallway shelves today because they can be a game changer! We have a weird space between our kitchen and main bathroom that is bigger than a hallway, but not quite a room. For the purpose of this post I’m going to call it a hallway because calling it “that weird space” just seems, well, weird. And, honestly, it doesn’t really narrow it down because there are plenty of weird spaces in our home. Here’s how that hallway looked on the day we took possession of the Colonial Farmhouse in June 2019. In case you are wondering, that is not our stuff in the bathroom. The seller left it…

  • Grey Fireplace Mantel

    Grey Fireplace Mantel in our Master Bedroom

    83% of the time I am a rule follower. 12% of the time I don’t know what the rules are so I just wing it. The remaining 5% of the time I walk on the wild side while chanting “rules schmules” in my head. Such a rebel. I save most of my walks on the wild side, where I consider rules more of a general guideline rather than a hard and fast rule, for my creative pursuits like cooking, piano playing, crafting, and DIY projects. Take my latest project: painting our master bedroom. Other than hanging art, this is one room we hadn’t touched since we purchased the Colonial Farmhouse.…

  • Vintage-Inspired Teen Girl's Room

    Vintage-Inspired Teen Girl’s Room

    Today I’m sharing a vintage-inspired teen girl’s room that is far more stylish than the teenage bedroom I grew up in. The funny thing about this story is that I don’t have a teenager. At least, not for awhile. I won’t have a teenager in the house for another 29 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes four weeks or so, but who is counting? Not me. Ah, denial. Such a comforting cloak to wear. The truth is I’m not freaked out about my baby girl growing up. She’s going to be fine. She’s smart, creative, and has a good head on her shoulders. It’s me! This very natural change where kids want more…

  • Dry Sink Printer Stand leaded glass window decorating

    Dry Sink Printer Stand

    Have you ever felt like a fish out of water? It’s an uncomfortable feeling. Now imagine how our colonial era house must feel to have all this fancy stuff like modern plumbing, electricity, and now *gasp* wifi invading its space. Our home has wires where wires were never intended to go! Talk about uncomfortable. The one issue that transcends the age of any house is where to put all the modern office hardware that we need, but for which we don’t always have a place. What do we do with the printers and the computers and the jumbo box of paperclips? Why are there so many cords? Do the cords…

  • Black Stained Vintage Stool Makeover
    DIY,  decorating

    Black Stained Vintage Stool Makeover

    Today, for your viewing enjoyment, I’m sharing a black stained vintage stool makeover. I’m definitely throwing around the word vintage pretty loosely. I’ve read that anything older than 20 years can be considered vintage. Anything at least 50 years old is true vintage. An item has to be 100 years old to be an antique. All this tells me is 50 is the new 20. Who makes up these rules? Not this vintage person. We had a sturdy stool with a great profile sitting in our garage. It was left here by the seller. If I had a nickel for every time I said an item I’d made over in…

  • modern live edge brass side table target hack
    DIY,  decorating

    Modern Live Edge Side Table – Target Hack

    This story of how I created a modern live edge side table has the perfect old meets new plot line. Get ready to feel a flutter deep down in your sentimental soul. This story starts a long time ago in a land not so far away. A huge tree used to stand tall and proud about ten steps away from the front of our house. The diameter at the base of this tree was over 6-feet wide. Had this tree stood sentry over our house for one hundred years? Maybe more? Was it here before cars were mainstream and the county road was paved? I don’t know. I was told…

  • decorating with thimbles

    Decorating with Thimbles in a Modern Way

    My mother, who sewed her own wedding dress, is getting a laugh from heaven today. Can you hear it? Despite all of her attempts (and there were many) to teach me any type of sewing because it would be a handy skill to master, I never really took to it. I still have dang it had a stubborn streak and very little patience for detail-oriented work. I definitely have not had the need to pick up a thimble in my adult life, but there’s still time. Therefore, the fact that I’m writing about decorating with thimbles today would be a wee bit laughable to her. The moral of this story? Mom is…