• marshall middleton bluetooth speaker via amazon in praise of pretty bluetooth speakers that look good in my home

    In Praise Of: Pretty Bluetooth Speakers

    Pretty Bluetooth speakers. That’s what I want. I want to listen to my music and I want it to come from a Bluetooth speaker that looks good in my home. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Eh. Sometimes it feels that way, so I’m on a mission to dispel that myth. If you can design a speaker with killer sound quality, surely you can design a speaker that looks elegant, fun, sleek or any other adjective that fits the style of someone’s home. And I don’t want to use one that comes with a voice assistant like Alexa. No thank you. Just play my music. Don’t try to…

  • Fall Mantel With Leaf-Stamped Wood Rounds in a colonial era home with wood beams and original wood floors fall decorating ideas

    Fall Mantel With Leaf-Stamped Wood Rounds

    Last week I shared how to leaf stamp on wood. You know I don’t make crafts unless I plan on using them, so let me show you my fall mantel featuring a grouping of leaf-stamped wood rounds. I do declare that it looks beautiFALL. That probably won’t be the last bad fall pun in this blog post as I’m feeling a bit acorn-y today. Our dining room fireplace is my favorite of our three fireplaces to decorate seasonally. It’s the only one that I change the decor on regularly even though spatially speaking it is the trickiest to decorate. The overmantel, the spot above the mantel where decor goes, is…

  • needlepoint framed to match wall color navy blue sunporch with matching picture frame when to match picture frame to wall color

    When To Match Picture Frames To Wall Color

    Selecting frames for artwork can be tricky as frames totally change the look and feel of artwork. So, is there a time and place to match your picture frames to your wall color? The short answer is yes! It’s your house. Do what makes you happy. The short answer doesn’t make a good blog post though, so let me briefly elaborate. Match picture frames to wall color when the frame is too distracting.  If the frame is distracting from the real start of the show, the artwork, paint the frame the same color as the wall so that the artwork pops. That’s what I did on our blue sunporch. I…

  • diy wood acorn wreath using wood acrons, wood beads, and wire fall wreath
    Crafts,  decorating

    DIY Wood Acorn Wreath

    If fall is your favorite season, you are going to love this DIY Wood Acorn Wreath. Bold words, I know. This wreath might not have pumpkins or spice but it does have an underrated but ready for its moment item – acorns. Yes, acorns. Wood acorns to be precise. If you didn’t know wood acorns were a thing, this craft is going to blow open the door of possibility for you. I, for one, can’t wait to see what you create. But let’s start with this Wood Acorn Wreath. Materials Needed: wood acorns (I used 16 acorns out of a package of 20.) 20 mm wood beads (I used 16…

  • my recent thrift store finds milk glass candlesticks

    My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Part 6

    Welcome back to the delightful but infrequent blog series “My Latest Thrift Store Finds.” It’s not infrequent because I’m not thrift store shopping. No, no, no. Even I don’t have that much restraint. It is an infrequent series because I forget to write about my thrift store finds unless they are part of a larger story or project. This blog series is my attempt to right (or is it write?) that wrong. Here’s what has come home with me in the last few months. My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Chess Set Did you know chess is really popular with the middle school crowd? It has something to do with TikTok.…

  • antique radio cabinet router holder hide a router and modem inside an antique radio
    decorating,  DIY

    Hide A Router and Modem In An Antique Radio Cabinet

    What can you do with an unsightly router and modem? Hide them in an antique radio cabinet. Long before we got our entertainment via apps on our phones, radios broadcasting news, music, and entertainment were housed in ornate wood cabinets. Some sat on the floor. Others sat on tabletops. These radios became obsolete ages ago. Even I’m not old enough to have grown up with an antique radio. I had a boombox with two tape decks AND a CD player. I thought I was so cool. And modern. I see antique radios at thrift shops somewhat regularly for not a lot of money because no one really wants them. Even…

  • art updates in the carriage house horseshoe gallery wall horseshoe art

    Art Updates In The Carriage House

    At first, I was going to call this post “New Art In The Carriage House” but then I realized that none of the art is actually new. Most of it is new to me though. Semantics aside, I have some art updates in the Carriage House to share today. As a refresher, our Carriage House is a building on our property, separate from the main house, that has storage space on the bottom floor and a studio apartment on the top floor. That apartment is also where Handy Husband works and guests stay when they visit. At roughly 200 sq. ft., it’s a small but mighty space that performs multiple…

  • how to turn a clock into a picture frame a broken brass clock turned into a picture frame
    Crafts,  decorating

    How To Turn A Clock Into A Picture Frame

    What can you do with a clock that isn’t working? You can fix it, you can get rid of it, or you can turn it into a picture frame. Yes, it’s possible, under many circumstances, to turn a clock into a picture frame. Here’s how: First, start with any clock that has the potential to be a picture frame. This will most likely be a tabletop clock or mantel clock. I found this brass clock at the thrift store. Now, take apart the clock so that you can access the clock face. You might need a screwdriver for this part. Pay attention as you go or take a picture of…

  • rocking horse lath art by theodore degroot in praise of lath art

    In Praise Of Lath Art

    Something old has piqued my interest lately – lath art. Broadly speaking, lath art is a type of folk art where pictures are made from thin strips of wood. Originally, these strips came from the lath strips of old plaster walls. Hence, the name. As someone who has removed a plaster wall or two, talk about a labor of love to salvage all those pieces and remove the old plaster in order to make it useable as an art medium. Today, lath art can be made from any strip of wood whether it is reclaimed, cut for this specific purpose, or something in between. Either way, creations like this take…

  • petite outdoor bench as a coffee table next to an outdoor sofa
    decorating,  gardening and landscape

    Petite Bench For An Outdoor Coffee Table

    I spruced up a petite bench to use as an outdoor coffee table and have zero regrets, especially since this was a free project. Free meaning I didn’t have to buy anything new. Those are the best kinds of projects. This petite bench was hiding under a stack of pool chemicals in our pump house. It was left here when we moved in and I’m guessing it was originally part of a kid-size picnic table. Hence, the petite part. The bench needed a bit of love. I sanded off the flaky bits and added a few new nails to hold it together. I didn’t do much about the areas that…