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Hide Computer Cords With a Shower Curtain

If you’ve ever met my husband then you’ll know why we have so many computers.

I’m sure we aren’t the only family with this issue, but I could be wrong.

We might be the only one using an outdoor dining table for a desk though and trying to make everything fit in one little area. It’s still not the worst problem to have. I’m well aware.

When we moved to Ireland we sold our desks – multiple desks. Handy Husband told me this wouldn’t be a problem because he streamlined our computer situation.

Uh huh. We’ll just go with that.

I streamlined my shoe collection too.

And that’s how a marriage works, folks.

Despite all of that “streamlining,” we still had one gajillion quite a few cords and CPUs. This is just one part of it. It’s enough of a visual demonstration, don’t you think?

Now the area looks like this…

And all was right in my world.

Those are shower curtains covering the back of the desk and hiding all of the computer components. Yes, shower curtains.

These particular curtains came with grommets/shower rings already attached. I simply trimmed the curtains to my desired length while they were hanging in place. I’m very exacting like that.

I would have preferred to have installed a tension rod underneath the table and have the curtain slide along the rod, but this particular table design doesn’t allow for that. Handy Husband built this table a couple of years ago for our deck. A section of the table’s top can lift out to reveal a space for ice buckets, which is super cool. However, that design means part of the table drops down underneath and messes up where a tension rod could go. A normal dining room table or desk wouldn’t have this issue.

That wasn’t going to stop me though! I screwed cup hooks into the underside of the table and attached the curtain that way. It’s a more awkward solution than I would have preferred, but I find that’s not unusual in my DIY projects!

We have been living with this solution for a few months now and thankfully, it is working. By working, I mean the cords stay hidden and my blood pressure no longer goes up when I walk in this room.

Even when Handy Husband pulls the CPUs out to fiddle with do important work on them, I can always slide them back behind the curtain. I’d like you to think that he’s just as concerned as I am about hiding all of the cords and components, so I’m not going to ruin that fantasy today.

I do wish the wrinkles were out of the curtains, but I didn’t want to tempt fate by trying to iron that plastic-y material the shower curtains were made with. Sometimes the most important part of DIY is knowing when to stop.

I often drag my feet on these small projects. I’m not sure why because when it comes to creating a pretty home that works for our family, it’s always the small changes that make me the happiest. Buh-bye cords! Hello epic family computer game night!

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