• Insight on Repairing a Slate Roof
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    Insight on Repairing a Slate Roof

    Here’s something I learned last week. My idea of a crisis is not a roofing contractor’s idea of a crisis. Roofing Person: You have an active leak, ma’am? Me: Isn’t that the very definition of a leak? Roofing Person: Okay. We can come out and take a look in 3.5 million years from now and then get you an estimate to do the repairs 1.5 million years after that. Of course, that’s contractor time, so plus or minus another million years on all those dates and times. Me: My house could crumble to the ground by then. Roofing Person: So should I put you on the schedule? I realize when…

  • The Doors of Our Colonial Farmhouse
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    The Doors of Our Colonial Farmhouse

    My number one reason for buying our colonial farmhouse was the original, wide plank wood floors. That’s¬†how everyone selects a house, right? My number two reason for buying our home was the original doors. According to my logic, if life opens one beautiful door and you choose to walk through it and discover another beautiful door and ANOTHER, how do you not buy that house? It was a sign from the universe I didn’t want to ignore. The doors of our colonial farmhouse are¬†definitely the eye candy of this house. And I do love me some eye candy! And don’t even get me started on the glass knobs! This is…