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Mason Jar Snow Globes

I have been meaning to make snow globes for years, people. YEARS. I have the fake snow in my craft bins to prove it.

Except, I wanted to make a lot of snow globes. That type of commitment makes me commitment-phobic about the permanence of such a gesture. Did that sentence make sense? Imagine being inside my brain…


So the kids and I decided to make dry snow globes. Well, I decided, but they happily went along with the idea. This idea is not new or unique and you can find how-to posts all over the ol’ Internet.

Basically, it boils down to this. Hot glue a fake tree to the lid of your jar, pour in fake snow and screw the lid on. Ta-da! Project complete!

It literally took longer for the hot glue gun to warm up than it did to finish this project.


I had plenty of fake trees from some recent 3rd grade projects. I had the snow stashed away in my craft bins.

It was the jars that caused me the problem, or rather, the lids. I’m not sure how I have more jars than lids. How does that happen? I have the opposite problem with tupperware. Too many lids!

After a bit of scrounging around, I managed to match 7 jars with 7 lids. Yay, me!

I was hoping to add some woodland creatures to the mix, but I needed more wide mouth jars to make that happen. And woodland creatures.


The mason jar snow globes are happily taking up residence on my dining room built-ins and I do enjoy them! I do have ambitious plans to show you pictures of those built-ins…soon.

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