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Hat Box Makeover

I grew up in a family where the ladies wore hats to weddings and funerals for other family members. It’s a formality in our increasingly casual society that I love for the respect it brings to a momentous occasion.

I don’t have many hats, but the ones I do have are kept protected in hat boxes – usually in the top of my closet.

Except in this house, our closets are itty-bitty and the hat boxes have not had priority placement in the closet. So, that means they’ve been sitting out where I can see them right before I shut my eyes each night.

The nightmares were getting to me, so I decided to make the boxes a little easier on the eyes.


I started out by painting the boxes. It took a combination of spray paint and regular latex paint since I ran out of spray paint halfway through! The “use what you have” mantra requires flexibility from time to time.

After that, I got real cozy with my hot glue gun! It took a lot of it to secure the 3/8-inch sisal rope I ordered from Amazon. This rope was easy to work with and didn’t have a chemical smell. However, it is kind of “hairy”  – for lack of a better term. I started trimming the strays only to give up halfway 1/10 of the way through while muttering to myself, “see, I knew perfectionism was over-rated!”

I also painted one of the boxes a dark blue and had fun adding a strip of turquoise twine from the clearance section at Michael’s. I knew that would be 59 cents well spent!


I didn’t intend to go the curly Q and infinity shape route, but it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I now have 3 very unique hat boxes that will look good in or out of the closet.


I’m happy I tackled this project! It’s fun to see how a little bit of paint, rope and glue can transform an ordinary object – a hat box – into something pretty and different.


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