• reclaimed wood try from rotten piece of old growth pine the hidden meaning behind this reclaimed wood tray
    decorating,  DIY

    The Hidden Meaning Behind This Reclaimed Wood Tray

    I never thought there would be a hidden meaning behind a reclaimed wood tray. Yet, here we are. To set the stage, we live in a colonial-era home that we’ve been restoring for the last four and a half years. Old homes should come with a warning. Not the “this house is a money pit” warning. Although, it will be. Not the “this house makes disturbing noises” warning. It does. Not the “people probably died here” warning. For sure they have. They were born here too. Not the “rodents have more entrances to your home than you do” warning. It’s infuriating. The warning old houses should come with is this…

  • vintage brass display stand in praise of pretty tablet stands

    In Praise Of: Pretty Tablet Stands

    Every time it appears in a photo or video, I get compliments and questions about the brass tablet stand that holds my laptop or iPad while it charges. I agree, it is pretty amazing. My tablet stand is vintage from the 1970s, which means it’s not really a tablet stand. We were still typing on typewriters in the 1970s, not laptops and tablets. My oh my, how things have changed. My stand held a memento from my parents’ wedding. I’ve used it to display various pictures over the years, but now it functions as a beautiful and practical display stand for a laptop or iPad. I wondered if I could…

  • colonial farmhouse living room curtains traditional living room with light brown velvet curtains and a leather sofa

    Living Room Curtains (It Only Took Me 4 Years)

    I finally hung living room curtains and it only took me four years to get that job done. *pats self on the back* Why did I wait so long to hang living room curtains? I’m one of those people who don’t really mind naked windows, especially if the windows have gorgeous trim like this particular window has. I also didn’t have to worry about privacy. This window faces our backyard and there’s nothing but deer, bear, rabbits, groundhogs, and a fox in our backyard. They don’t seem to mind the view, so I haven’t prioritized window treatments. Until now. Why now? Not sure. In a way that I think will…

  • old fashioned wall sconce with 6 inch fitter my latest thrift store finds

    My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Part 7

    Welcome back to the delightful but infrequent blog series “My Latest Thrift Store Finds.” It’s not infrequent because I’m not thrift store shopping. No, no, no. Even I don’t have that much restraint. It is an infrequent series because I forget to write about my thrift store finds unless they are part of a larger story or project. This blog series is my attempt to right (or is it write?) that wrong. Here’s what has come home with me in the last few months. My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Mini Copper and Brass Colander Once in a blue moon Handy Husband will come to the thrift store with me. He…

  • built in black pantry cabinet in a colonial farmhouse gross to gorgeous pantry cabinet transformation vintage pantry cabinet
    colonial farmhouse,  decorating

    Gross To Gorgeous Pantry Cabinet Transformation

    We may not have a huge walk-in pantry in this old house of ours but we do have a gorgeous built-in cabinet that we are using as a pantry. Gorgeous is a description that is a bit “in the eye of the beholder” as it didn’t start that way. That’s why I titled this blog post “Gross To Gorgeous Pantry Cabinet Transformation.” The gross pantry cabinet started out violating multiple health codes if such a thing existed for pantry cabinets. Then there were the violations of our visual sensibilities. I think it is safe to say this cabinet would not win any interior design awards. However, if you can get…

  • diy brass pumpkin

    Cozy Touches Of Fall In My Home

    My home is feeling especially cozy right now, which is a good thing since we¬†are racing as fast as an out-of-control sled down a steep, snow-covered hill toward winter. Am I ready? No. Funny thing, that march of time. It happens whether I’m ready or not. While I might not be ready for the upcoming winter, it’s fine. My home is cozy. I don’t need to leave it. I’ll just hunker down for the next…oh, shoot. I have to leave the house every day this week. Adulting is over-rated, folks. Over. Rated. We’ll revisit the hunkering down thing next week. In the meantime, the pool towels and the lawn games…

  • Wood Music Stand Hits The Right Note and adds character and function to a music room

    Wood Music Stand Hits The Right Note

    I found the most gorgeous wood music stand to add to our music room. Did we need it? Absolutely not. But is it perfect for this space? Oh, yes. Yes, indeed. I’ve been idly looking for a music stand for years. As a pianist, I don’t really need one because the piano comes with its own. When I go through one of my “attempt to learn the guitar” phases, I usually just look at chords on my phone, so I don’t need a music stand for that. Although, it probably would help my posture to have the phone propped somewhere more ergonomically correct. When it came down to it, I…

  • amber match cloche by skeem via lulu and georgia in praise of pretty matchstick holders

    In Praise Of: Pretty Matchstick Holders

    Do you know what lights my fire? Pretty matchstick holders. I recently found a vintage cast iron matchstick holder to hold chalk, not matches, but that’s a story for the end of this blog post. The point is you don’t have to store matches in the boring boxes they come in. There are really pretty matchstick holders – new and vintage – to hold your little fire sticks. I flame to please, so check out these pretty matchstick holders. Cast Iron Match Striker | Schoolhouse This cast iron match striker from Schoolhouse is perfect in its simplicity. I love that there’s a place to set down spent matches. (image: Schoolhouse)…

  • create a Nature Art Gallery Wall using an eclectic grouping of landscape art, flower prints, and leaf stamping.

    Nature Art Gallery Wall

    Nature art in all its forms – landscape paintings, dried flowers, prints of bouquets – is my jam. It’s soothing to me. Plus, it’s a bug-free way of bringing nature inside my home. Love nature. Not too fond of the bugs. I’ve been collecting nature art for a while now. My love for nature art and landscape paintings started when my aunt painted a scene of my child running along a trail. There’s nothing like a tug on the heartstrings to get you started down the path of an art collection. Now, when I spot nature art at the thrift store, it often comes home with me. Believe it or…

  • tan buffalo check kitchen curtains with beige wainscoting

    Buffalo Check Curtains For Our Kitchen

    It takes me a long time to decide on window treatments but I finally hung buffalo check curtains in our kitchen. What’s a long time? 4 years, 2 months, and 19 days. But who’s counting? And it was totally worth the wait. I know these photos do not look like a kitchen but trust me when I say there is a sink full of dishes right behind where the camera is positioned. That’s the perk or quirk of having a galley style kitchen. A kitchen table could probably be squeezed into this space you’re seeing. For reference, the rug is 5×8. However, there are also stairs to the right and…