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Farmhouse Style Boy’s Room

I have a farmhouse style boy’s room to show you today! Woo to the hoo!

I sure hope you enjoy seeing rooms in my house evolve over time because I don’t think I’m a “grand reveal, this room is finished” kind of gal.

I mean, I still haven’t purchased any curtains for our Colonial Farmhouse. You can’t possibly finish a room without window treatments, right?

Do you know what else would really finish a room off? Electrical outlets on each wall. Maybe a light switch? But, hey. Let’s not get bogged down in the practicalities.

I’d much rather discuss decorating progress in my son’s room.

Farmhouse Style Boy's Room vintage game gallery wall

As someone pointed out to me recently, I tend to mix styles a bit in my decorating. However, I think my son’s space could safely fall in the category of a farmhouse style boy’s room – more or less.

I’ve shown you a lot in here – like the evolution of the vintage game gallery wall. I’ve even shown you the doors I’ve painted black.

I haven’t shown you the bed wall. Believe it or not, he does sleep in here!

In fact, he sleeps better in this house than in any other place we’ve lived. I’m not sure why, but I’m not questioning that fact. It’s like a soothing balm on all my parental guilt.

A few months ago his room looked like the below photo when I showed you his vintage game gallery wall.

vintage game gallery wall

When we were under stay-at-home orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I ordered paint from Home Depot and took my sweet time waiting for that paint to finally show up painting his room to match the rest of the house.

I won’t lie. I painted his recently completed vintage game gallery wall last because it pained me greatly to take everything off the wall just to paint.

It helps that most of the games are hung from the picture rail, but everything else is hung by Command Strips. I love Command Strips, but I also think they are expensive and I hate wasting them. Removing them to paint and then putting pictures up in the exact same place is my version of Command Strip waste.

Farmhouse Style Boy's Room

The farmhouse style headboard is one that Handy Husband made when we lived in Georgia.

It started out as a trundle bed and we’ve slowly dismantled and repurposed it so that the only parts left are the headboard and footboard. Since we aren’t utilizing the footboard because it is a little too short for the taller bed frame we are using, it should probably be repurposed too.

I finally got this kid his own bedding – not hand-me-down bedding. He’s not super particular about what his room looks like (yet), but he did tell me he really liked his new duvet cover.

I’m just tickled that he knows what a duvet cover is.

Farmhouse Style Boy's Room diy sheet metal USA map

I’m also tickled that he knows his multiplication tables and can make chicken nuggets in the oven.

Have I prepared this kid for the real world or what?

My self delusions are also a sweet, sweet balm on my parental guilt.

The sheet metal map of the USA is one that we made. I know I say all of our DIYs are my favorite. What can I say? I have a lot of favorites!

I’m proud of this one because we took two very basic things (a cork board from Hobby Lobby and a piece of sheet metal) and made something very unique and custom.

The map is magnetic, so he can put his souvenir penny magnets up there. I totally messed up the shape of Louisiana, so don’t look too closely at my mistake. Instead, be like me and embrace the imperfection uniqueness. After all, freehand cutting a map of the USA out of sheet metal is tricky.

Farmhouse Style Boy's Room

Before I end this farmhouse style boy’s room post I have a few confessions to make.

#1: I did not shove a bunch of stuff out of the way to take these pictures. My son’s room is pretty neat (not necessarily clean) most of the time. I take full credit for that next level parenting. Kidding, kidding!

It is neat because he doesn’t really play with toys anymore. He’s more likely to be bouncing a ball, reading a book, doing something outside, or playing on his computer in the office. I do make him pick up any dirty clothes each night before bed and put them in the hamper if he hasn’t already done that.

#2: Soft styling with bedding is not my thing. I have no patience for it. I made the bed and even put a throw pillow on it. That’s right. The throw pillow is for show because my 10-year-old son doesn’t care about throw pillows. You know all my secrets now.

I stepped away for just a minute and came back to find my son sitting IN the bed I just painstakingly made. AGH! However, I ended up liking the messy look better, so that’s how the bed “styling” came to be.

#3: My son DOES have a snake plant in his room. He picked it out himself when I happened to take the kids along on a Home Depot trip to get caulk. We came home with a snake plant and a bonsai tree. This is why I can’t take my kids shopping with me.


I feel happier getting all of that off my chest.

Confession is good for the soul, folks.

Well, that’s a wrap (for now) on this farmhouse style boy’s room. Please don’t hold your breath waiting for me to buy window treatments. It’s probably going to be awhile.

Room Sources

Sheets: I can’t find the exact link, but they are from Target

Duvet Cover: Grey Buffalo Check from Amazon. I like the look and feel of it, but I did get a couple of snags on it after washing it a few times. However, it was only $25 for the queen size, so I’m not surprised.

18 inch bed frame: 18 inches tall so we can store ALL THE THINGS under it. It comes in shorter dimensions too. All of our beds have this bed frame now and it doesn’t require a boxspring. It folds up to make it easy to move too.

Wall Paint: Behr Arcade White

Trim Paint: Behr Bit of Sugar

Rug: Novogratz Villa Collection Sicily Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug from Amazon. I originally purchased this rug for our basement where there was a danger of it getting wet. I have since moved it to our son’s room. Since he doesn’t play on the floor, I don’t care about plushness. I do care about it being indestructible. Any spills can be hosed off!

Chair: Wayfair (but I’ve DIYed the paint job)

Dresser and Bookshelf: Thrifted

Gallery Wall: Thrifted, Collected, Found

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Thanks for being here today! I have fun showing you my home projects and decorating progress. Here are some other posts you might enjoy. 

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      My kids always climb back in their beds to read through out the day, so I’m like “what’s the point?” Ha! As much as I love a pretty picture, I do try to keep things realistic though.

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