• spring-themed teen bedroom

    Spring-Themed Teen Bedroom and a Fun Wall Sconce

    I’m so excited to share a spring-themed teen bedroom refresh with you. Even if you kissed those teenage years goodbye and good riddance a long time ago, there are some ideas in this teen bedroom that you might enjoy for your own home. Here’s how this teen bedroom looked the last time I shared it. Not a boy band poster to be found…thank goodness. When we installed a bedside wall sconce above our son’s headboard, our other kiddo wanted one too. This kiddo’s bedroom doesn’t have any overhead lights, so this was not an outrageous request. In fact, the only light in this room was that bedside lamp on the…

  • mrspetunia etsy shop vintage embroidered pillowcases

    In Praise of Embroidered Pillowcases

    All of a sudden I’m seeing embroidered pillowcases everywhere and I couldn’t be happier about it! We received a set of embroidered pillowcases as a wedding gift over two decades ago. I can’t remember who gave them to me (sorry!) or if they were even handstitched. I always thought those embroidered pillowcases made my bedding look far fancier than it really was. Unfortunately, fancy eventually turned into threadbare because we used those pillowcases so often. I don’t know how many of you learned to hand embroider, but I’d venture to say it was a much more common skill if you go back a couple of generations. Not to put an…

  • nuloom new bedroom rug
    decorating,  colonial farmhouse

    New Bedroom Rug

    My Christmas present was a new bedroom rug and I am OBSESSED. Obsessed might be an over-dramatization of my feelings.  My new bedroom rug does make me smile every time I walk in our bedroom though. I think my heart sighs contentedly too, but I’m not sure if that’s a real thing or just what I imagine my heart doing in there besides, you know, keeping me alive.  The biggest surprise to me (Yes, I can still surprise myself.) is that I chose a rug with some dusty reds in it. I am old enough to have lived through the early 2000s when everyone was painting an accent wall in their home red. I…

  • Tiffany-Style Bedroom Ceiling Fan
    decorating,  colonial farmhouse

    Tiffany-Style Bedroom Ceiling Fan

    We have a new Tiffany-style bedroom ceiling fan and I’m extra excited about it because you all helped me select it! Didn’t know that, did you? Technically, you helped me select a ceiling fan for our music room, but we had old house issues that prevented us from installing the fan in the music room. (Click here to catch up on what we installed in the music room instead.) And I’m being generous with the word “helped” because the ceiling fan votes were evenly split. Since there was no clear ceiling fan winner that just tells me you are an opinionated bunch. I like that. However, it meant I had to put…

  • corkboard ideas Farmhouse Style Boy's Room
    colonial farmhouse,  decorating

    Farmhouse Style Boy’s Room

    I have a farmhouse style boy’s room to show you today! Woo to the hoo! I sure hope you enjoy seeing rooms in my house evolve over time because I don’t think I’m a “grand reveal, this room is finished” kind of gal. I mean, I still haven’t purchased any curtains for our Colonial Farmhouse. You can’t possibly finish a room without window treatments, right? Do you know what else would really finish a room off? Electrical outlets on each wall. Maybe a light switch? But, hey. Let’s not get bogged down in the practicalities. I’d much rather discuss decorating progress in my son’s room. As someone pointed out to…

  • use invisible picture wire to hang a mirror

    Invisible Picture Wire Saves the Day

    Do you ever have one of those “anything is better than nothing” moments? Any seasoning at all would be better than having to eat one more bite of this bland food. A few lunges while I brush my teeth is better than no exercise today! This mint stuck to the bottom of my purse is better than having no mint and bad breath!  Using my husband’s deodorant is better than not using any deodorant at all! Added perk – I can enjoy the manly smell of ‘arctic ice’ coming from my armpits all day long.  I had one of those “anything is better than nothing” moments as it relates to…

  • led candles in a non-working master bedroom fireplace

    LED Candles for the Master Bedroom Fireplace

    Our Colonial Farmhouse has three fireplaces and a wood stove. You’ve already seen the fireplace in our dining room and the one in the living room made an appearance in this post. We aren’t going to talk about the wood stove today because it is the bane of my decorating existence. Today I’m going to show you the fireplace in our master bedroom, which is located directly above the living room. The master bedroom fireplace is not working because our boiler is venting through that chimney. Honestly, we wouldn’t use it even if we could. Can you imagine carrying firewood all the way through the house, up the stairs, down a…