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Built-In Stone Bench Ideas for our Backyard

If I was going to rank backyard landscaping features on their coolness factor, a built-in stone bench around a firepit would be near the top of the list.

Not to mention, it’s an introvert’s type of landscaping. I want you to be comfortable enough, feel welcomed, and have the best time, but I don’t want you to feel so comfortable that you stay forever.


But, seriously, I need my sleep.

We have a spot in our backyard that would be the perfect place to add a built-in stone bench.

In the below photo, it’s the spot to the right of the wood steps.

There’s already a rock wall there.

Sure, it’s crumbling, but we could fix that.

Sure, there are tree stumps in the way, but we could dig those out.

There might be a spot for a firepit too, but we’d have to check building codes before we installed any sort of permanent firepit.

There are usually regulations on how close a firepit can be to a structure.

Every party has a pooper person keeping us safe! Thank goodness.

I found some built-in stone bench inspiration pictures because you know any big project like building rock walls or stone benches and digging out trees stumps is not something I can do alone.

Well, I could, but it would take me three lifetimes and a lot of whining a lot longer than if I had help.

Therefore, I have to convince Handy Husband that a built-in stone bench is a good idea. Even better will be if I can convince him it’s HIS idea so that he takes the project and runs with it.

gregg and ellis landscape designs built in stone bench ideas

(image: Gregg and Ellis Landscape Designs vis Landscaping Network)

He’s already halfway on board with my idea because that rock wall is a point of friction for the weekly lawn maintenance.

He can’t mow too close to the rocks and the tree stumps, so he has to weed whack that area periodically.

This adds time to the weekly lawn maintenance tasks and looks terrible in the in-between times.

grace design associates built in stone bench ideas

(image: Grace Design Associates via Landscaping Network)

What we haven’t decided is if we use the rocks that are already there to start building the space we want or if we relocate the existing rocks to another area and start fresh.

Rest assured, we do not and will not waste rocks.

We have plenty of dry stacked stone walls that always need more rocks.

I don’t know if we’ll end up with a built-in stone bench or if we will just rebuild and tidy up the existing stone wall. I’d be happy with either option because it would be an improvement over what we currently have.
This is a project we’d like to tackle next summer, so there’s plenty of time to angst over it make plans.
Whatever we end up doing I want it to look like that part of our landscaping was always supposed to be here.
I also want to create spaces that draw us outside. After all, there are at least three Goldilocks-type summer evenings in New Jersey that are just right for hanging out outdoors.
I joke. There are more than three. Just not usually in July or August when it is so blasted hot and humid.
How do you feel about built-in stone benches? Love them? Hate them? Are you the Switzerland of stone benches?

P.S. I joked about the firepit, but I really do take fire safety seriously. I lived through a house fire as a kid and am forever grateful that we only lost stuff and not people.

Thanks for being here today to listen to my dream about future landscaping plans! Here are some other posts you might enjoy!
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