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Happy List: #229

Happy first day of October! Welcome to the Happy List!

This week on the blog I shared our not quite fall front porch. I sit out there every morning while the kids wait for the school bus and it is lovely. I also finally shared the photos of our newly painted Carriage House.

If you follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook stories, you’ll know that’s where the project sneak peeks happen because I can’t help myself!

Also, here’s your weekly reminder if you create something I should see, please tag me! I really do love to see what you are making. Instead of the circle of life, it is the circle of creativity.

Now, here’s the Happy List!


I never thought I was allergic to poison oak or poison ivy until we moved to New Jersey. I currently have poison ivy on the insides of my elbows from either hugging Handy Husband or from gathering up his laundry after he’d been clearing brush.

Needless to say, I related to the identity crisis of this poison oak planted!


(image: Toro CartoonCollections.com via Reader’s Digest)


Have you ever walked into a room and forgot what you were going to do?

You aren’t losing your marbles. Well, you might be, but not because of that.

Forgetting what you were going to do when you walk into a room is a phenomenon scientists have been studying. It’s called the Doorway Effect. Basically, it means we were distracted when we set out to do a task, and changing the scenery (i.e. the room) messes with our brain’s memory.

Read more about it in this Science Focus article.

replacing a dog door


It’s not too late to enter Ireland’s International Miniature Dry Stone Wall Building Contest.

You just have to build a mini dry stacked stone wall and post your entry online with the appropriate hashtags or email a photo to the event organizers by October 10, 2021.

You can see the winning entries from last year here. There are categories for families, structures, strength tests, arches, etc. Last year there were a couple of winners from Canada and the U.S.

miniature walling festival on the happy list

(image: Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland)

P.S. I think it is so cool that there is even a Dry Stone Wall Association!


I can’t remember if I’ve shared this yet, but it is worth sharing again.

If your kids need a basic fleece jacket without logos, we’ve been super pleased with the quality of the Amazon Basics fleece jackets for kids.

Our kids can’t wear hoods in school. They can wear hoodies, but the hoods cannot be up. Some schools around us don’t allow hoods at all. Having a light jacket without a hood that feels like a comfy sweatshirt is a nice option to have.

Plus, it is less than $16, so if it gets left at school it’s not the end of the world.

My son wears a size 14 and I ordered him the XXL.

amazon basics boys fleece jacket on the happy list

(image: Amazon)


Photographer Marcella Giulia Pace grouped shots of the moon she’s taken over 10 years into this cool spiral. I love that this is how she captured all the different colors of the moon as seen through the night sky and her camera lens. The colors are not photoshopped.

You can buy prints of this image here!

marcella giulia pace full moon colors fine art america on the happy list

(image: Marcella Giulia Pace via Fine Art America)

If you don’t think this would be great art for at home, how about at the office?

I’d much rather look at something like this at the dentist and doctor’s office than the boring, generic art all of these offices seem to have. It’s like they didn’t even try.


The dog is cute, but look at that painted floor detail!

In the right space, I think this would be fun to do.

This picture is from the 2019 Southern Living Idea House and there are a bunch of ideas to take away from this space.

2019 southern living idea house

(image: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Liz Strong for Southern Living)


As someone who likes to tuck my leg under me while working at a desk, this is such a good idea for an office chair!

I expected it to be a lot more expensive than it is too! That’s saying something because you know I’m cheap thrifty.

pipersong meditation office chair on the happy list

(image: Pipersong)


I’m going to say something potentially controversial.

I like how there is nothing above this fireplace. I think it works because of how the sides of the fireplace are designed and styled.

The kitchen in this home has a wall of cabinetry that I drooled over too.

a 1000x better fireplace via Rue Magazine on the happy list

(image: Photography: Alex Zarour | Stylist: Ethan KotchLead Designer: Patrick Maziarski | Interior Design Firm: A1000xBetter | via Rue Magazine


I’d sit here! Wouldn’t you?

Please notice how the windows are green. I think it totally works in this rustic setting.

More pictures of this show home by Flower Magazine, including a patio design I’d love to incorporate at our house, can be found here.

flower magazine brier field show house on the happy list

(image: Flower Magazine)


“Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” – Alan Alda

Thanks for reading today’s Happy List!

Be good to yourself and others this weekend.

Also, if you submit a stone wall entry for that contest, you’d better tell me about it so I can cheer for you!

I’ll see you back here on Monday.



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