bedroom gallery wall of nature paintings sitting area with gallery wall of nature paintings

Bedroom Gallery Wall of Nature Paintings

Do you have something in your home you look at daily? Perhaps this thing has been fine for months or maybe years and not merely fine, but enjoyable to look at too. Then one day, out of the blue, you look at it and it’s all wrong. Has that happened to you?

As long as that thing isn’t your spouse, I’m pretty sure that’s a normal reaction.

But what do I know?

I didn’t go to school for either psychology or interior design.

The thing that was no longer fine in our home was the painting behind the sitting area in our bedroom.

It wasn’t specifically the painting. It was all of the space around the painting. It was too much space and I was done with it. I can only take so much minimalism before the pendulum over corrects the other way.

Here’s the before picture. It was fine until my brain decided it could be better.

Bedroom Gallery Wall of Nature Paintings before farmhouse sitting area farmhouse style

As fate would have it, the thrifting gods had smiled down on me this particular week and I found not one but two paintings with similar colors as the big painting in the above photo.

The Anton Muller painting shown below was more than I usually spend for a painting of this size, at $15, but Muller happens to be a well known European painter from the 1800s. I don’t think this painting is worth much though because it is not in great shape.

I still love it.

I’d love it even more if it paid for college tuition.

anton muller painting found at a nj thrift store for $15

I don’t rescue buy every painting I see at the thrift store. At least, that’s the story I’m sticking with if Handy Husband ever asks.

However, I have brought home enough of them that I could create a gallery wall above our bedroom seating area.

After some adjusting and a few mutterings of “a little to the left” and one extra nail hole, I had a new gallery wall that I decided I’d be happy to look at for a while.

I don’t want to commit to a precise timeframe because I’ve explained how my brain is subject to change its mind without prior warning. It keeps life interesting.

Bedroom Gallery Wall of Nature Paintings before farmhouse sitting area farmhouse style grey recliners with navy blue curtains

I care about all the walls in my home, but this particular wall is extra special to me. Let’s say that it gets more views than many of the walls in this house.

Not because I sit in those chairs every day. I don’t.

It’s because this is the view from my bed and I love sitting in my bed. It’s the comfiest seat in the house! If I wasn’t trying to be more professional, I’d be typing this blog post from my bed.

Or maybe I am. Who’s going to know?

Bedroom Gallery Wall of Nature Paintings before farmhouse sitting area farmhouse style grey recliners with navy blue curtains

I know a sitting area in a bedroom sounds kind of posh. It’s a big room and a seating area was the best way to fill the space. Plus, it has been practical on those days when everyone is working and schooling from home and I need a place to hide work.

I’m very grateful for it and the new view from my bed.

How do you feel about gallery walls, nature painting, and bedroom seating areas? How often do you change your mind or your decor? I’m sitting down. You can tell me everything. Leave a comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy decorating!

P.S. You might have noticed some orange/red hues in this vignette. I’m leaning into the orange tones of our floors with art, pillows, and accessories and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Room Sources:

(If you click on one of these links and buy anything at all, even toothpaste, it helps me out with a small commission. I can’t see who is buying what and you don’t pay more. You stay anonymous if you use any affiliate link, including mine. Using an affiliate link is a great way to support the blogs you enjoy reading.)

Velvet Curtains in Avalon blue – Can’t say enough good things about these curtains.

Gold Curtain Rod – Have these in 3 different rooms.

Grey Recliners – They are okay. Not the best quality, but good for the price.

Lumbar Faux Leather Pillow Covers

Lamp – thrifted

Art – thrifted

Table – old, Hobby Lobby

Wood Tray – DIY

Throw blanket – old

Gold chest – old

Tray with rocks – thrifted

Planter – old

Thank you for spending part of your day with me. If you’re not ready to go, I invite you to stay for one more blog post or three. I have ten years’ worth! Try one of these.

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