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Wrapped Wheat

I’m going to tell you this straight away. I am not above shamelessly copying someone else’s awesome idea.

Today’s craft was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Michael, at Inspired by Charm. It seems he picked an apropos blog name.

I’ve wanted to wrap wheat stalks with embroidery thread ever since Michael shared the idea last year. But I guess the wheat stalks just haven’t aligned for me. Until now.

Here’s how it went down. Because there’s always a story.

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my daughter off at her painting class, which is in a run-down, kind of deplorable-looking building. This really isn’t all that unusual in Dublin. The only way you know there’s a painting school located in this building is via the sign postcard taped to the door. But, I swear, true artistic genius is being cultivated behind those walls.

Anyway, right outside this art school was a little table filled with pretty potted plants. I thought that was kind of strange, but I’ve never walked past the door with the postcard. On this day, my eagle eye kept traveling up the street and on the other side of this tiny table was a basket of gourds.

A basket of gourds would not impress me if I still lived in the United States. However, it was already a week into October and, in Ireland, the only pumpkin-related items I’d seen so far were the pumpkin spiced latte advertisements at Starbucks. I was ready for something pumpkin-ish and gourds would do!

That basket of gourds (which were already rotting, by the way) led me to a teeny, tiny 8-ft. wide flower shop. In that shop, I landed on a gold mine and I’m pretty sure the lady jacked the prices because I had stars in my eyes and “sucker” written on my forehead.

I paid $2.20 (2 euro) for a little white pumpkin/gourd and $3.30 (3 euro) for a small bunch of wheat.

I’m not actually sure the wheat was for sale. I got the impression she just brought it out seasonally, but never expected to sell it until the mad (aka crazy) American walked in.

I think we both came away winners in this exchange.

I proudly carried my wheat and my gourd home without damaging either. In a proud parenting moment, I shooed my children off to play Minecraft while I dug out my stash of embroidery thread.

I don’t know where to buy embroidery thread here, so I’m thankful I had hoarded these little bundles of delight.

After that, it was as easy as wrapping the thread around the wheat stem and securing the end with a dab of glue!

I do love an easy craft project.

I like that this is a bit of decor that I can keep out until the Christmas decorations go up.

And if fall colors aren’t your thing, you could easily wrap the wheat in whatever colors suit your fancy while still giving a nod to the autumn season. There are no rules here!

After my book pumpkin fiasco, I’m happy to have redeemed myself with this wrapped wheat. I’m so thankful to Inspired by Charm for this fun idea! Definitely check out his site – it is overflowing with amazing recipes and all sorts of fun home decor projects.

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