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    St. Patrick’s Day and the Kindness of the Irish

    You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day from home today by joining Dublin’s virtual celebration. It might not be as exciting as celebrating St. Patrick’s Day along the banks of the River Liffey with hundreds of thousands of other people (did that twice!), but it will be safe!  The best part of Ireland is, BY FAR, the Irish people. Since many of you were not blog readers when we moved to Ireland for Handy Husband’s work, I thought I’d re-share the dramatic and funny story of how I left the U.S. and flew to Dublin with the kids in tow. Here you go…Our first week in Ireland has been a WHIRLWIND. Apparently, the motto…

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    Watercolor Wood Easter Eggs

    Did you like dyeing Easter Eggs as a kid? I sure did! I’ve come up with the adult version of this in the form of Watercolor Wood Easter Eggs and the best part is they won’t turn rotten will last for years to come. Get ready to channel your inner artistic kid because this Easter craft is so satisfying!   Best of all, there’s no right or wrong for making Watercolor Wood Easter Eggs. You want to mix colors? Do it. You want to super saturate the colors? Do it. You want to make a huge mess while coloring eggs? Do it…BUT! You’re going to have to clean that up yourself because your mama isn’t going to…

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    Happy List: #204

    Welcome to the Happy List! For most of us in the U.S., we get to move the clocks ahead this weekend. That means more daylight in the evening and I am here for it!  This week I shared my Board Game Coasters and my hack for adding brass leg tips to furniture! If you missed those posts, I’ll wait right here while you catch up.  If you aren’t following along with us on Instagram or Facebook, that’s where all the spontaneous projects occur! Last weekend a boring wallpaper removal project quickly spiraled into us finding out that we have a brick exterior wall…or at least a partial brick exterior wall.  Now, here is the…

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    DIY Wood Stool With Brass Leg Tips

    I have the best furniture hack to share with you today on how to DIY a wood stool with brass leg tips. This is going to be a semi-handmade DIY project. Those are one of my favorite type of projects because not everything needs to be created from scratch. Better yet, no power tools were used in this project. Shocking, I know! I started with a pair of unfinished 18-inch wood stools. This is my first time purchasing unfinished furniture and this is what arrived – a total blank slate.  The wood stools received two coats of black stain with poly. I just happened to have a can of black stain with poly mixed in, so…

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    Board Game Coasters

    Need a cool way to repurpose old board games? Turn them into board game coasters! We probably all have at least one board game that is missing pieces for whatever reason. I’m blaming the kids or maybe the vacuum. Either way, it’s hard to play a board game that’s missing pieces and it’s not helpful to donate a board game that is missing pieces.  It also feels really terrible to even think about throwing one away. I don’t need that type of guilt in my life!  Instead of throwing that board game away, turn the actual game board into coasters. The board game coasters you’ll be making won’t last forever since they are a paper…

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    Happy List: #203

    Welcome to this week’s Happy List. Whether you are a regular reader or new to this blog, I am glad you are here. This week on the ol’ blog I shared a wood bowl makeover. A little bit of sanding goes a long way toward updating wood thrift store bowls. I also shared an easy St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece that you can enjoy the entire month of March because it won’t go bad! Once again, here is my shameless plug for you to join me on Instagram or Facebook. I love to connect with you here and there. Please keep in mind that I’m better about responding to Instagram messages over Facebook…

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    Simple St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece

    St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and if you are celebrating at home this year, I have a simple St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece idea for you. All you need for this St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece are some mini Irish flags, clear glass vase(s), rice, and lentils. To make this St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece your are going to put mini Irish flags into clear vases or milk bottles filled with dried goods in the color of the Irish flag. The Irish flag is in color order green, white, and orange. For this example I’ve filled the vase with green mung beans, white rice, and orange lentils. Dried split peas…

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    Wood Bowl Makeover

    Keep an eye out for cheap wood bowls at thrift stores because with a quick wood bowl makeover you’ll have something that looks like a million bucks. I should say quick-ish makeover. Time is all relative, but this wood bowl makeover should take less than an hour. All you need is a wood bowl with a terrible finish and a sander. I found this wavy, wood bowl at the thrift store for $1. It makes me ridiculously excited that I can still find things for a buck. I was relatively confident that a pretty wood grain was hiding underneath that heavily-glazed, orange finish. All I needed to do was sand…

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    Happy List: #202

    Hello! Welcome to this week’s Happy List! I’m glad you are here. This week was a fun one on the blog! At least it was a fun one for me because I love sharing projects! I wrote about a vinyl tile pedestal stand we created and a glazed terracotta pot makeover. Both of those DIY projects get a lot of daily use around these parts. Once again, here is my shameless plug for you to join me on Instagram or Facebook. I love to connect with you here and there. Please keep in mind that I’m not on Facebook much, but I am all over those Instagram messages. Now, here’s the Happy List. Enjoy!STATEMENT MAKING…

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    Glazed Terra-Cotta Pot Makeover

    Have you ever done a glazed terra-cotta pot makeover? I haven’t either…until now. *insert dramatic music here* I found a glazed terra-cotta pot at a thrift store for $10. It is huge, almost 18 inches tall, and it was begging for a makeover. Begging. You can see the potential, right? This is not one of those situations where I’m going to slap mud on a vase to make it look like authentic earthenware. I already had authentic earthenware. It was just hiding under some painted on flowers and swirly things. My plan for this glazed terra-cotta pot makeover was simple. I was just going to paint it. Easy breezy. However,…