vintage woven basket plant stand

The Charm of a Woven Basket Plant Stand

I recently became acquainted with the charm of a woven basket plant stand in the dark, dusty corner of an antique mall and I haven’t stopped gushing about it since I brought it home.

I’m not joking.

It’s my new favorite thing and you need this type of simple joy in your life too.

woven basket plant stand farmhouse fireplace

I fully acknowledge that the charm of this particular woven basket plant stand is multi-faceted.

First, I got a screaming deal. The basket did not have a price tag on it. The store worker had to call the owner of this particular antique booth to get a price. When she reported back to me that the basket was $10, I tried to play it cool.

Tried so hard.

I think I dramatically sighed and said in my best play-it-cool voice, “Okay. Thanks.”

But inside I was experiencing the euphoria of a dopamine rush because I would have paid way more than $10 for that basket. (Okay, not way more. Maybe $20 more.)

It goes without saying that I quickly paid for my basket and left before they could change their mind.

Second, this woven basket plant stand is large. It’s around 2-feet tall and the basket opening is 18-inches access. I didn’t have a plant, at the time, that was large enough to go in this basket.

In fact, I briefly toyed with the idea that this woven basket plant stand would make THE COOLEST trash can for our office. Unfortunately, my kitchen garbage sacks weren’t big enough to go around the opening of the basket. Whomp, whomp.

In retrospect, I suppose I could still make this dream happen by placing a smaller round trash can inside the basket.

woven basket plant stand farmhouse dining room

The third reason why this woven basket plant stand is so charming is that it is vintage and therefore not something everyone will have. I love to decorate my home with items that feel unique. Plus, I enjoy the heck out of giving new life to old things.

How do I know the basket is vintage? Just because something is for sale in an antique shop does not necessarily make it “old.” Trust, but verify.

I do not know the actual age of this basket, but it felt like a safe bet to guess that it’s more than 20 years old.

I could not find anyone selling it online, so that’s a good sign that it’s not being currently being produced. It also didn’t have any markings from a factory overseas, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t mass-produced.

Once I cleaned the basket up, I realized it is stamped on the inside with the name of the maker in North Carolina. Unfortunately, I can read everything on this stamp except the name.

handcrafted in the hills of north carolina woven basket plant stand

Maybe someone who knows the person who made this basket will someday see this blog post and know that I am in awe of their craftsmanship. Perhaps they’ll even tell me what the original intended use of the basket is because it might not have been as a plant stand!

This woven basket plant stand has been making its way around my house. I tend to move plants around, so this is not surprising.

Plus, it makes me happy every time I see it adding warmth and texture to a new spot.

If you want to DIY a Woven Basket Plant Stand using an existing basket, Kate from Centsational Style has a great tutorial. You should check it out! I’m itching to do this for my own home.

diy woven basket plant stands centsational style

(image: Centsational Style)

If you want to buy a Woven Basket Plant Stand, I found a few non-vintage options for you to check out. All of these options made me smile.

Why limit the charm of a woven basket plant stand to just one when Wayfair sells them in a group of three? I’d probably stain the legs on these a different color.

wayfair corrigan studio broviak woven basket plant stand(image: Wayfair)

We can split hairs about the type of basket (woven or not?) in this next photo, but I like these!

This two-piece set is also from Wayfair.

abraham wicker woven basket plant stand wayfair

(image: Wayfair)

Also, Walmart is coming in strong with this woven basket plant stand from their Better Homes and Gardens brand. It might be my favorite of the bunch.

better homes and gardens woven basket plant stand walmart

(image: Walmart)

Have I convinced you yet of the charm of a woven basket plant stand?

Or have you already been enjoying the magic of one in your own home? I’d love to know. You can email me here or reach out on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy planting!

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