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Halloween Ceramic Crocks

I had an epiphany tonight while sitting on the floor with a skein of yarn in one hand and a hot glue gun in the other.

It struck me that I do indeed have an approach or methodology to decorating my home.

I call it Hail Mary Decorating.

That’s right, folks. Hail Mary Decorating. It is the not-at-all scientific way of throwing something together, setting it up on a wish and a prayer and hoping that it works. Sometimes it does. Other times? Not so much.

I’m sure someone at HGTV just dropped everything to call me about this decorating methodology.

While I sit here waiting for the call to go through, let’s talk about my awesome cream and blue ceramic crocks. They actually “came with” our house in Oregon. I was shocked and delighted that the previous owner had left them behind.

See them down there?
Well, I’m having a little Halloween fun with these shelves and the blue stripe on the crocks wasn’t working for me.

It was all cheeriness and country. I wanted something a little more neutral, moody and monochromatic.

So, that’s where the Hail Mary and the black yarn came in.

Oh, and I had a chalkboard label from Target’s Dollar Spot too. I KNEW those would come in handy someday! That’s what I say about everything that falls in my cart from Target.
halloween-crock2Here’s how I temporarily transformed my crocks. I used a dab of hot glue to secure a strand of black yarn to the back of the crock. Here’s where it got really technical. I then wrapped the yarn around and around the crock until the blue stripe was covered. It was an exhausting 30 seconds of crafting. 😉

The stripe on the crock’s lid was a little trickier and I tried a couple of different methods. (Sometimes the Hail Mary approach ends up with an embarrassing fumble.) In the end, I just started wrapping the yarn around the lid beginning with the handle. I secured the yarn with hot glue as I went to cover that blue stripe. It didn’t need to be super secure because it only has to last 26 more days.

My “Hail Mary” inspiration strikes at inconvenient times, so I was doing this project and taking pictures at night. The lighting and, therefore, the pictures were not going to be great. I thought about waiting until the next day to snap some photos, but there’s been a dreary cloud hanging over Atlanta this week and the lighting inside my house was not going to improve no matter the time of day.

While all of this pointless “noise” was filtering around in my head, my two kids had taken my yarn scraps and were busy making their own crafts. Pretty soon they were cutting up plastic straws and had assembled quite the menagerie of crafty items. Peppercorns for eyes anyone?

They didn’t need my help, but every minute or two I’d hear a “come look at my house, mama!” I made a conscious decision to stop what I was doing and get up off the floor each time to see their progress. They were so eager and proud and excited about their creations. How could I spoil their fun? If you want to know what a pretty happy home looks like – it was that series of moments. My happy cup runneth over. I hope yours does too.

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