Living in Ireland: Christmas in Retail 2017

We are counting down the days until we celebrate our second Christmas living in Ireland!

Last year I didn’t know what to expect as far as the holidays go and I was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone – including retailers – really get into the Christmas spirit here. This makes sense given the heavy Catholic influence in Ireland.

There is no “buffer holiday” between Halloween and Christmas in Ireland, so the holiday decorations starting going up in early November. As an example of how early festivities start, the tree lighting event in our town was on November 18. Santa arrived on a Harley Davidson (why not?) to turn on the town’s Christmas lights. Then there was a fireworks show, which we watched from the pier along the bay. It was pretty fantastic!

Retailers get in on the action too. They don’t miss an opportunity! Perhaps it is no surprise then that Black Friday IS a thing here. It came to the U.K. and Ireland not too many years ago due, in large part, to the influence of American retailers. It happens on Thanksgiving weekend, just like in the U.S.

Today, as I did last year, I am sharing some pictures of Christmas in Irish retail. Mainly just storefronts because I avoid actually going IN stores for holiday shopping as much as possible.

These pictures were taken on my daily commute around South Dublin. The lighting and conditions are less than ideal. Terribly, really. So, in the spirit of the season, please forgive the quality of the images and ALL the window glare!

Come along on my walk…

Here’s a children’s clothing retailer riffing on the magic of the season.

Right next door is a men’s clothing store giving me ALL THE PANIC.

You’ll see why…

Really, people? Really? That typo made me hightail it out of town the mall!

Kidding, but I did leave town to get pictures of the Blarney Woollen Mills during our visit to Blarney Castle.

This is the largest gift shop in Ireland according to their sign.

If I’m going to be in a store this is the type I’d choose!

The Christmas decorations were among the best I’ve seen this year.

The store had a mixture of high-end clothing and home goods coupled with your traditional souvenir tchotchkes.

Closer to home, here’s the sidewalk outside of a cute flower shop.

I see this every Wednesday when I drop my daughter off for her painting class.

An outdoor retailer opened a new location near us and this is their Christmas display.

It’s been quite cold lately in Dublin, so I’m sure their business is hopping!

I’m pretty sure I shared this one last year, but it’s just such a sweet window.

The animals all move and the kids love it.

This cafe is never open when I walk by early in the morning.

That’s a shame because look at their tree!

You know I’d like to make one!

Handy Husband is a little bah-humbug on the idea. He says things like, “what would we do with it?” And I say, “hang all of our leather flipflop keychains let’s not worry about the details.”

Here’s one of the windows from the bookstore, Eason.

Eason is like the Barnes and Noble of bookstores in the U.K. and Ireland. This is also where you buy things like office and school supplies.

Even thrift stores get in the Christmas spirit. This one is run by St. Vincent de Paul.

There is not one dominant thrift store retailer like Goodwill or Savers in Ireland. Instead, every single charity runs a tiny thrift store. I might have to write more about that at some point.

I also shared this storefront window last year. I just love what this high-end women’s clothing shop does to decorate for Christmas.

You can see a very nice reflection of a church in the window too. These pictures…oh well.

I’m not exactly sure what this place does, but they sure like cold weather creatures.

Not a storefront, but the best use of a trash can I’ve seen in awhile!

Also, they call them bins instead of cans. So, a garbage truck is a bin lorry.

I love the use of greenery on the front of this cafe.

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but they have blankets on each of those barstools so you can wrap up while you drink your latte. I like small touches like that.

As I finished typing this post, I looked up and IT WAS SNOWING! Teeny tiny flakes, but it was snow! That counts. Being right on the Irish Sea with moderate temperatures, it is really hard for it to snow in Dublin.

My kids are at school and I just hope they got to see it. It lasted maybe 10 minutes and, of course, did not stick. My son put a wish for snow on the wishing tree at a local church last week and he would be so happy to see his wish come true.

P.S. If you want to see last year’s Living in Ireland: Christmas in Retail post, click here.

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Happy List: #50

Does anyone else still have holiday boxes and decor strewn EVERYWHERE around their home?

I’m seeing homes beautifully decorated for Christmas ALL OVER social media and I’m like, “Hey! Is this a candy cane from last year?”


The tree is up though. It’s halfway decorated. As is the mantel. I made some wreaths and I keep moving them around because I can’t decide where I want them. I just liked making them!

So, basically, I’ve totally got it together in the holiday decorating department.

On a less melodramatic note, on Monday I shared our trip to Blarney Castle! I’m glad we finally made it over there. On Wednesday I wrote about the facelift we gave our wood dining room chairs without the help of power tools. They look so much better!

Here’s what’s on the Happy List this week!


I’m still a sucker for a cute craft!

This one looks like an ornament you’d find in a store. The idea and step-by-step directions can be found at Lia Griffith.

(image: Lia Griffith)


I know friends who are remodeling and I’m just over here living vicariously through their process! It’s so neat to see all of their ideas come to life!

If I ever do another remodel I would love to incorporate some hide-the-tech functionality into the home.

Like hidden outlets.

Or a full-on charging drawer complete with a power strip.

Since I like clear counters and pretty backsplashes, I can see the appeal of a pop-up outlet.

This idea would be extremely helpful in desk design too.

All images from Houzz .


Guys! I have this asymmetrical zip-up hoodie by Tom’s Ware in red and teal and I LOVE THEM TO PIECES.

It’s like a sweatshirt, but I feel all put together when I’m wearing it. I have the navy one in my Amazon cart right now as a hint to Handy Husband.

I’m 5’9″, a size 8 and I wear the hoodie in a U.S. medium which gives me wiggle room to wear layers underneath of it. (That whole sentence made me feel weird, by the way.) The hoodie is $34.99 at the moment.

By the way, I’ve washed these hoodies on cold, but I’ve never put them in the dryer. Hang dry only.


Ricotta probably makes these cookies a little healthier, right? Yeah. Probably not.

However, these cookies from Giada De Laurentiis still look awesome.

And a nice break from the traditional holiday cookie. Maybe I should make them this weekend?

(image: Food Network)


Generally speaking, I don’t think hallways add much in terms of aesthetics to a home.

Unless THIS is your hallway.

I love it all.

(image: Studio McGee)


Now for a little break from home stuff to get our learning on! This is a well-rounded blog. Ha!

The antipodes of any place on the Earth is the point on the Earth’s surface which is diametrically opposite to it. So, if you were to start digging a hole straight through the Earth, where would you end up?

My parents always asked if we were digging a hole to China. Turns out they should have asked if we were digging a hole to the Indian Ocean. Ha!

There’s a website called Antipodes Map that lets you find the antipodes of any place on Earth.

I told my daughter’s teacher about this tool and they’ve already used the website during geography class.

This is a fun way to learn something new about geography! Even for us adults who’ve been out of school for a really, really, really long time.


I have never been to the Swiss Alps, but can you imagine being there and seeing 2,600 Santas?

According to this article by The Daily Mail that’s just what happened this week to open the ski season at Verbier. The pictures of this event just made me smile!

I mean look at this…

(image: EPA via Daily Mail)


How in the world do I get a railing like this? Who makes these? And how many of my first-born would it cost?

This photo is from a place in Poland called Villa 11 Folk & Design.

(image: Agoda)

Here’s the view of the railing from the outside. The inside of this place is equally amazing.

Who wants to go with me?!?!

(image: Agoda)


If you have a few wine corks lying around *I won’t mention any names* this would be a super cute and easy craft.

All the details and more ideas on how to display these trees are at Live Laugh Rowe.

Image: Simple Wine Cork Trees! Perfect for holiday dinner favors or a simple addition to your holiday decor. Tutorial at


Have you EVER seen a more amazing tree stand? Nope. You haven’t because this is the tree stand to end all tree stands.

If you want to see more beautiful pictures from Hollie at Artful Homestead, be sure and check out her Instagram feed.

Anyone have holiday plans for the weekend? We actually have a low-key weekend planned, so I’ll have plenty of time to finish up this Christmas tree decorating thing.

But maybe I should just make cookies instead…

Happy Friday!

*affiliate link to Amazon included in this post

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Refinish Wood Chairs Without Power Tools

That’s right! We did indeed refinish our wood dining chairs without the help of power tools!

I know what you’re thinking.

No. We are not gluttons for punishment. Well, not in this case, anyway.

Have we lost our marbles? Possibly a few of them, but not from this project.

Refinishing the chairs was less of a big deal than I thought it was going to be. This is often the case with things I procrastinate on doing, by the way.

Since we only refinished the seats and left the legs and backs alone, the process didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Thank goodness – since we use these chairs every single day. 

As you can see, our dining table and chairs are not a matched set. I like to call them coordinating.

Over time, the chair seats became more and more orange-toned. This was especially evident after I refinished the dining table 2 years ago. (see above photo)

In addition to the orange color, the finish was starting to wear in places.

This didn’t surprise me at all. The chairs are AT LEAST 15 years old and have moved with us 6 or 7 times, so it was past time for a cosmetic refresh.

Here you can see just how orange the finish was compared to the wood’s natural color after I started sanding.

Normally, I’d use a power sander to tackle this project. I’ve used this one in the past.

However, as I may have mentioned one or a million times, we sold our power tools when we moved to Ireland. The plugs won’t work here! We have been hesitant to buy a bunch of new tools that require electricity because our visas have to be renewed each year. That leaves us feeling a bit unsettled. I don’t want to procure a bunch of stuff that I can only use here when our status still feels so temporary.

So we refinished the wood chairs the old-fashioned way – by hand! The process is so simple, even a kid can help.

To refinish your chairs by hand you are going to need sandpaper in varying grits, stain or a polycrylic protective finish and a paint brush. Also helpful: rags, vacuum or broom, sanding block and gloves.

Here are the steps we used to refinish the wood chairs:

Step 1: Use A LOT of Elbow Grease
Start by sanding the existing finish off each chair moving in the direction of the grain using the coarsest grit sandpaper you have.

Sandpaper grit is determined by a number. The lower the number the coarser the sandpaper. I started with the coarsest sandpaper I had, 60-grit, and worked up to 100-grit and then 220-grit.

Sandpaper is often sold in sheets approximately 9×11 inches in size that you’ll end up cutting down to the size you need. I was using leftover sandpaper that goes with an electric sander, which is why mine is red-colored and looks like a perfect square. No wasting around here!

If you don’t have a sanding block, you can wrap the sandpaper around any wood block. That’s what we did. This will help you get more surface area traction. For the nooks and crannies though, you’ll probably end up ditching the sanding block and just wrapping the sandpaper around your fingers. Wearing gloves can be helpful for this part to protect your fingers from any unwanted ‘exfoliation.’

Step 2:  Just Keep Sanding, Just Keep Sanding

However, the gloves need to come off in order for you to feel how smooth the wood is getting. We use a handheld broom or vacuum to remove the dust as we go to constantly assess if the wood is smooth enough to stop sanding. I may or may not say, “please let it be now” an awful lot during this process.

As the finish is removed, you can switch to a higher numbered sandpaper. Now you’re in the fine tuning process of removing any grooves left by the rougher sandpaper and just getting the wood as smooth as possible.

Remember, you’re going to be sitting on these chairs – you don’t want snags and rough bits!

Step 3: Apply Stain or Clear Coat

I decided the natural wood of the chairs was what I wanted to see, so I opted not to use a stain. Instead, I applied a water-based polycrylic clear protective finish to the chair seats.

The process is pretty much the same though. First, I used a damp rag to remove any dust from the chairs and let them dry. Then I applied two thin coats of the poly with a paint brush. Three might have been better, but I was living on the edge. The polycrylic may look milky in the can, but it dries clear.

I did do a quick buff with the 220-grit sandpaper between the coats of polycrylic taking care to wipe any additional dust off when I was finished. Again, just trying to make sure the seats were as smooth as possible.

I was careful to read the directions on the can of polycrylic to make sure I allowed for the proper amount of drying time between coats. My results always tend to be better when I follow the manufacturer’s instructions! Imagine that?

Step 4: Enjoy the Finished Result

Of course I waited until the darkest days of winter to try and get photos of the chairs, but as you can see, they are no longer orange-ish!

We’ve been using the refinished chairs for a couple of months now and they are holding up beautifully to the constant use of our family! This is important because kids spill things all. the. time.

As I was assessing this project, I realized that even if I had my electric sander, I would have sanded parts of the seats by hand due to the grooves for your tush.

Also, this was a team project. Handy Husband jumped in to help and it’s a good thing he did. He’s MUCH more of a perfectionist than I am, so I credit how well the chairs turned out to having his help with the sanding. Between the two of us, it took about 2 hours to sand down the seats of 4 chairs. Not too bad!

I maybe spent another hour, not including drying time, applying the polycrylic.

For 3 hours of time and less than 20 bucks, this was a project that was a no-brainer to tackle – even without power tools.

My chairs still don’t match my table perfectly. After all, they are made of different types of wood. The important thing is I’m so much happier with how they look now. I hope my experience encourages you to try refinishing your chairs – either by hand or with power tools – too.

P.S. If you want to read about how we refinished the dining room table, click here.

*affiliate links to Amazon used in this post

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Visiting Ireland: Kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle

I finally kissed the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle! Cross that one off the Travel Bucket List!

According to legend, I should be exceptionally eloquent now…but, I think I’m still waiting for the ol’ magic to kick in. Oh well.

Our family visited Blarney Castle on a cold, rainy November day. It was fantastic! Truly.

I could have done without the rain, but then it wouldn’t be Ireland!


The original Blarney Castle was a wooden structure dating back to the 10th century. It’s long since gone. The stone castle you will see on your visit is the third structure on the site and it was built by Cormac McCarthy, King of Munster, in 1446.

There are many theories about the origin and history of the Blarney Stone most of which have been debunked. Among those is the legend castle management seems to promoting, which is that the Blarney Stone is half of the Stone of Scone given as a thank you to Cormac McCarthy.

What is the Stone of Scone? Well, it’s a real thing and is also known as the Stone of Destiny. It was last used in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. It would be cool if this connection to the Blarney Stone was true, but that’s part of the fun of legends. No one really knows.

But how did kissing the Blarney Stone become a thing? Well. That also has many theories. The folks at the castle believe a witch revealed the stone’s power. Once folks knew the stone had ‘power’ it was only a matter of time before people started puckering up, right?

While the historical references are a little mushy, there appears to be evidence starting in the 18th century of people kissing the stone to receive it’s power of eloquence. This is also known as the gift of gab or ability to flatter.

One of the most famous people to kiss the Blarney Stone was Winston Churchill in 1912. This was before safeguards were in place and he had to be dangled by his ankles in order to kiss the stone! Churchill later became known as one of the great orators of the 20th century. Seems like the Blarney Stone magic at work to me.

Kissing the Blarney Stone Takes EFFORT:

The Blarney Stone, if it does have power, was sure placed in an inconvenient spot to receive said powers.

It’s located at the very tippy top of the castle in the parapet. Do you know what a parapet is? It is the wall around the roof of a structure. Just imagine the roof is still there…

That’s right, you’re headed for the roof of a castle built 600 years ago. In my amateur opinion, people in the 1440s must have been a heck of a lot more nimble than their present day counterparts. Or way less worried about falling…concussions…broken bones…etc.

As you’re walking up and up and UP the uneven stone steps to the parapet, your handrail is a rope. I’m guessing that’s an upgrade from the 1400s.

When you’re at the top of the castle, you get in line to kiss the Blarney Stone. Or visit in November and there probably won’t be a line.

To kiss the stone you’re going to lay down on your back, reach your hands backwards behind you to grab railings attached to the parapet, tip your head backwards and kiss the wall where the Blarney Stone is located. Approximately half of your body is going to be hanging off into the abyss. Don’t worry. There are a couple of more iron bars and an Irish dude to keep you from falling to your death.

It’s really not that bad. I totally let my kids do it.

Yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone too and I didn’t feel unsafe at all.

But perhaps it was better that I didn’t see how it looks from the ground until I was finished.

If your husband forgets to take a picture of you locking lips with one of the world’s least hygienic tourist attractions, don’t worry. There’s another guy operating the big ol’ camera that’s taking your souvenir photo.

While kissing the Blarney Stone was great fun or craic as they say in Ireland, it was a wee bit anticlimactic. There’s really no soaking in the moment. The staff manning the Blarney Stone had seen this a million times. While they were super nice, they were definitely in assembly line mode calling “next!” right after one person had finished. 

I’m definitely glad I did it though! No regrets!

Experiencing the Castle:

When you’ve finished kissing the Blarney Stone, the walk down is a bit easier. There’s a handrail instead of a rope. So that’s something.

You’re going to be thankful for modern medicine if you do fall on these steps though.

Your tour of the castle is self-guided. You can step out of the stairwell to visit various rooms in the castle on your way up and down. At different points around the castle educational placards are set-up so you can learn about the castle’s history.

I have to admit, I did not spend as much time reading this information as I would have liked because I was focused on the kids and making sure they were being careful. Later that night I had to do some Googling to catch up on what I missed.

Castle Grounds:

While the castle itself might not knock your socks off IF you’ve seen a bunch of castles, the experience is unlike any other you’re going to get in Ireland because of the Blarney Stone.

However, where we spent the most time and were continually delighted at every turn was on the castle grounds.

For instance, they have a Poison Garden. All those nasty plants that kill people in books and movies like nightshade and foxglove – they are growing them. My kids were FASCINATED.

The adults spent a fair amount of time deciding if a) the cage over the cannabis plant was going to do any good and b) if the cannabis plant was actually real. (It’s in the cage on the upper right corner of the below photo.)

Another neat spot on the grounds is the Rock Close. It is a ‘magical place’ that may have been the site of druid worship back in the day. It was pure fun to explore the Wishing Steps, the Witch’s Kitchen, a boardwalk, unique rock formations and more in this area.

Remember, we were exploring in the rain and for the most part were distracted by our surroundings to worry too much about the weather. So maybe it was kind of magical!

I did have to dry the kids’ socks out at the B&B where we stayed when we were done though!

There’s also a small cave on the grounds to explore! It’s called the Badger’s Cave and it was originally a secret escape route out of the castle. How cool is that?

This is the view looking out from the cave’s entrance on the day we visited.

For a full list of gardens and other things to see on the 60 acres of castle grounds, click here.

When to Visit:
The castle is open year-round except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

In late November, when we visited, the grounds were still gorgeous and we walked right up to the stone. No waiting.

Unofficially, our B&B host said lines to kiss the Blarney Stone can be HOURS long during peak tourist season, such as August. I would not have waited hours to kiss the stone. I don’t have that level of patience in me.

It is a little bit cheaper (savings of one euro as of November 2017) for adults to buy tickets online.

Kids 7 and under are free. Family tickets are available.

Audio guides are available for purchase.

How to Get There:
This is one of the times when visiting Ireland that a car would be helpful.

However, the castle is only 8km from Cork, so a cab ride would be approximately 15 euro from the Cork City Center. That’s an estimate from the MyTaxi app, so don’t hold me to that quote.

Here are the directions from the Blarney Castle website.

On-Site Amenities:
The castle gift shop was one of the better ones I’ve visited. We came away with a little luck from Ireland.

However, just on the other side of Blarney Village from the castle is the largest gift shop in Ireland, Blarney Woollen Mills. It was amazing!! I don’t say that lightly. It had a combination of high-end clothing, some home goods, jewelry and then your regular souvenirs. I only tell you this so you don’t spend all your euros in one spot.

There’s also a cafe on the castle grounds and when we were there a separate coffee cart was open as well.

Kissing the Blarney Stone with Kids:

I called to verify this after our visit and the rules say kids 8 and up can kiss the Blarney Stone. The staff on duty did ask my 7-year-old how old he was, but let him proceed. I guess we lucked out? We didn’t know the age limit when we went.

It’s a height issue more than anything, I think, since you are hanging over a semi-open space with some iron rails for protection. He was tall enough to kiss the wall with help (as you can see the man has a tight hold on him), but not tall enough to bend backward far enough to reach the actual stone. He doesn’t know the difference though. No one tell him!

If you’re unsure about whether or not your kids will be able to kiss the Blarney Stone, definitely ask before you go up to avoid any disappointment.

From a safety standpoint in the castle itself, I was definitely the “HOLD THE HANDRAIL” police. You’re climbing up near vertical, uneven steps holding onto a rope. You need to be able to exercise caution. It would not be my personal preference to do that with a toddler in tow or carrying a baby. Going down is still very steep, but there is an actual handrail instead of a rope.

Just remember, this castle was not built for tourists. It was built as an actual home and fortress in the 15th century. Treating the experience with respect, appreciation and caution is a good learning experience – for all of us.

Would I Recommend Visiting Blarney Castle?

Yes! If you are going to be in the Cork area, then I’d definitely recommend visiting Blarney Castle. The visit, on the whole, offered something that we hadn’t experienced yet.

However, if you have limited time in Ireland, then there are other locations that I’d prioritize first. As small as the country is, it’s impossible to do everything in just a week’s time.

Last, but not least, I am happy – thrilled actually – to leave you with this photographic gem of me kissing the Blarney Stone. See? I do show up on the blog every once in awhile!

Still waiting for that eloquence though…

More information about Blarney Castle can be found on their site.

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Moving Tips to Keep You Sane

My #1 Moving Tip

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Happy List: #49

Well, hello to you and December too!

It’s good to be back blogging this week, but we really enjoyed our time with friends over Thanksgiving! I’ll tell you about the new places we visited in Ireland soon.

This week I shared a list of board games we’ve been playing together as a family. These are games that EVEN ME as a non-game player enjoy.

Wednesday was the third installment in the Would I Make It Again series featuring Apple Fritter Muffins. If you like Apple Fritters or are curious about what I would do if a muffin gets stuck in the pan, I suggest reading that post.

Here’s what’s on the Happy List this week.


I know it’s getting a little late to talk about advent calendars, but that’s how I roll.

I love the simplicity of this block advent calendar from the Hearth and Hand Collection at Target. This would be a neat DIY project too if you were handy with a saw.

I’m really mentioning advent calendars today because I found one for ME! The truth comes out…

A Jam Advent Calendar with 1 ounce jars of jam by Bonne Maman. That’s seriously my idea of the perfect gift.

My first choice is to make freezer jam. However, if I’m going to buy jam, I actually enjoy this brand which is available in several countries, including the U.S. I have some in my refrigerator right now. Blueberry and black cherry are my favorite flavors.


Ashley from The Handmade Home has another amazing free printable for you to download.

While it definitely works for the holidays, I think this is one you could use all year.

Print this up and frame it for a friend, teacher or family member and it would make a great gift too. The Handmade Home has an online shop full of other goodies for your home (and clothing too).

(image: The Handmade Home)


Laura from DustToDesigns does this chalkboard art with regular chalk. Can you believe it?

I think I need to start practicing…


Robert Downey Jr. bought the DeRose Windmill House in the Hamptons, which was originally built in the 1800s.

Hooked on Houses has a great article showing what the house used to look like based on online listing photos and what the house looks like now from its feature in Architectural Digest.

The differences are WILD. This remodeled kitchen with its colorful tile is one of the tamer (trying to think of a word to describe the house is hard) parts of the house.

(both images: Architectural Digest via Hooked on Houses)


If you need some stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift ideas, here are a few I’ve seen floating around Amazon lately.

For the music lover: cooking spoon Set MIX STIX

For the cyclist: Bicycle Pizza Cutter

For the cabin-y type: Toothpick Chalet

For the person who likes things just so: Perfectionist Cutting Board

For the cat lover: Meow Bag Ties

For the bird lover or person who just likes happy scissors: Toucan Kitchen Shears

For the wine drinker: Christmas Wine Charm Set


This is why talented tile layers get paid a lot of money for their craft.

The time and patience it must take to lay tile in this design. Wow.

Read how they do it…

BEHIND THE SCENES: A large portion of what makes a quality home is working with people who have pride in their craft and put everything they have into it. Watching the amount of effort and patience that goes into all the steps of this tile design for a bathroom is incredible. First they set the white penny tiles. Then they do a full lay out of the black penny tiles to make sure nothing is out of place. Once that is complete they mark each location with a Sharpie before pulling out each marked white penny round. Then they individually reset each black penny round. #2legit Can't wait to show more from this house over the next few weeks. #millhavenhomes #design #customhome #utahbuilder #tile #tiledesign #bathroom

A post shared by Millhaven Homes (@millhavenhomes) on


Need a good DIY project? Of course you do! And this one is probably easier than laying a two-toned penny tile floor.

The website Hale and Harlow has a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own shiplap chargers out of wood.


What can’t a Crock-Pot do? That’s a legitimate question. I’m seriously wondering.

Michael from Inspired by Charm made a holiday version of monkey bread with cranberries and oranges in the slow cooker that looks perfectly gooey and gorgeous! You can’t always use those two words together, but this time it works!


The ceiling fan in the model home by Millhaven Homes is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

image: Millhaven Homes

Their lighting and fans come from Hansen Lighting in Utah. I reached out to Hansen Lighting and the ceiling fan is called the Quorum Windmill  (product #Quorum 196015-86). They offered me the 60-inch fan for $877 via email. I don’t know what shipping would be. It retails for $1,110 on the Quorum site. Overstock has it for $1,018 plus free shipping right now.


I borrowed this graphic from a friend’s Facebook page. I don’t know who the original credit goes to, but I thought it was an especially timely reminder.

Happy first day of December, everyone!


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Would I Make it Again? Apple Fritter Muffins

When I was a little girl, my Uncle Donny owned a doughnut shop.

I can still remember the sweet smell of the shop, the flour smudges on my uncle’s all white uniform and, of course, the sweet treats.

Looking back, I’m sure it was anything but glamorous to be up in the wee hours of the morning making bear claws, maple bars and apple fritters.

But, oh, the deliciousness!

Fast forward let’s not talk about how long to a couple of weeks ago when my landlord gifted me a bag of apples from the tree in her backyard. Tart green apples that were perfect for baking. That’s my kind of gift, folks!

I think it was serendipity that the apples arrived when I had been taking a trip down memory lane to the doughnut shop.

I wondered if it was possible to make something close to an apple fritter without setting up my own doughnut shop. Let’s face it, you could never exercise enough to make that decision work out in your favor.

I found a recipe for apple fritter bread by The Baking Chocolatess with a variation on the recipe for muffins. Since serendipity was still on my side, I decided to give the apple fritter muffin recipe a whirl.

Even though these muffins obviously aren’t fried like a traditional apple fritter would be, there’s something about the muffin texture that definitely evokes a similarity. Maybe it’s that I did take the time, as the recipe suggested, to swirl the apple and sugar mixture in the batter after I added it to the cupcake liners. So every single bite had extra deliciousness baked in.

I would recommend using cupcake liners with this recipe – it just seemed stickier than a regular muffin – and I wasn’t sure cooking spray alone was going to make getting the muffins out of the tin easy. Although, I’m not above just eating straight from the pan – in case there was any doubt.

My pictures would have looked better if my powdered sugar glaze didn’t have lumps in it, but I can assure you, it doesn’t affect the taste.

So, would I make apple fritter muffins again?

I already have! That was mainly because they were a) delicious and b) Handy Husband shared a bunch with a coworker so we NEEDED more. Needed, I tell you.

It makes me happy when I use the eeny, meeny, miny, moe method of selecting a new recipe to make that it actually turns out. Although, to be fair, a person who names their site The Baking ChocolateTess probably knows a thing or two about baking! Thank goodness!

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Board Games Even I Enjoy

I’m not sure what you guys lie in bed at night watching.

Game of Thrones? Friends reruns? Stranger Things? The 10 O’Clock News? This Is Us?

Do you want to know what I fall asleep listening to Handy Husband watches?

YouTube videos of people playing board games.

Try not to be jealous of my life.

This is akin to my kids watching YouTube videos of people playing Minecraft instead of just playing Minecraft themselves.

I’m giving you this window into my very glamorous life to illustrate an important point. When Handy Husband takes on a hobby, you can be guaranteed that he will take that hobby on 110%. There’s no half-way. All the research is done. I kid you not there’s probably a spreadsheet somewhere detailing spreadsheet-y board game things. He will read game reviews and participate in online discussion forums. Yes, they have those for board games. All of this activity is before he’s even ordered the game.

Handy Husband is fighting an uphill battle because while the kids LOVE playing board games with daddy, I’m not so much into board games. Finding a game that kids, adults and non-game players enjoy, well, that’s the kind of challenge he likes to tackle.

For this Cyber Monday, I’m sharing 5 board games that kids of all ages, from 7 to 70, have enjoyed playing at our house lately. Even me. Chances are you’ll enjoy them too!

Tsuro: The Game of the Path

Tsuro is a tile laying path game for 2 – 8 players. Lay a tile ‘path’ for your game piece to follow and if you are the last one on the board – you win.

This game is a nice balance between luck and strategy. Luck with what tiles you draw and strategy for the order in which you lay the tiles down.

board games Tsuro

I have videos of my 7-year-old son and my 71-year-old father playing this game together that make my heart ache with happiness to see those two matching wits.

board games Tsuro play shot

The other thing I really appreciate about this game – parents, I know you’ll get me – is it doesn’t take long to play!

Handy Husband wants to get Tsuro of the Seas next because it adds a dice element to the game. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Onitama Board Game

This 2-player game has won an award for best abstract game, which might make it sound hard to play, but it’s not. If my 7-year-old can do it and teach his buddies how to play, so can you!

board games onitama box

Onitama has a bit of a chess feel to it in it’s simplicity and timeless feel. You can move your pawns around the game board, but your moves are restricted to the instructions on the cards you hold.

As an added twist, the card (or move) you play will go to your opponent next. So you not only have to strategize how the card will impact your pawns, but also your opponent’s pawns.

board games onitama play shot

Sheriff of Nottingham

Here’s the manufacturer’s description of this game: “You have come to Nottingham with your goods on market day, and the only thing standing between you and your hard-earned profits is the Sheriff. All you need to do is bluff or bribe your way past him…or maybe, tell the truth!”

board games sheriff of nottingham box

I’m not sure which is funnier – when Handy Husband plays the role of sheriff in this game or when my kids do!

Either way, to see my kids try and bluff their way through this game is equal parts funny and scary!

Sheriff of Nottingham does require some set-up, so it isn’t the quickest game to play straight out of the box. If you’re giving it for Christmas, you might want to read the directions before you wrap it up.

board games sheriff of nottingham play shot

Love Letter

Next up on the list is Love Letter!

Here’s the game set-up from the manufacturer: “In the wake of the queen’s arrest, all the eligible young men of Tempest (and many not so young) seek to woo Princess Annette. Unfortunately, she has locked herself in the palace, and everyone must rely on those within the palace to bring their romantic letters to her. Will yours reach her first?

Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction, and luck, for 2–4 players. Get your love letter into Princess Annette’s hands while keeping other players’ letters away. Powerful cards lead to early gains, but make you a target. Rely on weaker cards for too long and your letter may be tossed in the fire!”


board games love letter shot

In full disclosure, it took 4 of us adults one and a half rounds of playing this game before we understood the rules. Basically, we were WAY over-thinking it. (I think know my kids caught on faster.) After that, it clicked and it was a breeze.

The entire game fits in a small pouch, so this is a game that travels well. It also doesn’t take long to play a round because there are only 16 cards.

2 players can play, but it is much more fun with 3 or 4.

board games love letter play shot

Deep Sea Adventure by Oink Games

Last, but certainly not least on my list is Deep Sea Adventure by Oink Games.

In this game, each player is an undersea explorer with dreams of striking it rich by finding treasure. Unfortunately, each of the explorers is still poor and their budgets (or lack thereof) mean they have decided to share a submarine and a single tank of air on their next deep sea dive.

They have to collect treasure and get back to the submarine before they run out of air.

board games deep sea adventure box

This “push your luck” game is interesting because there can be a bit of cooperation at the beginning, but then everyone develops their own strategy of how much treasure they want to collect at the expense of their companions.

The other pro to this game is it is compact, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the shelf and it travels well. The game is played in multiple rounds, but each round doesn’t take long to play.

board games deep sea adventure play shot

Let me wrap this post up by saying I still don’t consider myself a board gamer. After all, I’m the girl that collects decks of cards, but rarely plays a card game.


When Handy Husband goes to the trouble to find board games we ALL will enjoy playing together, I will happily give them a chance. With busy lives and electronics vying for our attention, encouraging quality family time with shared experiences seems more urgent to me lately.

Handy Husband has picked board games that make us think, laugh and don’t drive me absolutely nuts. If you’ve ever played seemingly endless games of Candy Land with a preschooler, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This week we are learning a new game called Mysterium. If it makes the cut, I’ll tell you all about it later.


P.S. The YouTube series that plays through all these games is called TableTop with Will Wheaton.

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What I’m Thankful For Ain’t On No List

First of all, apologies to my Grandma Olsson for using the word ain’t in the title of this post.

I’m fairly certain if she could reprimand me from heaven she would! That was NOT a word we were allowed to use as grandchildren of a teacher. I think it was right up there with naughty words or ‘barnyard talk’ as she called it. Maybe worse!

Since she was the sweetest grandma to walk the planet (I’m not biased or anything), I think she would forgive me just this once because I’m merely quoting a song written by Trisha Yearwood.

Yes, I’m trying to get off on a technicality.

The first stanza of the song, What I’m Thankful For, is how I’m feeling this week of Thanksgiving.

What I’m thankful for ain’t on no list
For it only in my heart exists
For time has helped me understand
The things I can’t hold in my hand

My heart is full right now because our dear friends from Atlanta are spending Thanksgiving Week with our family.

These are the friends that made Georgia feel like home and the friends that really made it hard to leave and come to Ireland.

Plus, they adopted our cat. If that doesn’t say sucker friendship, I don’t know what does.

We have no plans for the week other than their kids are going to school with our kids today!

I don’t even know if we’ll have a traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Mainly because I don’t want to carry a turkey home in my backpack turkeys are trickier to find until Christmas time here in Ireland.

What I do know is we will have endless amounts of fun catching up and showing them around the island. Every moment will be one I’ll tuck away in my heart and I know saying “see you later” at the end of the week will be hard.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the U.S. Thank you for being one of THE BEST PARTS of my world.

I will see you back here next Monday.

P.S. If you want to print off that Thanksgiving card, here’s the link.

P.P.S. If you haven’t heard What I’m Thankful For, here’s an all-star lineup singing it.

If you like a classic country voice, this cover of the song is top notch.



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Happy List: #48

Hurray! You survived another week!

On Monday I shared another round of what my kids are reading. I’m really glad my kids still enjoy me reading out loud to them. It’s not a season that will last forever, so I’m soaking it up now.

I also shared another round of Would I Make It Again? This time it was a recipe for Korean Beef and adding it into the dinner rotation was a no brainer!

Here are a few things that made me smile or feel inspired this week.


Guys. I might be feeling sentimental, but I just read about THE SWEETEST Christmas tradition for daughters.

Sorry, boys. You’re out of luck on this one.

Sarah from She Holds Dearly makes pillowcase nightgowns for her girls every Christmas and puts them in their stockings. Are you dying from how unique and special this is too?

Based on the pictures from her site, she’s not using SpongeBob pillowcases either! In a world and season full of commercialism, I find this idea very charming.

(image: She Holds Dearly)


When I saw the article from Epicurious about what to do when you get home from the grocery store, I’ll admit I jumped on that click bait. The tips were pretty good and some of the things I already do.

My number one tip was NOT on the list, however. Want to know what I do? I wash my hands. I do this whenever I get home, actually. I’m convinced after touching the germy grocery carts and all the other germ-riddled things that this helps me not get sick quite as often. I don’t know if it does, but now you know one of my quirks. Yes, I have more than one.

And because I needed a picture, here’s one of an egg from my Instagram feed.

Isn't this the prettiest egg? In Ireland, eggs are not refrigerated. In the U.S., eggs are washed and chemically sanitized to prevent salmonella. After which, they must be refrigerated. The EU strives to produce clean eggs at the point of collection through free-range systems. In addition, science suggests washing the eggs can damage the shell's cuticle which can make it easier for bacteria to penetrate. So eggs are not washed in Ireland and do not need to be refrigerated. Two different ways of doing things and it is interesting to learn about the why's. Bottom line, thank your farmer! ❤ • • #egg #eggs #ireland #irisheggs #freerangeeggs #freerangeegg #chickenfarming #agriculture #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #browneggs #brownegg #thankafarmer #thankafarmerforyournextmeal #foodaroundtheworld #sustainablefood #sustainablefarming

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Marian from Miss Mustard Seed shared her tips for baking gingerbread – especially as it relates to decorating.

There’s no way I’m making custom houses – look how cute this one is! – but now I’m mulling over the idea of making ornaments.

(image: Miss Mustard Seed)


I’m not super into pink. Case in point, I dressed my newborn daughter in blue to come home from the hospital.

The pink pumpkins on the I Spy DIY Thanksgiving table have me reconsidering my stance.

(image: I Spy DIY)


I’m not a calendar girl. It’s just not my thing.

However, this perpetual calendar from TAIT Design Co. caught my eye because it looks more like art than a calendar.

In the right space, it could be cool: office, kid room, classroom.

This revelation had me searching for other perpetual calendars that looked more like art.

I found this one by Sensory Play. If Etsy isn’t your jam, it looks like they also sell it on Amazon for the same price.

But what REALLY made my heart swoon were all the vintage desktop perpetual calendars. Especially the ones made out of brass like this one from The Ocean Blue Co on Etsy.

They only had one, but other sellers had similar ones. Someone tell Handy Husband because this would be great in my Christmas stocking!


If you have texture on your newly drywalled walls, then this dust removal tip from Vintage Revivals might be worth trying.

I can’t vouch for it myself, but it makes sense. This won’t work if you’ve only taped and mudded the seams.

(image: Vintage Revivals)

By the way, I’ve been following along with Mandi’s journey as they turn an old mercantile into their home and it’s pretty fascinating.


There’s a lot to appreciate in this photo from The Little White Farmhouse.

I’d love to paint a dresser like this one.

The greenery is the perfect touch for the holidays.

I love the combo of white and wood elements.

(image: The Little White Farmhouse)


Guys! I have a giant chalkboard!!! I might have to do this.

At the very least, this is a super cute way to wrap presents.

(image: Marian Parsons for HGTV)


Who’s going to a cookie exchange?!?!

Sorry – I’m not raising my hand on this one. I haven’t ‘been invited to one, but if I was, I’d make these Chewy Coconut Cookies.

If they are half as good as this picture looks…

(image: Cake Whiz)

I wonder how they taste cold? Sounds like something I should research.


This wreath from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss speaks my language.

(image: Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss)

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend. It’s almost Thanksgiving. EEK!

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Would I Make It Again? – Korean Beef Bowl

Sometimes I ask my kids what they want for dinner when I’m not sure what to cook.

I don’t know why I ask these things!

Their answers are always predictable and not something that counts as “well balanced for a Tuesday night when I’m still making an effort with this dinner thing.”

By Thursday Friday night all bets are off though.

When I don’t know what to cook, I cook tacos fall back on my staple of go-to recipes.

Spoiler Alert! This Korean Beef Bowl recipe by Damn Delicious has become one of my go-to recipes. I’m probably making it twice a month now.

(image: Damn Delicious)

Now, I’m a mom who is responsible for everyone’s digestive health. Fiber is important y’all.

I’m also a mom who likes to keep things simple. One pan meals speak to my soul.

That’s why I take this particular recipe and add veggies to it.

Whatever I have in my refrigerator at the time works.

Last week when I made it I even grated a zucchini into the pan with the meat and no one noticed. If someone does ask what that “green stuff” is, I just say “seasoning.” Tricky, tricky!

Other than adding veggies, I don’t tweak the recipe at all, which is a rare thing for me to say.

Would I make this recipe again? YES.

Should you make it?

If you’re in the mood for a little something sweet for dinner, then yes.

If you want a recipe that’s adaptable and forgiving, then yes.

If you want a recipe that reheats pretty decently for lunch the next day, then yes.

If you need a new way to cook ground beef, then yes.

My picture isn’t as pretty as the one from the recipe and we didn’t eat it with chopsticks, but I guarantee you it tastes delicious!

My tip would be to double the sauce part of the recipe – especially if you add veggies. I like things saucy!

No matter how you make it, just do it. You’ll be happy you did.

Again, here’s the Korean Beef Bowl recipe from Damn Delicious.

Other posts in the Would I Make It Again? series:

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