• Almond and Anise Biscotti

    Almond and Anise Biscotti

    A couple of picture notes about this biscotti recipe…. Here’s an example of how the dough looks dropped onto the cookie sheet.                   Here’s an example of how the dough looks after the first period of baking and after you’ve sliced it into strips. It will go back into the oven after this to finish baking.   Share this:

  • Vanilla Coconut Cashews and Almonds

    Our household is a bit nutty consumes a lot of nuts: cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans. In fact, I just ate a handful of almonds while writing this post. I’m all about raw nuts for baking and cooking, but for snacking I like a bit of salt. Sometimes in the afternoons around 3 p.m. I like a bit of sweet. While procrastinating doing important online research, I saw a recipe for Vanilla Cashew Clusters on Kitchn and I could not make the recipe fast enough. But first I had to go to the store. Isn’t that always the case? Motivation strikes and you’re missing an ingredient. But when temptation strikes there’s ALWAYS a pint…

  • Cheesy Sweet Potato Sausage Bread Knots

    Cheese. Italian Sausage. Bread. Seriously. What’s not to love about this scenario? Besides. We’re in the holiday season…I think we can all use a little comfort food right now. These bread knots are like having a sandwich all wrapped up in a nice, convenient, easy-to-devour bundle. If you wanted to be really healthy you could serve these bread knots with a salad. You know, to make it a well-rounded meal or something crazy like that. That’s actually what I did, but my judgment is a little questionable. I recently asked my hair stylist to cut my hair in such a way that when it was whipped by the wind, pelted by rain and…