Our master bath has a jetted tub, which is really cool to my kids because we haven’t had one before now. I’m glad they like it because everyone is excited for bath time. Win-win!

So earlier this week my son, Tor, was taking a bath while I was sitting a few feet away helping Annika with her math homework. Homework in the bathroom…

This is normal, right?

Anyway, he was happily playing in the bath and I was trying to figure out why 1st Grade math homework was showing the concept of negatives in subtraction. (Turns out they weren’t, it was just a poorly worded problem trying to demonstrate that the community action of addition does not work with subtraction. You got all that, right? Welcome to 1st Grade.)

I look over to see, much to my horror, that Tor is playing with the shampoo bottle as a boat. I tell him he can’t use it as a boat because bad things can happen (read: have happened and will happen).

This is the part where I got distracted.

I turned my attention back to math homework so when Tor asked for the jets to be turned on, I absent-mindly reached up and flipped the switch on. Wait for it…wait for it…a couple of minutes later I hear the delighted voice of my little guy, “Mom, look at all the bubbles!” Oh, no.

Please don’t be as bad as I think it’s going to be. Please. Please. Pleeeeaase. 

Bubble Bath
Bubble Bath

That doesn’t look too bad, right? 

I mean, the smiling face is pretty darn cute. And he did look like that snowman from Frozen when he got out of the tub and hopped in the shower to rinse off. So, I should just let it go, right? (Please tell me you got that shameless Frozen reference?)

When I drained the water, this is what was left.

Bubbles left in bathtub.
Bubbles left in bathtub.

So I started rinsing it out. It took about 20 minutes to get all of the bubbles down the drain. I did freak out a little when bubbles kept pouring out of the overflow valve.

Bubbles in tub.
Bubbles in tub.

We’ve been taking showers ever since.

Truthfully, I’m scared there are still bubbles in the line and we’ll be having inadvertent bubble baths for the next 3 months. I’d better go Google what to do about this situation.

Has this happened to you? Say I’m not the only one!

Have a happy day!

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