Sneak Peeks

We’ve been busy around here.

So what else is new?

So I thought I would share a few sneak peeks of what we are up to.

First, strawberries are in season in Georgia.

Say WHAT???

To this Oregon girl, strawberries in April are like an early Christmas present. We usually have to wait until June in the Pacific Northwest. We picked up 6 gallons of strawberries from Washington Farms in Watkinsville, GA, last week. It yielded about 48 cups of crushed berries for freezer jam plus a few for eating. Seriously, these were the best berries we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating!

Georgia strawberries
Georgia strawberries

Next, I saw a picture in the Pottery Barn catalog.

That’s how it always starts…

(As a side note, am I the only one that gets a Pottery Barn catalog every other week it seems?)

Here’s a peek at the shelves, ledges really, that Jeff made for our piano room.


In our old house, Annika had a built-in loft bed. Of course, that had to stay. For the last month, she’s been sleeping on her mattress on the floor. Hardly an inconvenience to a 6 year old!

We’ve been debating on whether to buy a bed or make a bed. Well, make a bed it is! We picked a free plan from the¬†Ana White¬†website. That lady rocks! I can’t take any credit for the assembly of this bed, but the hubby said it was super easy. Now there’s a lot of sanding and painting to do. Uh, that would be my job. Better get on that.


I’ll keep you posted on what happens with these projects. I love creating things that make our home a little happier and a whole lot prettier!

Have a happy day!

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