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What a View Wednesday – Oregon House

Since I’m still giddy over being given access to the real estate photos from our Oregon house, I thought I’d keep on sharing. Lucky you!

One of the things we loved the most about the property was the view.



These pictures were taken around the first of October of 2013.



The view out the back of the house looks west. Try to look at the beautiful trees and not the lawn that needed some help. It came a long way…



Many a fun, Friday night were spent on this deck!



This is looking down the right side of the house. The little structure you see is our pump house. Our property was not in the city limits, so we had well water.



See the garage off to the right of the house? That pass-through door was an awesome feature. All garage doors should have the ability to drive straight through from front to back. I can’t tell you how useful it was.



When we bought the house it was light gray with a lavender front door. Not the best color combo out there. After getting 3 bids, we decided to paint it by ourselves. I don’t EVER want to do that again. Due to the type of siding, the only consistent thing about the bids was that the siding would have to be back-brushed. In other words, they would spray and go behind the sprayer with a brush. So, we decided to paint it – with brushes. It took us a forever. Kidding, it was only a month…in August.



And this front door. Well, despite the fact that it would swell and stick from time to time, it’s probably my most favorite feature of the whole darn house. I’m so glad I painted it that vibrant blue color. It made me smile every single time I came home.


This never felt like our forever house, but our time there made me (us) very happy. I’ll carry the memories we made there with me forever.

P.S. The use of the photos in this post were granted to me by our realtor, Stephen Tandy with Coldwell Banker. Photographer credit to Charles Price Photography.

Here are some other pictures of our Oregon house from SO LONG AGO!

Wistful Wednesday – Oregon Kitchen

Way Back Wednesday – Oregon House Bedrooms

Way Back Wednesday – Oregon House Main Level

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