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Santa Belt Nails

Even if you don’t have an Ugly Sweater Party to go to, I’m sure you’ll attend some sort of holiday shin-dig this year.

The Christmas bling does not need to be restricted to your gorgeous abode. Oh, no. It’s time to glam up those finger and toenails with a little Santa Belt Bling!


And as my Christmas gift to you, I have spared you pictures of my toes. You’re welcome. They are currently sporting the same look as my 7-year-old daughter’s toes though!

All you have to do is paint your toe or fingernails red. Let them dry thoroughly. Then you need to use some scotch tape to mark off an area for the black “belt.” I used a deep purple polish that almost looks black, since I don’t have an actual black nail polish.

Now, wait for the black stripe to dry thoroughly. There’s a lot of waiting with this project!

After that, you’ll need 4 rhinestones for each nail. (You can get them from the nail section of your local store or from a craft store.) Paint a little bit of clear nail polish on your nail to act as a “glue” and then carefully place the rhinestones. It is a little tricky, I admit, if you are just using your fingers. It’s easier to slightly dampen the end of a wood skewer and use it to pick up the gem and then place it that way.

Let it dry and then paint a bunch more clear on top of the rhinestones to help seal them down.

In full disclosure, my daughter’s rhinestones lasted about 12 hours. Mine have lasted for a week and are still going strong! So, if you are inclined to crawling around on the floor in your bare feet, this might not last long.

This project would also be gorgeous on your ring finger. I painted my fingernails this way for a weekend party, but had a heck of a time trying to take pictures of my own hands.

So if you want to add a little holiday happiness to your fingers or toes, this is a fantastic way to do it! It’s not hard, just takes a little patience.

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