Cookies for Santa

Yes, I know December was sooo last year. However, I wanted to get to these pictures before oh, say, July rolled around.

My kids at 7 and 4 years old still believe (or want to believe) in Santa Claus. Shoot, I want to believe in Santa Claus. What’s not to love about that jolly old fella?

I think my daughter knows Santa isn’t real, but she’s holding on tight to the magic. Frankly, I hope she holds onto the wonderment and fantasy for as long as possible. You’re only a little kid once. No need to rush things and grow up too fast!

This little guy definitely believes in Santa Claus. He’s also told me that Santa is watching the naughty boys in his Pre-K class and they aren’t going to get presents next year. Ha!

We made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. This year, I got a little smarter about the whole set-up and instead of trying to contain the mess to a certain plate or something, I just laid down a bunch of parchment paper on the kitchen table and let them go crazy. When they were done, I just folded up the paper and tossed it in the trash. Easy breezy.

Sometimes I like to capture pictures of my kids’ hands. Someday I will look back and wonder how they ever started out so small.

Or who ever taught them how to use that middle finger…

Gosh. Did that observation take the magic of the moment away?  😉

Perhaps this photo of angelic concentration topped off with a big Christmas bow can redeem things around here.

My kids were informed by a very reliable source that Santa loves sprinkles. The more sprinkles, the bigger your present will be! And Daddy Santa ate every single one.


As a side note and your bonus tip for reading this entire post, did you know you can write on a ceramic plate with a dry erase marker? And even better, it wipes right off! Cool, right? I learned that happy tip recently and our plate of cookies for Santa was the perfect time to use it.

I do love sharing these little traditions with my children. I love seeing their happy faces lit up with pride as they emphatically tell me how much Santa is going to love this particular cookie or that one. But seeing their amazement when they discover the empty plate of cookies… well, that takes the cake and makes the mouthful of sprinkles totally worth it.

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