Krispy Kreme Knock-Off: Yay or Nay?

I saw a recipe floating around Facebook for knock-off Krispy Kreme doughnuts. If that right there doesn’t convince you that Facebook is the root of all evil, I don’t know what will. šŸ™‚

Anyway, they looked delicious. Mouth-wateringly delicious. Since Krispy KremesĀ are the holy grail of doughnuts, a close knock-off recipe would make you a culinary genius. The hero of the kitchen. Friend to cops everywhere.

I had to see if the recipe was all it claimed to be. I felt honor-bound. I was like those nerdy, awesome dudes on MythBusters. Except my assistants were a 2nd grader and a Pre-Ker. And by assistance, I mean they did a taste test and then ran and hid when it was time for clean-up. So, totally the same, right?Ā 


The recipe wasn’t hard to make. I did question the directions of mixing boiling water with cold milk to generate a warm liquid to activate the yeast. I’ve had problems with yeast not rising when the liquid temperature isn’t right for other recipes. Do to the imperfectness of that technique, it didn’t surprise meĀ that it tookĀ at least double the recommended time for my dough to rise. So, that might be where my recipe ran off the rails.


My husband said the glaze tasted exactly like the Krispy Kreme glaze. It has been eons since I’ve indulged in an actual Krispy Kreme doughnut, but I agree, it was a pretty good glaze.

The doughnut texture just wasn’t like the original though. It wasn’t as light and fluffy as I expected it to be. Mine turned out to be more like a cake doughnut. That’s a thing, right?

That being said, my husband and son ate the whole batch. Nary a crumb to be found. So, it wasn’t a bad recipe at all. It just didn’t live up to the hype, in my opinion.


In all fairness, perhaps it was baker error. My dough did not rise as fast as it should have. So logic tells me that someone else needs to take the baking challenge and see if these doughnuts make your tastebuds as happy as a Krispy Kreme doughnut would!

Here’s a link to where I found the recipe on The Old Recipe Box’s Facebook page:Ā The Old Recipe Box

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