Things That Make Me Happy #1

Hello! I thought I would start a periodic series about the random things that are making me happy at one particular moment in time. Here it goes…

1. This powerful letter from a teacher to parents about THAT kid in the class. The one you are worried is going to disrupt your child’s learning process, take away from instructional time your child will get with the teacher or maybe even hurt your child.

2. This song “Beautiful Day“…about making each day beautiful and remembering you are alive!

3. Another song by Rachel Platten! About those times you need to dig deep and be strong to reach your goals.


4. Watercolor hearts picture on Minted.com. BRILLIANT way to showcase your children’s pictures.

5. Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit Pickles are my newest grocery store find. They start out a little sweet and I don’t typically enjoy sweet pickles. However, before you have a chance to fully process that sweet thought your tongue will taste the fire! It’s actually not burn-your-mouth spicy if you’re into spicy foods, but it is enough to go “WOAH these puppies are HOT!” Look for them at your grocery store. I was going to post an Amazon link, but they are way too expensive there.

Hope these things make you as happy as they did me! Love to hear what some of your favorite happy things are right now.

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