Happy as a Dog in a Field of Cows

I’ve spent the last two and a half weeks happy as this dog playing in the field.

No joke!


I slept in my old childhood room.

It’s much classier these days – no posters on the wall.

I soaked up time with my family.

How do my nieces and nephews grow so fast? How am I old enough to have nieces and nephews? Stop the madness!

I squeezed in as much time as possible with friends.

What happens on girls night, stays on girls night. Also, true friends are rare and should be cherished…especially since they have so much dirt on you!

Now I’m headed home. I’m happy about that too. I love our home and the life we’ve created there. Plus, it means I’m that much closer to another visit with all of these wonderful folks back where I grew up.

P.S. I have some AWESOME pictures to share with you on Friday. Get ready for some green thumb envy.

This post was way too short! Let’s keep the happy train rolling…

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