Hello, My Name Is Stuck on Your Shirt

Usually it is my children who cause me laundry grief – especially when it comes to leaving stickers on clothes.

If I had a nickel for every sticker that was inappropriately placed on a wall, a door, a car seat, a forehead or article of clothing, well, I’d be rich.

When I found my husband’s blue polo shirt rolled up in the hamper, I didn’t think twice about tossing it in the wash. Surely, my husband knows by now what happens when you wash a shirt that has a sticker attached to it. Surely.

For the record, the “hello, my name is” name tag is a sticker. A very sticky sticker. See?

After discovering that I had washed his shirt with a sticker on it, I did what any reasonable person would do. I ignored the situation for awhile. The shirt just hung out in the laundry room waiting for a spontaneous cleaning event to occur. (I sometimes wish the same miracle would happen when it is time to bathe my children.)

Eventually “Hello my Name is Pain in the Patootie” could not be ignored.

I Googled how to get sticker residue off of clothing. There were a bunch of sure-fire removal techniques.

I tried Duct-Tape first. I didn’t have any of the original grey Duct Tape, but I did have some neon green Duct Tape. Don’t we all??? That didn’t work.

Another sure-fire technique was to use Avon Skin So Soft to remove the sticker residue. I’m not particularly into Avon, but a friend had sent me some Original Skin So Soft Bath Oil and Original Skin So Soft Shower Gel to try awhile back.

The shower gel was handiest, so I squirted some on the dry shirt and rubbed the sticker area with a dry cloth.

It actually worked. Really well. This skeptic was surprised. I rewashed the shirt and it was good as new.

I will say that I don’t ever put my husband’s shirts in the dryer, but I’m guessing it will still work if you had already dried the shirt.


Since it has been our month for stickers being left on clothing, I wanted to see if there was something unique about the Skin So Soft Original Shower Gel or if any shower gel would work. I tried a shower gel that I had on hand to remove a sticker left on one of my daughter’s shirts. This is, of course, completely unscientific, but the regular shower gel didn’t remove the sticker residue at all. I thought it did at first, but after I ran the shirt through the wash, it was still the same.

After that, I use the Skin So Soft Original BATH OIL and it also removed the sticker residue. I squirted it on the sticker, rubbed it with a cloth and then laundered as usual. No more sticker!

Both products seemed to work equally well.


I don’t know what it says about the product that you can use it on your skin AND to remove stickers on clothing. I’d rather not think about that. I’ll just continue to be happy that the stickers have not won. I’ll live to do laundry another day. Oh, goody. 🙂

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