DIY Wood Blocks

Most of the projects on this blog have one thing in common: me.

This project is the exception. Besides taking pictures, I had nothing to do with this project. I’ve got to tell you, doing nothing felt GREAT!


Ever since we went to Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina, my husband has been talking about making some blocks for our son to play with at home.

Because we don’t have enough Legos.

On Friday of last week Handy Husband came home with 8 strips of door stop moulding and announced he was going to make a bunch of blocks for our 5-year-old.

“You might want to write about this,” he said.

“Stop sweet talking me,” I replied.

He sanded each strip down on our belt sander and then cut the boards into equal lengths with our compound miter saw.

It probably took him 45 minutes max for this project.

It’s funny, now that I look back on it, how quickly this project went. Why don’t my honey-do projects ever go that quickly? Hmmm…

I’m really not sure which boy in our house has enjoyed the blocks more: the 5-year-old or the 41-year-old.

I’d say it’s a toss up.

This wasn’t necessarily a cheap project. Each 84-inch strip of door stop moulding costs between $4 and $6 (prices vary over time) at Home Depot.

I guess when you compare this $50 project to the small fortune we have invested in Legos, it’s not too bad though. Why do Legos cost so much? Why??

My son is definitely a mama’s boy. Even if I do give Handy Husband a hard time about the cost of the DIY wood blocks, my heart bursts with happiness over seeing the father-son bonding that has occurred over the building (and knocking down) of elaborate block structures.

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