Would I Make It Again? – Korean Beef Bowl

Sometimes I ask my kids what they want for dinner when I’m not sure what to cook.

I don’t know why I ask these things!

Their answers are always predictable and not something that counts as “well balanced for a Tuesday night when I’m still making an effort with this dinner thing.”

By Thursday Friday night all bets are off though.

When I don’t know what to cook, I cook tacos fall back on my staple of go-to recipes.

Spoiler Alert! This Korean Beef Bowl recipe by Damn Delicious has become one of my go-to recipes. I’m probably making it twice a month now.

(image: Damn Delicious)

Now, I’m a mom who is responsible for everyone’s digestive health. Fiber is important y’all.

I’m also a mom who likes to keep things simple. One pan meals speak to my soul.

That’s why I take this particular recipe and add veggies to it.

Whatever I have in my refrigerator at the time works.

Last week when I made it I even grated a zucchini into the pan with the meat and no one noticed. If someone does ask what that “green stuff” is, I just say “seasoning.” Tricky, tricky!

Other than adding veggies, I don’t tweak the recipe at all, which is a rare thing for me to say.

Would I make this recipe again? YES.

Should you make it?

If you’re in the mood for a little something sweet for dinner, then yes.

If you want a recipe that’s adaptable and forgiving, then yes.

If you want a recipe that reheats pretty decently for lunch the next day, then yes.

If you need a new way to cook ground beef, then yes.

My picture isn’t as pretty as the one from the recipe and we didn’t eat it with chopsticks, but I guarantee you it tastes delicious!

My tip would be to double the sauce part of the recipe – especially if you add veggies. I like things saucy!

No matter how you make it, just do it. You’ll be happy you did.

Again, here’s the Korean Beef Bowl recipe from Damn Delicious.

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