Travel: The Weird Thing I Always Pack

Let’s face it, there’s probably more than ONE weird thing I pack when I travel.

Although, compared to what airport security sees on the regular, I’m guessing my stuff is pretty bland.

For instance, I have never tried to pack 240 live fish in my suitcases. Have you?

So what is the weird thing I pack when I travel?

A tennis ball.

Why do I pack it?

Do I have a love for tennis? For playing catch?


I pack it because I’m not a spring chicken.

I pack it because traveling with Handy Husband means oodles of miles on my feet. He’s not a fan of taxis.

I pack it because – let’s face it – hotel beds can be miserably uncomfortable. That’s saying a lot considering I’ve spent the better part of the last ten years waking up to a kid kicking me. Parenting is the best, isn’t it?

A tennis ball is a versatile, lightweight massage tool. Have you used a tennis ball for this purpose? You’ve got to try it!

Go ahead. Take off your shoes and roll you foot over a tennis ball. I guarantee you will ooh and aah with pleasure. You can also roll the ball between your back and a wall to relieve tight muscles in your back.

I’m sharing this tip because when reading a Bloomberg article about the most useful thing in your hotel room, I realized the interviewee, Samantha Brown, packs a similar item to work out her muscle knots.

So maybe the weird thing I pack when I travel isn’t that weird after all!

There’s a first time for everything!

P.S. You’re welcome for that picture of my foot. Wishing you all safe and happy travels.


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