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Happy Labor Day and First Day of School Eve

This is our last day of summer before school starts tomorrow.

New schools, new teachers, new friends.

There’s a lot to be excited about. Truly. There’s excitement in the new. There’s incredible possibility.

I’m telling you guys (because you’re my peeps, but let’s not say the word ‘peeps’ out loud because we’re adults, darn it and not marshmallows) that on the outside I am Miss Positive.

I have to set the right tone for my kids. Fake it ’til you make it is how I navigate life anyway and it’s amazing how this positive attitude helps me too.

However, deep inside is a part of me that’s currently hoping, praying, and crossing all my fingers and toes that the first day of school goes well for my children.

Really well.

All that to say, I am pretty much every parent right now.

At least I’m in good company, right?

So, if you need me tomorrow, I’m not sure where you’ll find me.

I might be home because this will be THE FIRST TIME I’ve spent one minute alone in our new house. No joke! (I do need to make our giant first day of school cookie.)

I might be shopping because it will be the first time I’ve done that alone in eons. I might be blogging because heaven knows there’s plenty to do there. I could go to a coffee shop. Or on a walk. I could get my nails done. In fact, I might be able to do all of that in one day and still have time to spare.

Talk about incredible possibility!

Anyway, I’m sure we will squeeze in one last little bit of summer fun today before we have to pack lunches and backpacks and triple-check that the alarm is set.

Happy Labor Day! And for those of you with kids going to school tomorrow, whether it’s their first day or their 30th, I hope it goes well for them too.

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