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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens

Shopping for tweens and teens this holiday season? They can be tough to shop for any time of the year and especially without breaking the bank!

I’ve heard this is not the year to procrastinate on shopping, so here’s my Holiday Gift Guide For Tweens and Teens that are tween and teen-approved.

Yep, I informally polled my kids and their friends, and here is the consensus of what tweens and teens want this holiday season. Kidding. There wasn’t consensus. Everyone mainly wants something different.

Then there is REALITY because this mom knows what her kids can actually handle and what she’s willing to spend.

For reference: I have a boy in 6th grade (age 11) and a girl in 9th grade (age 14). 

Let’s get to the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens that’s a combo of things my kids want and things they already own that they use and would recommend:


My kids are interested in archery. One of them joined the Archery Club at school and we’ve taken an archery class as a family.

Now we are the owners of two recurve bows. These have been a big hit with not just our kids, but our kids’ friends too.

girl shooting recurve bow 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens

This was not a super expensive hobby to get into. Each bow costs around $45. It works for right or left-handed people. Adults can use it too. Arrows and the target are separate and our kids share those. You could make your own target though.

Here’s what we ordered:

Top Archery 30-lb. Recurve Bow (Also comes in 20 and 40-lb. draw weight. If your kids are younger than mine, I’d choose the 20-lb weight. That’s what the middle school uses for Archery Club with kids of a variety of sizes and ages.)
Practice Arrows for Targets 12-pack (Comes with fluorescent practice tips. You can order field tips for hunting to go on these arrows.)
4-sided Black Hole Archery Target 18-inch


My teen daughter loves anything cozy. Give her all the soft, fuzzy hoodies, leggings, and boots.

She has these Koolaburra by Ugg boots in this chestnut color and the grey ones are on her Christmas list. I know this is the less expensive brand by Ugg, but they’ve held up remarkably well over the last two years. She’s not gentle with them!


It’s not exciting to you or me, but the #1 thing my kids want for Christmas is money to spend on their favorite video games.

I think my kids would like this even better than cash!

robles gift card 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens

Find out what game your tween or teen is currently interested in and then order a gift card for that game. Sometimes you can order a physical card. Sometimes you’ll just get a digital code. Don’t let this freak you out. They will know what to do with the digital code.

Your grocery store kiosk might have gift cards for some of these games too!

Popular games:

Roblox Gift Card (Digital Code)

Playstation Store Gift Card (Digital Code)

Xbox Gift Card (Digital Code)

Nintendo eShop Gift Card (Digital Code)

Amazon Gift Card (An Actual Physical Card. Ha!)


Of course, my kids want Apple Airpods. I want Apple Airpods.

However, my kids are not responsible enough to own Apple Airpods. Do you know how many sets of wired earbuds we go through because the kids lose them? Too many. I buy them in bulk now.

The compromise solution might be the Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds. They work for both Apple and Android and are Bluetooth enabled, so they don’t have to plug into the phone itself. However, each earbud is connected with a wire that goes behind your neck, which should make them harder to lose. *crosses fingers*

They aren’t cheap, but they cost between $50 and $120 less than Apple Airpods and have 25,000 positive reviews. Be sure and select a color your tween or teen will like!

beats flex earbuds on amazon 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens


Experiences are GREAT gifts for tweens and teens. In fact, many tweens and teens have missed out on experiences during the pandemic and would like to do something that feels normal.

If you feel comfortable with it (or their parents feel comfortable if you are buying for a kid who isn’t yours), consider experience gifts like:

  • concert tickets
  • indoor skydiving gift card
  • movie theater gift cards
  • sporting event tickets
  • live theater tickets
  • escape room gift cards
  • laser tag gift card
  • roller or ice skating gift card

My kids would even like a gift card to the local ice cream shop!


No irony meant for this gift suggestion!

My son has this survival kit and thinks it is the greatest because it isn’t a little kid thing. It was around $30 and comes in a carry case so that it can easily be stowed in a camping backpack or in the trunk of a car.

I have to warn you, the knife in the kit is LEGIT. Do not buy this if your kiddo isn’t experienced with pocket knives or knives in general.

survival kit trscind on amazon 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens

My son uses the flashlight in this kit nightly to read his books after “lights out.”

He thinks I don’t know.


If your tween or teen likes to draw, they may LOVE to produce digital art on a phone or tablet. To do this well and with precision, they need a stylus pen.

Our teen has an Apple pencil that she loves for digital drawing. She spends HOURS every day drawing digital art. However, it is around $100 and only works on Apple products.

This Mixoo stylus pen is only $11 and has 27,000 positive reviews. Definitely worth a try.

mixoo stylus pen from amazon 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens


If your kids are the same height as you or taller, it may be time to get rid of the kiddie sleeping bag and help them invest in camping gear that will take them into adulthood.

After all, someday they will be enjoying the great outdoors without you, right?

*shakes head in denial*

camping gear 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens

Our family goes tent camping and hikes into their campsite, so not only is quality gear important for inclement weather, but storage space is at a premium.

Here’s the camping gear they used this year:

Osprey Backpack – The Kids each wear a 50L backpack. Handy Husband has this 65L backpack, so if your teen is already 6-ft tall, they could wear the larger size. A good backpack is not only great for camping, but for backpacking around Europe. I know more than one of you has done this!

Ecotek Sleeping Pad – Even though my kids seem to be able to sleep on any surface without repercussions, a sleeping pad is still nice, especially if it is cold out.

EcooPro Down Sleeping Bag – This sleeping bag rolls up so much smaller than the REI sleeping bags the kids used to have.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens camping dishes

Light My Fire 8-piece Mess Kit – Each camper has their own dish/cutlery set in a different color and it works out great. We’ve used these sets for 3 years now.

Trekology Inflatable Camping Pillow – It rolls up smaller than a soda can.

Odoland Cookware Utensil Set – This set comes in handy if you’re making more than hotdogs on your camping trip.

Camping Lantern – We’ve had this lantern since 2014!

That’s it for the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens! 

I hope the ideas in this Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens give you a jumping-off point if you’re still trying to figure out what to get your teens and tweens.

Happy (early) Holidays!

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