What Would Happen? by National Geographic

My kids are always asking me really good questions that I don’t have solid answer to. Like, “what would happen if the sun suddenly disappeared?”

This book answers those questions in a kid-appropriate, but scientific way.

Read more about what my kids thought of this book in this blog post.


Ever wondered what would happen if some cool or crazy things were possible? Like what would happen if: you got sucked into a black hole; dinosaurs still existed; humans could fly; you could communicate with dolphins; or you could dig a hole through to the center of the Earth?

Get ready to explore all kinds of scenarios that would or could happen if the world was just a slightly different place. Each scenario is examined with real scientific, historical, and cultural facts in mind. This out-of-the-box book encourages readers to cultivate a better understanding of the world as it is – and as it could be!


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