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    The Magic of Living in the Moment

    Editor’s Note: I originally wrote this post 3 years ago. However, I’ve been trying to spend less time on my phone lately. Or at least be more intentional with the time I do spend on my phone. So far, the least amount of average time I’ve spent on my phone per day is 2 hours. Most of that is work-related, but plenty of it is simply idle scrolling, which doesn’t bring a whole lot of added value to my life. Since this topic has been on my mind and there are a whole bunch of new readers in the last 3 years (thank you!), I thought it would be a…

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    Travel: Marathon, Florida

    The day after Christmas, we got up at 4 a.m. and headed south to the Florida Keys. Road trip! Poor us, right? We started planning this vacation with friends from Oregon almost 6 months prior and while we like to plan, we’ve never planned a vacation that far in advance. It was totally worth it! While it was freezing cold and dreary at home, we were soaking up the 80 degree temperatures and sunshine. Should I say “poor us” again? This was the view from our deck. Absolute heaven. A friend had told us that the Florida Keys doesn’t really have the white sandy beaches that other parts of Florida has.…