• Why This Move Was So Hard moving in a car

    Why This Move Was So Hard

    This move was so hard, maybe our hardest yet, for the reason you’d least expect. (If you aren’t caught up on the new house news, read this post.) Was it because we are older than the last move? Possibly, but we are still young at heart. College was only two¬†decades minutes ago. Was it because we moved everything but the piano ourselves? Possibly, but I’ve been working out with the 3 lb. weights, so my arms are pretty buff. Was it because we were on a tight timeframe? No. We had two weeks virtually a lifetime to take our sweet time moving in. Was it because our new house is…

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    My Number One Moving Tip

    Between Handy Husband and I, we’ve lived in Oregon (a few different times), Washington, Canada, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Georgia and now Ireland. We have enjoyed the luxury of being moved by moving companies, domestically and internationally. We have loaded our stuff in a uHaul. We have loaded our stuff in my dad’s cattle trailer. Don’t worry, he hosed the manure out. Just think about that one for a minute. We have moved our stuff in the back of a car. Yes, a sectional does fit in a Toyota Venza. If you take 3 trips. If anyone wants to question my moving credentials, I think I have the market cornered on all…