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Hand-Knitted Dishcloths

This is not a “look at what I can do” post. The actual accomplished knitters out there would bust-a-gut laughing.

This is more of an “I’m learning to knit and you should try it too” kind of post.


Last year I wanted to learn how to knit. My aunt showed me the basics and then I watched a lot of how-to-knit YouTube videos, which were so helpful. I liked this one from Good Knit Kisses.

I’ve made a couple of headbands, a scarf, a pillow back (more about that in another post) and now I’ve tried dishcloths. This is the first time I’ve used a pattern and I have to say, I liked it! It was helpful for me to know where I was in the process and motivated me to finish when I could see how many rows I had left to go.

I found a cool site called with free dishcloth knitting patterns. I liked the ones that included outlines of the 50 states and the ABCs.

So far, I’ve made a “J” dishcloth…



I’ve also made a dishcloth with the shape of Oregon on it…


These are far from perfect. I definitely messed up one line in the “J” cloth – I think I forgot where I was on the pattern and knitted when I was supposed to purl or vice versa. I thought I did the Oregon one pretty well, until I realized that the initials of OR were backwards. So, I’m guessing at some point I, again, forgot where I was and flip-flopped the whole pattern. And, I thought I was doing such a good job of keeping track of which row I was working on. Next time I will do better!

Dishcloths are supposed to be knitted using cotton yarn. I, uh, well, I think I used some sort of cotton blend. Note to self: save the info that comes with the yarn when you purchase it. I have washed and dried the cloth and it did fine, so I’m going to count this as a success and move on. 🙂


There definitely is truth in the statement of practice makes perfect. I’m slowly getting better, but I have so much to learn. I’m interested in learning more complicated types of knitting and hopefully, someday, I will become faster at this process too!

It makes me happy to have a productive hobby. Instead of having idle hands while I’m waiting in the carpool line or at karate practice, I can pick up my knitting needles. Eventually, I’ll end up with something I can wear, use or gift!

If you have any knitting tips or other places you go for patterns, let me know!


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