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Fresh Raspberry Peach Pie

My in-laws love to garden – especially when it comes to growing fruits and vegetables.

I LOVE that my in-laws love to grow fruits and vegetables.

You can see where this is going, right?


Straight into my belly.

Shameless fruit and veggie moocher over here.

This week’s haul was two huge bowls of sun-ripened raspberries! You’d think my in-laws were just being generous because they were happy to see us. We don’t get to visit very often anymore since we live a continent and an ocean way. However, a giving spirit comes naturally to them. It’s really a beautiful thing.

With great flourish, I took the berries to the Junk Whisperer’s house, where I’m staying during the summer holiday. I definitely did might have even said, “TADA!” when I got home.

We briefly considered making jam, but realized we could mooch some jam off of another family member. Shameless, I tell you.

The most logical thing to do, in that case, was to make a pie. A fresh berry pie.

If you haven’t had a fresh berry pie, you need to rectify that situation straight away.

The “fresh” part of the pie description means the berries are NOT cooked and this pie needs to be refrigerated.

A fresh berry pie is like tasting summer on your tongue.

And I don’t mean an Irish summer where it rains every other day. A proper, warm, sunny summer like I’m enjoying now in Oregon.

It’s THAT good. Especially with a generous amount dollop of whipped cream on top.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Seriously, woman! Where are the peaches? The title of this post is Fresh Raspberry PEACH pie, after all.

This is where I get to use my favorite movie line ever, the secret’s in the sauce!

Here’s the deal. The glaze for this fresh berry pie is flavored with dry jello mix.

We didn’t have any type of berry jello and the Junk Whisperer lives in the middle of nowhere, so a quick run to the store is not practical. However, she did have peach jello. When faced with the choice of no pie or improvise, clearly we improvised.

The great debate of the evening was whether or not we preferred the peach glaze over a raspberry glaze for this particular pie.

Some families debate politics. Ours debates pie. There are no losers when it comes to pie entitlements…except for the person who misses out on the last piece.

Whether or not you play it safe with a raspberry glaze on a raspberry pie or venture out with the peach one, fresh berry pie will make everyone happy!

P.S. When peach season comes around, actual fresh peaches combined with fresh raspberries would be SO, SO good.

To Make This Pie:

For the glaze and general pie instructions, I use this one from Southern Hospitality. I always add more berries though.

For the crust, you can use your favorite recipe (I use one from Betty Crocker) or you can buy pre-made pie crust at the grocery store. Just make sure you bake and cool the crust before adding the berries and glaze. I also try to let the glaze cool a bit before pouring it over the berries – again, you don’t want cooked berries. You CAN eat the pie right away then, but it is better to refrigerate the pie for awhile in order for the glaze to firm up.


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Fresh Triple Berry Pie

We went berry picking last weekend.

It was 90 degrees at 10 a.m. and we were probably a week too early, but we did come away with a nice haul of blueberries and blackberries. We just had to work a little harder to find the ripe ones!

I froze most of the berries, but couldn’t resist enjoying a few of them right away. Since it has been so hot here in Georgia (they don’t call it Hot-lanta for nothing), a fresh fruit pie sounded way more refreshing than a baked fruit pie. So, that’s what I did.

Now, my definition of a fresh fruit pie is one that uses a baked pie crust, but the fruit itself has not been baked.

I actually made two fresh berry pies, but could only find one pie plate. Crazy, right? I have at least two pie pans, but I have no idea where the missing one is hiding. It’s probably hanging out with all of the missing socks. I took the “pretty” pie I made in the regular pie plate to a friend’s house.

I made the shell for the 2nd pie in a square casserole dish. When the pie crust was cool, I popped it out of the pan and set it on a serving dish. It’s a little bit rustic. A little bit imperfect, but really delicious.

Square pies are going to be the new rage, I’m sure of it!

The glaze is 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 3 tablespoons of raspberry jello mix (just the powder part). You could use strawberry jello mix too, but I had raspberry on hand.

Simply cook the sugar, water and cornstarch on medium heat, stirring continually until the glaze thickens and then add in the dry jello mix.

Let the glaze cool slightly and then toss 4 – 6 cups of fresh berries into the pan with the glaze and give it a stir to make sure all of the berries are coated in the yummy glaze. Then pour that mixture into your cooled pie crust.

Place the pie in the fridge to set up.

I used blackberries, blueberries and strawberries in this pie. However, there’s really no wrong combination. The recipe I based this off of calls for all strawberries. If you had raspberries, that would be delicious too. Even cherries.

There is no pass or fail here. There’s only delicious and more delicious.
Now, I have a confession to make. This weekend was the first time, in my LIFE, that I have made homemade whipped cream. I’m not sure why I waited so long.

It’s really one of the most delicious things on the planet. And easy to make!

I loosely based my creation on this one that uses heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and vanilla.

By the way, if you are distracted by how gigantic the blackberries are in these pictures, do not feel alone. I guess they grow them big in Georgia!


This fresh triple berry pie will make your tastebuds shout with happiness.

Definitely try it soon!
This creation is based on the recipe found on Southern Hospitality’s site. I would recommend using more berries than this recipe calls for depending on the size of your pie crust and how high you want to mound the berries. I used about 2 cups each of strawberries and blackberries and 1 cup (or so) of blueberries.

For the pie crust, I used the one in the old, orange Betty Crocker cookbook.  Definitely follow their recommendation to refrigerate the dough before rolling it out. It’s easier to work with and the dough is flakier when baked.

Need some more berry good inspiration? Too corny? I know. I can’t help myself!

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